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Listen to ''Lullabies'' for Better Sleep

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I listen to rain drops. Tried the brook but I had to stop. It was babbling to me. And now I understand babbling brook. Report
I've been trying some ASMR, it's a little weird but I seem to fall asleep quickly. I would say its working. Report
Good article. Report
I find that if I lay down to listen to an audiobook, it puts me out within about ten minutes, no matter what time of day, no matter what the subject! No more sleeping pills for me! Report
I have a sleep sounds app for my iPhone & just love it. My wife does too. She's always asking me to turn it on.

It's timed to shut-off after 15-minutes.

Listening to a gentle rain with distant thunder with Native American flutes in the background.

Very soothing.

Jeff Report
I usually listen to a podcast while I try to fall asleep, I seem to find someone talking relaxing. Report
As a musician I find music is a total no-no at bedtime because it stimulates my brain rather than relaxes me. I do need sound to help me drop off though so I'm experimenting with different types. So far the most successful sound has been a combination of the sea and birdsong. Why is it that I find complete silence so stressful? Ain't the brain a funny thing? Report
I'm old enough to have used a RECORD to fall asleep by - The Carpenter's "Close to You" album put me under every time... Report
I used to listen to classical music or nature sounds. I think I try doing that again. thanks for the helpul information. Report
I used to listen to classical music or nature sounds. I think I try doing that again. thanks for the helpul information. Report
I frequently have trouble going to sleep. Reading a book use to help me get sleepy, but for some reason, it doesn't. think I'll try this! Report
I listen to either "Brain Wave Delta" classical music that is supposed to produce delta brainwaves or tantric chant (which I also find exceptionally soothing). When my husband asked if the music really helped me get to sleep, I had to admit that I had never heard the last track on the CD! Report
I wanted to read this article since I am one of many that like to fall asleep w/ relaxing music. Fairy Nightsongs is a good CD to relax or sleep with. Also Steve Sosa's instrumental guitar. Nice. Sweet Dreams! Report
I listen to soft music almost every night. For annyone looking for quality relaxation type music try Steven Halpern, Hilary Stagg and Dean Evenson. Report
This is something I've always encouraged our foster children to do when issues are causing them sleepless nights. Audio books are also great and have always helped younger children. I prefer country music for bed time myself though! Report

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