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Meditate Daily to Reduce Blood Pressure

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I agree with ShirleyBob1 that almost any meditative practice produces the same sort of drop in BP. That being said, I do find that my Buddhist metta meditation works best for me. I believe that this is because I do it for a longer stretch of time per session.

When I first started SP, my BP was dangerously high and I was on medication. I once measured my BP just after meditation and was surprised and delighted at how much it had dropped. It really, really works! With diet and exercise, my doctor told me my blood pressure was "perfect" at my last visit! Report
While I believe in the power of meditation and/or contemplation, I remember learning about the TM movement in a college course on cults. I did a brief websearch using the words 'transcendental meditation cult' and came up with some troubling information. Perhaps this article should include a disclaimer? Report
I do practice Transendental Meditaion as well a MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. My experience speaks volumes as the role Meditation played and still plays in weight loss and mental focus! Report
It makes me laugh that people are so open to something that sounds exotic like transcendental meditation. I have to admit that when I was younger it sounded more appealing too, but lots of types of regular prayer do the same thing. I am Catholic and say the rosary. I say it while I walk or hike sometimes and sometimes while I am sitting or lying in bed. Comtemplative prayer has the same affects. So for those of you that are more in the Christian vein there are loads of books and articles on contempletive prayer. Either way clearing your mind of clutter and centering yourself are good for your body. Report
Great article. I'm learning Tai Chi because it is a type of meditation, but good for Balance. I use the videos by TERRY DUNN, which are wonderful for beginners. I use the videos for Yoga by Rodney Yee, as he is easy to follow and a Teacher for B.K.S. Iyengar. Report
This sounds very good. I hope it will work. I will try it. Report

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