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Walking Guide

Are These Animals Working Out Harder Than You?

Need some motivation to move today? These funny clips of animals working on their fitness should do the trick!
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Member Comments

SJH6149 5/25/2019 6:52:52 PM
Definitely working harder than I at the moment! Hopefully, there is no animal abuse in making of some of these from other countries! Report
CKOUDSI617 2/19/2019 1:55:33 PM
Couldn't get over the walrus, LOL! (The cats are gonna DESTROY) that treadmill!) :) Report
KHALIA2 2/19/2019 10:46:02 AM
They are certainly doing some things that I can't do. Report
RCLYKE 2/19/2019 3:22:07 AM
Sweet except for those animals being forced to do things that are no natural to them Report
LAVENDERLILY13 1/27/2019 2:23:06 PM
Cute, but I wonder how much training was needed to make them perform. Report
KHALIA2 12/27/2018 11:28:51 AM
Get it done, lil cuties! Report
KHALIA2 9/27/2018 3:35:04 PM
Yes, I believe that they are working harder than I do. Report
KHALIA2 6/10/2018 8:08:40 AM
Yep! Too cute! Report
BARBEQUESUE 5/31/2018 6:40:54 AM
Loved it all...especially the Walrus.
Pretty neat! Report
KHALIA2 4/9/2018 4:14:38 PM
No more excuses! Report
FRISKYCRITTER 11/14/2017 6:27:28 AM
So incredibly cute. Great reminder to get movement in our day. Animals are smart like that :) Loved the video. Report
AMYISSUCCEEDING 5/19/2017 1:02:28 AM
Great Video. Thank you for sharing. Report
MSROZZIE 5/17/2017 6:13:36 PM
If those animals can do their exercises. No excuses for me. Yay for Mr. Walrus! Report
CYNTHIAELAIN1 5/17/2017 4:57:56 PM
LOVED IT!!! smiled the whole time. Report
FISHGUT3 5/17/2017 3:17:54 PM
just so all animals are happy, not so sure. Report