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What Is Cholesterol?

Get the Facts & Improve Your Numbers


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I find medical "guideline" frustrating. My overall cholesterol is 199, but my HDL is 94 and my LDL is 90. (Triglycerides are 63.) When I saw my doc last Monday, she said that if the overall goes over 200 again, she'll up my meds. I already take 40 mg of Lipitor daily and really don't want to take more. I'm thinking 94 HDL is really good and counterbalances the overall # of 199. I do cardio exercise 50 - 90 minutes a day and am only slightly overweight (15 pounds). I mean, come on!!! Report
Heart disease is the most prevalent health issue. Fats in the blood collects on the inside of blood vessels and causes restricted vessels. I have problems we are trying to control but there is a genetic factor to this as well. Work with you Dr. to help find the right solution. Good article that doesn't outdate. Thanks. Report
I like the way it is explained. Report
Brain health is my current study topic and cholesterol levels are under review. It's sugar that causes most chronic disease, not fat. But this article is pretty old and it does do a good job of explaining the different elements of cholesterol. Report
Good article Report
Thank you for the information. Easy to understand. Report
I also believe this article is outdated. Report
Good article. Report
Thank you for this great info! Report
thanks for the information Report
thanks Report
The current thinking removes "good and bad" from the equation. It's simply cholesterol. Your own body makes easily 80% of it because it is used by EVERY cell in the body. The ratio of total cholesterol to HDL is the more important number to be considering. Report
Please update the nutritional advice, SP. Report
I always want up to date info when reading your articles. Report

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