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How to Use the Stationary Bike

A Revolutionary Approach to Fitness


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Great info! Report
Great info Report
Excellent Report
I'm using an old stationary bike from the 80s or something, which doesn't have levels, like in the bike training programs listed at the bottom of the article. But I use it every day, and it helps me be fitter. Thanks for the info on adjusting your bike, very helpful! Report
I love riding the stationary bike! Report
Good article. Report
thanks Report
Thank you. I love my recumbent bike! Report
Hoping this article helps me use my stationary bike. Great!! Report
I use the stationary bike at least once each week. Wanted to see if I was doing it properly. Great article! Report
Great article! Thank you! Report
Exercise Bike : Awesome article.Really for fitness or weight loss stationary bike is very important how to use and many thanks for the informative post article.I really use best stationary bike for exercise which I bought from Amazon and got review from this site http://exercisebikeview.com/. Report
You can get injured using a stationary bike workout.

This short Youtube video helps in that it pinpoints the vulnerable areas.
It's classified as a "doodle" video.

COA&feature=youtu.be Report
Interesting how some people indicated they went to a recumbent bike due to back or hip problems. I had to switch to an upright stationary bike because the recumbent bike caused me to have hip surgery. Unbeknownst to me, I had a very small hip capsule, and the use of the recumbent bike eventually contributed to tearing my hip cartilage, as my hip bone kept bumping against the hip capsule in this position. I did not have this issue with the upright bike.

My point? Everyone is different, and what works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for another. If anything is causing you pain or extreme discomfort, or you find yourself trying to "realign" yourself after you remove yourself from a piece of equipment to alleviate pain or discomfort, you most likely should follow up with a doctor or physical therapist to make sure you should be using that particular type of equipment. Report
I have a stationary bike (upright) that I love to use. It is called a Fit Desk. I ordered it from Amazon and it has an attached foam(styro??) desk that can be removed. It has a mileage calculator with all the hoopla. It also has a intensity dial. I got it about a year ago and use it all the time. It cost about $100-150 including shipping. The company is very responsive also.
Just saying.... Report

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