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Exercising with High Blood Pressure

Exercise Your Right to Lower Blood Pressure


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Important info that all of us should know! Report
Important information. Doctors don't always tell us exactly the dos and don'ts for exercising with High blood pressure. As a result it is easy to just do nothing at all. NOT A GOOD THING!
Thanks for a great article! :) Report
Thank You Report
Thanks Report
Thank You for a great article. Report
Good article. Report
Always make adjustments for medicine and ailments. Report
Thank you Report
Keeping arms shoulder length or lower also helps keep blood pressure lower - or so I've always been told. Report
Good information. My hubby has HBP. Now I wish they would do one on low blood pressure (for me). Report
I have high blood pressure and try to include strength training each time I go to the gym. Report
Good but I was hoping for symptoms to watch for that would indicate your blood pressure might be dangerously high within an exercise session. Thank you! Report
Important information! Thank you! Report

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