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Printable 15-Minute Desk Workout

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Nicole, What do you do when you do not have wall space at work. My cube is small with no wall space and my desk is a sit-stand desk (made for standing) what do you suggest I do as these execises while good will not work in my cubicle and there is too much traffic to do the exercises in the hallway?

cindy Report
Like others the video is blocked here so adding the printable workout page was a great idea! Thanks! Report
I love this! I try and sneek the moves in through out the day at work Report
I ditto BMIDDLEBROOKS36. My video player is blocked at my work as well and the printable option is beneficial, even just being able to see the individual exercise on the screen is fantastic! Love this short workout to help break apart the day! Report
Thank you for the printable versions of your workouts, especially this one. I try to incorporate some exercise into my work day, at breaks and such, but streaming video is blocked on our work computers so I cannot watch the videos. These printable versions show me the exercises to do and the form to do them correctly, so I am able to exercise on breaks without the access to the videos. THANK YOU!! Report
Thank You for the printable versions. I am hearing impaired & rely on Closed Caption.
I have been so discouraged upon looking @ many videos & not understanding what I am to do. So I have lost interest in exercising again. I just happened to log on & saw this. Please include more printable versions with the videos since they arent in CC.
I even was going to buy the DVD's you have out, however, they too aren't in CC. Report
i dont see anything wrong with doing a 15 min workout && most bosses dont have a problem with getting up and walking around or taking a 15 min break.

doing a few simple moves will wake you up and get your blood flowing after hours of just sitting. employees would be much more productive.

we do have cameras where i work but i would still do this workout with a HUGE SMILE on my face for mkaing good use of my break to get in shape rather than eat a snickers bar or something. Report
When you are doing this at work, be sure to SMILE so you look good on the security camera. (Big Brother is everywhere.) Report
Great. Will do at work!!! and at home. Report
Nicole, I just watched your video. This is just what I was looking for! Thanks so much for the inspiration to improve ourselves! Report
This is a geat little work out!! Thanks, you Rock!!!! Report
Thanks, that was great! Report
Thank you very much for providing a "printable" version of this workout. The video appears to be hosted on YouTube, and my office has YouTube blocked, so I would not be able to access the workout at all (at least, not at work where I need it) if it weren't for the printable version. :( Report
This is a perfect energy boost! I work security and most of my day is spent sitting monitoring cameras.
Thank you so much for putting together a great at desk workout. Report

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