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Training to Relieve Back & Knee Pain

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what is the actual exercise recommended ? demo or picture would be nice..thanks to those of you who pointed to sites with multiple exercises but I would still like to see the actual one recommended in this article Report
Try this site


It give you 21 exercises to work those muscles, some you might be familiar with, other you may need to research for better information. Report
I think this was accidental because normally much more info is included. Hopefully these can help...
Are we missing some of the article? Report
Missing all info.... Report
No links, no references, not even a photo for a "how-to" guide... Something was lopped from this article and crucial information is missing. Could a Spark editor please double-check this? Very unlike Coach Nicole to have such a brief article with no pointers to more information. Report
It is a good thing I got low back exercises when I went to Swedish Urgent Care earlier in the year. This side doesn't give anything helpful. Report
Keep moving… Forward Report
where is all the info ? Report
where is all the info ? Report
where can I get more info, or did I miss something...help Report
Sometimes the answer just isn't there and you have to look elsewhere. This is one of those times. Report
This was a pointless article with no actual information. Report
Bummer. I was excited for some good info. Looks like I'm not the only one disappointed. Report
Not much information on how to do it right and not get hurt doing it wrong. Report

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