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Taste the Tropics This Winter

Oranges & Grapefruits are Perfect in Cold Weather


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thanks Report
Thanks for all the information. Report
I only eat oranges and satsumas in the Winter, they are miserable and tasteless the rest of the year. Report
Love my citrus in the winter! Report
Good article. Report
Thanks Report
I love Cara Cara oranges. Report
thanks Report
Love grapefruit and oranges alone or in salads. Report
Citrus Tip: Keep one of each type of citrus fruit in the freezer in it own an air-tight container so you can have fabulous zest year round. Report
I always look forward to these fruits in the winter months! We actually use them for stocking stuffers as well at Christmas... Report
Oranges and grapefruit are my favorite! It is a shame that the Florida citrus greening, a disease that has affected nearly every orange grove in the state.The fruit on affected branches is small and bitter. Even worse, the disease eventually kills the tree. I hope the experts can fix this problem because I don't want to buy oranges and grapefruit from another state or far away places. I am thankful to have an orange in my regular eating plan. Report
The picture alone makes me really want some! I have one grapefruit in there...love the reds!...and some cuties in my veggie bin at home. I'll get some and eat some! Report
Love Citrus. Just please be aware that grapefruit interferes with or can magnify the effects of many medications & prescriptions, esp. blood pressure meds. Report

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