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The Best Fat-Burning Advice

A Little Bit of Knowledge Can Help Burn the Fat


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Interesting. Thanks Report
Thank you! Report
Thanks for some pretty sensible answers to fat-burning myths and facts Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
Great article Report
Thank you Report
Thank you! I appreciate it when you debunk myths Report
Thanks Report
They tell me "Spot reducing doesn't work". I say: I'll exercise those spots because either I will jar loose some fat and my body will make it go away or use it up, or I will increase the muscle there and the fat will be pushed out. Report
useful take on fat Report
You're not very knowledgeable about supplements. Report
I note this article is dated in 2007 and endorses the old "energy balance" theory, or "calories in, calories out" of weight or fat loss. A theory that never worked for me and millions of others who gained back the weight they lost, or fought to maintain weight loss. Last year I discovered the hormonal theory--see or listen to Dr Jason Fung's books and podcasts on the Obesity Code and insulin resistance if you seriously want to burn fat. In 2016, a Nobel prize was awarded to a doctor for his work on autophagy. It's free, it works. Eat less. Pretty simple. Don't eat between meals. Eat less meals, or fast, and your body will burn the energy it has stored, i.e. fat. Report
Great article! Report

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