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Dramatic Cupcake Dog (If Only We All Had This Willpower!)


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PIGGLYWIGGLY63 9/16/2019 5:38:10 PM
That face,those eyes!!So funny!
MARTHA324 8/23/2019 5:30:44 PM
That is one of the meanest things I've seen in a long time! That poor dog.
GRAMLOCK77 8/10/2019 5:40:50 PM
That Look on the dog's face! Oh me!
KHALIA2 4/24/2019 11:17:24 AM
Some humans can't do this.
SPARKLINGME176 4/15/2019 6:23:12 PM
That dog doesn't look real! Is he CG?
READYTOCHANG9 4/8/2019 2:38:01 PM
This speaks to our society about what many find to be entertaining - why would anyone tease a dog with this food? or tease them at all. Comedy today is not funny.
FLYER99 4/2/2019 11:21:36 AM
Every time I see this I get angry. That is NO way to treat a dog. It is NOT funny in the least! This video should be pulled down by SP.
TOMORROW-C 2/9/2019 4:51:09 PM
That's just mean!
REYNAJUST4KIX 1/19/2019 1:13:36 PM
I have watched a few service dogs being trained like this by professional trainers. I still feel bad for the poor pup...
SPINACHROCKS1 1/19/2019 10:09:14 AM
All that video did was make me W A N T a cupcake!!!! I'm swooning for one right now, lol!
KHALIA2 12/29/2018 11:05:50 AM
We need it!
EVIE4NOW 11/9/2018 9:29:55 AM
Love his face but not nice to tease animals.
KHALIA2 9/12/2018 11:38:07 AM
Love this one!
DEBBY4576 8/9/2018 10:27:14 AM
I have a feeling I might look like this when something yummy is laid before me too!!!
GRANDMASUSAN13 7/2/2018 1:43:38 AM
Love it

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