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Dramatic Cupcake Dog (If Only We All Had This Willpower!)


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MILLER-S 10/4/2015 11:27:02 PM
That is cruel - he looks scared or freaked-out.
CHUBBYNOMORE3 9/16/2015 6:14:37 PM
Looks like he is "spaced out" and staring at some random point in the distance, and he is probably holding his breath!! He has learned to cope with this behaviour. I wouldn't do that to my dog.
HONEYPI 9/16/2015 5:26:11 PM
That's cruel
AVAMARIE_PLANS 8/10/2015 5:36:51 AM
FYI if anyone looks up "it's me or the dog" TV show, you can find this episode. There's more to the story than what's on this clip. If I remember correctly, the dog always got this look on her face whenever food was around period. There was definitely no abuse happening on the show.
ILOVEJIM851991 6/13/2015 2:00:34 PM
This is an Australian shepherd. One of the smartest most loyal dogs out there.
MAKEWEE 5/11/2015 8:06:08 AM
This poor animal looks as if she's being tortured. Please take down this picture.
UCONGOLD 5/2/2015 10:20:27 PM
Not funny at all. Awwww
JMSURPRENANT 4/8/2015 10:57:44 AM
Poor doggie :(
OLEJA99 3/30/2015 2:53:01 PM
What kind of dog breed is this?
FLYINGHAWK1952 3/28/2015 8:19:27 AM
That was just plain mean. Poor dog!
FREEBASS 3/21/2015 5:50:20 PM
I didn't like this, either.
FLYER99 3/3/2015 9:09:18 AM
I didn't find this funny at all. It's a shame to tempt a dog like this.
MILTONS_MAMA 2/21/2015 9:25:58 PM
I think that's really abusive! I heard "Stay away" repeatedly, and the dog looked very scared. Maybe you need to rethink why you are posting videos. I don't want to see animal abuse like this.
DANJODEA 2/16/2015 4:15:19 PM
It's my buddy Stainz!
MISPLACEDLIFE 2/3/2015 12:14:24 PM
Oh poor baby... but good job on the training!! Any command like that be it stay away or leave it, is a great one to teach a dog. Think of it this way what if you are getting a tylenol or motrin or something out and you drop one most dogs would be like "ooo food mine" but if you teach a leave it command you may save your dogs life... now if i could learn that i would be doing GREAT LOL!!!

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