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8 Ways to 'Green' Your Kitchen


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What a great article! I always forget that you can start doing small things to lower your impact on the environment.

In some areas now, like Toronto, they have "Green Bin" programs that will pick up your compost. My family has been using the program for a month now, and it is *amazing* how much our garbage output has decreased. They take stuff you can't put in your own compost, like bones and pizza boxes, and it prevents animals from getting into your compost pile, which was a big problem in my area. Report
My sister-in-law is one of the greening experts. I follow her at home tips: 1 - never use plastic bags in groceries - always bring a reusable bag. 2 - If you are buying a few items at a department store or discount store - if you don't have your reusable bag - just carry your items. 3 - Switch to a water efficient toilet and washer. I just switched mine and the washing machine is fantastic. It uses just enough water to clean instead of the old way of filling up the entire tub. And my clothes are cleaner!! 4 - Buying locally is not always feasible and it can be expensive. Buy seasonally. Find out what's in season and buy that and not strawberries in the winter. 5 - Rain buckets!!! If you have plants to water or brown grass buy rain buckets for your downspouts. Then you use a smaller bucket and can water everything! You can't imagine the water that comes off your roof. Report
So, I have a problem with this "Eat locally: When you buy food that's been shipped across the globe, you have to "eat" those transportation costs when you buy."
Every time I go to fresh market and one comes to my work every first Thu of the month I try to buy my fruits and vegetables there but the prices are outrages, the markup is at leadt 75% to the prices I get in local supermarket. I don't see any $ savings by buying local produce. Report
You can also leave empty gallon sized milk jugs near the kitchen. When running the water to warm it up, stick the jug under the sink to catch the extra water. You can use it to water your plants and save water and money! Report
Our bulk food stores do not allow us to use our own containers "for sanitary reasons." Argh! Report
I'm trying to convince my roommates to go get their own reusable bottles. We sell Pur and Brita pitchers, faucet attachments, etc. at work and I really want to purchase one. :) Report
Also those plastic water bottles are made with OIL, billions of gallons of oil. Remember gasoline isn't the only use that makes us dependant on foreign oil! Report
I do, or have done, many of these suggestions. Once you get started, it's hard to stop! Report
Thanks for this great overview of simple things we can all do to help the planet! Report

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