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Meditate Daily to Reduce Blood Pressure

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Good article. Report
I'll go for meditating. TM however, is not the only game in towm.
I am an African American who is on high blood pressure medication. I will begin to practice medication. Report
Interesting Report
Good information. Very helpful! Report
CURLYMARIE--I was thinking the same things...thanks for your input.

YASHANI--Prayer is not "religious;" Prayer is spiritual.

SHIRKEYBOB1--My thoughts exactly. I will be researching contemplative prayer. Thanks! Report
Thank you very much, MACKYDEE, for the free instructions. I always found meditation intimidating, not wanting to chant OM and not able to clear my mind easily. I combined your suggestions with PMR (squeezing and releasing each muscle two times each to relax them) and now have a great new way to meditate and relax. My blood pressure thanks you! Report
The trick with this, for me, is that I tend to have rather low bp, as it is. I mean, it's borderline normal, but I can't get up on a dime without some dizziness. I used to meditate randomly and I'd get rather light headed while on my back...

What can meditation do for that? I wonder... Report
My husband and I both went through MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training with a local teacher. Books and DVDs are also available for those who prefer to do it alone or not having funds available to pay for a class.

As other's mentioned, it's really all about reducing the noise in our mind, not getting anxious about things from the past or things that "might" be in the future, just getting centered in the present. Some days you can do the same thing just by slowly counting to 10 while focusing on your breathing (grin). Report
shirleybob1, just wanted to give you a little feedback. Meditaion and Prayer are 2 seperate issues. Anyone reguardless of race, sect and religion can meditate, it has nothing to do with religion. There are some religions who do use meditation as part of there ritual. Now, as far as using a rosery this is a religious practice.( Meditation is Spiritual, Prayer is Religious.) Religion may not be for everyone that's on here, while Spirituality is an individuals choice. Report
I was disappointed that PRAYER wasn't mentioned. Report
I was jazzed to see an article about meditation, since I've been thinking of looking into it, but I was immediately turned off by the sales pitch. I like my advertising where I can see it - and ignore it if I want to. Jeepers. Report
Did you notice the cost for the TM classes (so that you will learn to do it "right") is $1,500. Absolutely ridiculous!!

Meditation is easy. One can learn to do it by reading a few simple steps. Relax in a quiet setting where you will not be disturbed. Breath deeply, close your eyes, hands on your lap with palms upward as if you are about to receive a gift (you are.)

Now just relax every part of your body as you breathe, starting with the crown of your head, your face, ears, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, stomach, pelvic area, legs, knees, calves, feet, and up the back side of your body ending with the crown of your head. With each breath in, relax. With each exhale breathe out tension from each area as your awareness rests there. Simple!

It feels very good. Do it twice a day for 15 or 20 minutes. After awhile, you will be able to get into the meditative state just with a couple of breaths, or even while walking.

No charge. Report
I agree with ShirleyBob1 that almost any meditative practice produces the same sort of drop in BP. That being said, I do find that my Buddhist metta meditation works best for me. I believe that this is because I do it for a longer stretch of time per session.

When I first started SP, my BP was dangerously high and I was on medication. I once measured my BP just after meditation and was surprised and delighted at how much it had dropped. It really, really works! With diet and exercise, my doctor told me my blood pressure was "perfect" at my last visit! Report

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