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The Benefits and Virtues of Voluntary Simplicity

Simplify Your Life!


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When something like 70& of the GDP of our country is based on people buying stuff, the major culture doesn't and won't support "simplicity". Report
Great article filled with many ideas. Thanks for sharing. Report
I feel like my husband and I reset our lives this past summer. We moved into a townhouse, got rid of massive amounts of “things” and styled our home more minimalist. Life feels calmer. Report
Thank You...……. Report
I appreciate the tone of the article, to focus on what's truly important and not waste time chasing things that are not meaningful. Report
i feel like i' ve read this before Report
Thanks Report
I don’t know what the solution is, but this is not it, how would daddy feel if the table had no food on it, or the kids were dressed in rags and picked on at school because of it. I am not sure where a low cost area is, we are supposed to be living in one, but even though my farm cost less then the middle of Boston, my job when I was working was so much lower wage then the same one would be in the city, my groceries are definitely more money as is my fuel, gas for the car, clothing and everything else. My taxes are higher in comparison I pay the same as my brother in Boston even though his house is valued at double mine. Simple living is a thing of the past, some say I live simply but it doesn’t seem so to me, yes I grow most of my own food, but the staples in the store still have to be bought at high cost, you are bound by what you need and the cost of it. Report
Thanks! Report
If you want to know how your child is feeling, you simply has to ask! Report
Thanks Report
Children are sincerely honest. Daddy missing from the picture changed everything! Report
thank you Report

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