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Training to Relieve Back & Knee Pain

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Agree with other responders...too little info. Need a link to the exercises. Report
Thanks. Report
More information on what to do Report
thank you Report
Thanks! :) Report
good to know but need more specific instructions. Need to update this article Report
thanks Report
I need specific instructions. Report
So.. you've mentioned what to do, but no exercise(s) to help??? sorry!! Just ?? wondering? lol Thank you for posting though! Bit incomplete really!! Report
link to the exercise .... www.sparkpeople.com/resource/exercises.asp
?exercise=235 Report
I have no idea how to do this exercise. Report
thanks for sharing Report
Thanks! Report
I agree, strengthen where is the information how to isolate and correctly strengthen those muscles to help with lower back discomfort? Report
Thanks! Report

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