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Build a Better Burrito

Make Your Own to Save Calories and Cash


Are you and your family craving that spicy, south-of-the-border cuisine? Well, skip the local burrito joint. Those "burritos as big as your head" can contain more than 1,000 calories—even more depending on how many fixings you add. Instead, round up the muchachos and throw a build-your-own burrito fiesta! These quick and easy Mexican delights take just minutes to prepare and are sure to please the pickiest of eaters.

The basic building blocks of burritos are tortillas and beans, which provide a healthy amount of protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. By applying the following burrito building tips, you can trim the excess calories, fat, and sodium, but keep the flavor. With these healthy and tasty burritos, your family will be singing your praises and shouting "Ole!"

Cut the Calories and Fat

  • Replace ground beef with ground round or ground turkey.
  • Use fat free refried beans or canned beans of your choice (such as pinto, black, navy, or great northern).
  • Avoid beans canned with lard.
  • Use reduced fat cheeses or cheese blends.
  • Select flavorful cheeses, such as sharp cheddar. Since it has a stronger taste than mild cheddar, you can use less and still have a delicious taste.
  • Enjoy a small dollop of guacamole or sour cream.
  • If you don’t want to swap your ground beef for turkey, brown and drain the meat. Then place the beef in a colander and rinse well with hot water. This method reduces both fat and calories.

Season Without Salt

  • Use fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes labeled "no salt added."
  • Try a taco or burrito seasoning, labeled 30% less sodium.
  • Use corn tortillas, which have less sodium, instead of flour tortillas.
  • Select reduced sodium cheeses or use less cheese.
  • Add flavor with cilantro or avocados.

Increase Fiber

  • Add extra beans for flavor, protein, and fiber.
  • Make your own salsa with fresh tomatoes, beans, corn, avocados, and onions.
  • Instead of tortillas, enjoy 100% whole-wheat pitas.
  • Enjoy a dollop of guacamole. Avocados provide fiber and healthy, monounsaturated fat.

Round out the Meal

  • Add lettuce and tomatoes to your creation—the colors are appetizing, plus they add flavor without all the extra calories.
  • For a side dish, serve red beans and rice or Spanish rice.
  • Make your own tomato or vegetable salsas, using fresh ingredients and adding spices such as chipotle chile pepper.
  • End your meal with a sweet guava, papaya, or mango for dessert.

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Member Comments

    Thanks for sharing
  • It may be a healthier burrito but it won't taste like one by far. Sounds grim. Ground turkey is like eating sawdust - no flavor or texture.
  • I have started making "Burrito Bowls". I cook a large batch of brown rice seasoned with salsa in my pressure cooker, then portion it out in 1 cup servings and freeze. Today's contains left over rotisserie chicken breast, black beans, corn, chopped mini peppers, chopped grape tomatoes, and chopped iceberg lettuce. A Lime vinaigrette, for zest, perfect meal. You can make the rice portion smaller and increase the beans.
    Just buy smaller tortillas for at home. Ground beef drained well is fine, rinsing removes flavor and is a waste of meat money. If a person is going to be so anal about calories, better to choose a different meal, until you have a splurge, then do it right.
  • The place we like to go has a fajita burrito. It is probably too big, but it is packed, and I mean PACKED with veggies. Carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers,onions. It is to die for!
  • This article forgot the biggest change! Use smaller tortillas, this is by far the most limiting factor to how much you can stuff in it!
    I'm looking for a balanced meal, so I get the tortilla and skip the beans, corn and rice. How much carbs do I need. I like shredded chicken, I'm not a ground meat person. And as always, it's about portion control, only eat half the burrito.
  • Like the dish but with chips.
  • skip the wrap and opt for a bowl.
    Ground turkey is not necessarily better than ground beef. Check the labels - some ground turkey is dark meat and has added fat.

    I buy 93% lean ground beef, and brown it. Then I drain it in a paper towel lined colander. When it's cool, I freeze it for future meals. When I need it for a recipe, I put it in a paper towel lined dish and defrost it in the microwave. The paper towels absorb any residual fat.
  • Instead of a little sour cream try a little low fat yoghurt, low fat Fromage Frais or Quark (lo-fat or Magerquark for German or Yiddish speakers). Works really well. Though as I don't often eat beef or turkey itís usually with some kind of lentils, TVP or Quorn mince or even millet cooked in stock.
  • Great tips. Will definitely have to try some.
    awesome suggestions. I love burritos and easy tips here.
  • I really enjoyed reading your recipe and am very thankful for the suggestions. They are surely going to be used in my kitchen. I love cooking and making full meals. I am looking forward to seeing more of your recipes. Yours will be the first from here I am going to use it tomorrow for my dinner. I am sure it will be great and I am sure the others who eat it will love it to. They love Burritos.
    Thank you for all the suggestions. I have just recently added Burrito's to our diet.

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