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Breaking Up With Your Personal Trainer


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Thank you! Report
interesting article. Report
thanks Report
Never had a personal trainer Report
Good information Report
It can be difficult Report
Thanks. Report
Thank you for the information. Report
I had to break up with my personal trainer because he continued to ask me to do things that I made it clear had caused injury in the past and from one session to the next he never seemed to remember anything about me. After three weeks with my chiropractor easing severe back pain I decided the trainer had to go.
I loved my trainer, but could not continue due to time constraints. Report
I had to break up {I prefer~ fire } a trainer b/c she was trying to 'sell' me on energy bars which have way too many calories for me. I know they work great for hikers and others,but the fact that she wouldn't stop going on about it and I found out from the mgr. her only qualification there {and why they hired her} was that she lost 60 lbs. at that gym! No certification of any kind! So I got a new trainer [at the same gym]that was certified and was such a blessing! She helped me reach my goal of a loss of 20 lbs. and down to my correct weight for my height! Sadly, I do not have her anymore as I retired and moved out of state! Report
I have been truly blessed with an awesome personal trainer. He has been truly intuitive and beyond accommodating regarding my needs, pre-existing conditions, and training goals. I would highly recommend getting one if you can afford one! Report
Cant afford a personal trainer Report
Don't have one, other than myself. Report

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