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Training to Relieve Back & Knee Pain

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Excellent workout! Thanks coach Nicole! :D Report
Excellent demonstration of it on YouTube.
4BU Report
Google "cable hip abduction". Report
This really doesn't explain anything. Weird! Almost like part of the article is missing. Sure would have liked to read it because I am always dealing with back pain. Report
article missing? I'd love to read it. Report
I have lower back and knee pain so am very interested in this article but I can't see any information on what the actual exercise is or how to do it. Am I missing something? Has a link been deleted from the article perhaps? Report
I don't see the exercise being performed - just a photo of someone holding their lower back as if in pain. Report
I found resistance bands for $2 at a thrift store. This is about the time of year people bail on their New Year's resolutions. All kinds of exercise equipment gets rehomed for cheap. :-) Going to give this exercise a try.
I clicked on the exercise but the picture of the exercise doesn't match the description . . . . weird. Report
Hi...what sort and strength and type of resistance band should I purchase? I am 68 and have bad knees and need to strengthen them. I have not done any exercise so this would need to be taken into consideration. I am in Australia.

Thanks Report
Great article. Need this for my back. Report
Too bad I can't use exercise bands because I am allergic to latex. :( Report
I Loved this article. It was just what I needed.
This is a great artlicle, I was just wodering how to get that area just last nite. I was standing at my dresser and doing rear leg lifts with a strait leg and then I tried the lift at an angle(not strait back or to the side but between that area) and I felt more muscle movement in that one area. This is with out equipment. The band would add resistance but hey if you don't have one then make due w/out. Just keep in mind the band adds resistance and makes you work harder, if you have not worked those muscles you probably won't want a band to start with. Something to think about :) Report
I sure wish I knew how to do something like this without equipment; I don't HAVE exercise-resistance bands. Report

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