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10 Amazing Tools Every Healthy Kitchen Needs

Save Time & Eat Healthy with these Small Appliances


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I don't have but one of these got this list so here it goes. Report
Great info. Off to bed bath and beyond
Great Article Report
why do you need an instant pot and a crock pot...

I have them all Report
I have some of these, no need for others but I love the idea of a grain mill, I have no idea where to get the grains. I'm going to look into this. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
interesting article and comments Report
Good information! Thank you! Report
Great kitchen appliances Report
I do kind of want a dehydrator but I don't think I'd use it enough to justify the space. I would LOVE an instapot and a Vitamix but I have perfectly good appliances currently that do everything they would do so I can't justify the expense. I am a gadget collector too and I love my slow cookers - both of them and use both or at least one probably every other week. My food processor is stored away in a cabinet or I'd use it more. Generally when I pull it out I'm doing hummus or something similar. Report
Great gadgets! Report
fantastic Report
Don't and will not have an instant pot thing. I use the REAL pressure cooker. Have a blender, rice cooker which I can cook rice and vegetable in, have a crock pot and food processor. I LOVE my immersion blender and my spiral slicer thing for noodles. Report
Have all but the grain mill and rice cooker. Thanks! Report
I swore by my rice cooler when I was feeding my very athletic children. They would come in and head for the cooker for some rice, brown is great but they favored red Wahini, and the frig for a sauce.

Never heard of an instant pot. Living alone, this could become my kitchen gadget of choice... if I can find one small enough.

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