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Types of Arthritis

Comparing 3 Common Arthritic Conditions


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Thank you. I have osteo in my knees Report
great article Report
Good info Report
Thanks for sharing Report
SOMEBODY needs to get an educated person to write these articles. Report
I have FM, and I’d only recommend it to an enemy. And you forgot Psoriatic Arthritis. Report
Info that I can pass on to my husband! Thanks for sharing this one!!!! Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
I have three types of arthritis and fibro.. all genetic except the fibro. Report
Good article helped me to understand my sister in laws arthritus Report
Fibro in an arthritis article? Report
I don't have have arthritis but my husband does. I read this one to be able to help him. Report
Good need-to-know information, thanks! Report
Info that all of us should know especially since we are getting older. Thanks for sharing this one! Report

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