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How to Run with Proper Form and Technique

Find Your Stride with Our Running Guide


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Thanks for the tips! After a year of slow treadmill and walking training, I am finally enjoying running and getting those highs people talk about! Report
Thanks I love running. Report
Running just beats the beck out of my knees and back. Walking & sleepwalking is my limit Report
No wonder I don't run. So much to think about and do. I'll keep this article handy, but for now ,I'll stick to hiking, walking and power walking... Report
With all the problems to feet and legs I am not sure why anyone runs. I understand the "high" but you can get that from any safer sport if you are passionate in your approach. Report
thank you Report
Good information Report
thanks Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Good article Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Lots of great tips, thank you! Report
Thanks Report
Good advice. I don't run much, mostly walk, but will keep this in mind. Report
thank you for sharing Report

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