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Understanding Hypoglycemia

Eating to Prevent Low Blood Sugar


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Thanks Report
thank you Report
very interesting. My husband is diabetic. He has to watch glucose as well Report
Helpful Report
Thanks Report
Great information. Report
I found this to be very informative and helpful. Thank you! Report
Great article. As a physician, I agree wholeheartedly with the pathophysiology and diffential diagnosis...as well as "treatment". Much if the sample meal for reactive hypoglycemia I disagree with. The banana, whole wheat bread, and bran muffins all have relatively high glycemic indexes...all though certainly a bit better than juice and white flour products. Perhaps better complex carbs would include more vegetables and more slow release fruits. Report
This old article doesn't mention Intermittent Fasting so read up on that as well. I do much better limiting myself to 2 meals & a snack in 8 or 10 hrs. Report
I agree that this information seems dated. Report
Good need-to-know information! Report
Great information, thank you Report
thanks Report
Very interesting article. I am trying to learn all that I can about diabetes. Report

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