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10 Amazing Tools Every Healthy Kitchen Needs

Save Time & Eat Healthy with these Small Appliances


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Great Article Report
why do you need an instant pot and a crock pot...

I have them all Report
I have some of these, no need for others but I love the idea of a grain mill, I have no idea where to get the grains. I'm going to look into this. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
interesting article and comments Report
Good information! Thank you! Report
Great kitchen appliances Report
I do kind of want a dehydrator but I don't think I'd use it enough to justify the space. I would LOVE an instapot and a Vitamix but I have perfectly good appliances currently that do everything they would do so I can't justify the expense. I am a gadget collector too and I love my slow cookers - both of them and use both or at least one probably every other week. My food processor is stored away in a cabinet or I'd use it more. Generally when I pull it out I'm doing hummus or something similar. Report
Great gadgets! Report
fantastic Report
Don't and will not have an instant pot thing. I use the REAL pressure cooker. Have a blender, rice cooker which I can cook rice and vegetable in, have a crock pot and food processor. I LOVE my immersion blender and my spiral slicer thing for noodles. Report
Have all but the grain mill and rice cooker. Thanks! Report
I swore by my rice cooler when I was feeding my very athletic children. They would come in and head for the cooker for some rice, brown is great but they favored red Wahini, and the frig for a sauce.

Never heard of an instant pot. Living alone, this could become my kitchen gadget of choice... if I can find one small enough.
Great article! Report
Great articles! Report

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