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This was a great article, very helpful. Thanks to the author! Report
HELP! I am new to Florida's humidity. My face seems to always be wet. Any hints about ways to combat that (it's kind of embarrassing!) would really be appreciated. Thanks!! Report
"If you’re a blonde (natural or otherwise), be sure to remove any chlorine residue with a clarifying shampoo to prevent that telltale greenish tinge." As a natural blonde and former lifeguard, I know all about having green hair. However, chlorine is NOT the culprit! Copper, used to prevent algae growth, is the real proplem. You have probably seen a statue or roof of copper that has oxidized to green - this is what is happening to your hair.
If you have your own pool (or can influence the pool manager), use SILVER instead of copper as your metal agent. It is equally as effective and you can swim daily, as I do in the AZ desert, without the slightest risk of turning green. Report
A soft washcloth is a wonderful way to smooth out lips! I do that too. I find it very difficult to find products that are fragrance-free as I am sensitive to scents and can become pretty sick. It is very hard to remember that others find them pleasing when they make my environment uncomfortable. This article has great seasonal tips, thanks! Report
I go to Pensacola Beach and the sun can damage hair and skin, so I'm always looking for beauty ideas. Great article. Report
A terry washcloth is a much gentler way to de-chap lips than using a toothbrush on them. Report

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