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How to Use SparkPeople's Nutrition Tracker


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My snacks are at bottom of page. How do I move them up between meals where they belong.
I am trying to access the meal plan for type 2 diabetes but cannot find that page with the choices
Somehow I have 2 snack sections in my nutrition tracker. How do I get rid of one of them?
I'm having trouble with the bar-code scanner feature. Doesn't seem to be working, what could I be doing wrong?
Awesome instructions!
I love the Nutrition Tracker! It took me a while to get the hang of it but it is worth the effort.

Then I decided to set it up to suit my personal needs and likes.
For example, instead of having to search for each bread listed by its brand I manually entered all my breads ( copying the information from the label ) and type in the word 'Bread' first.

When I need to track a bread all I have to do is type in Bread and it takes me to my entire list of breads.
I like to be able to see the calories in the title.

"Bread - Arnold - Pumpernickel - 80Cal/1-Slice"
"Bread - Cobblestone Mill - Sourdough - 80Cal/1-Slice"
"Bread - Pepperidge Farm - Rye/Pump - 80Cal/1-Slice"
It automatically puts each entry in alphabetical , too! How nice is that?

I do this with all my entries now. I sub-title them....Juice, Chicken, Lettuce, Crackers, Candy,
Beans, Cheese, Vitamins, and so on.

I wish there was a way to share our entire trackers with each other in one click. I have put so much time and effort into customizing mine and would love to be able to share it.

***To manually add foods yourself click the big white tab 'Search'. Then look to the right for word Search in the smaller green box. Below in small print is 'Enter Food Not Listed'. Click on that.
Now a big box pops up where can manually type in the title and below all the nutritional facts.

***If you made a mistake or just want to change or customize your tracker click on the big white tab Favorites. Float the cursor and a drop down box appears. There are two ways to edit your tracker.

Every time I try something new I enter the information. If I haven't had the time before it is all gone I remove the label and enter the information the next time I have the time. Sometimes my desk is covered with labels. LOL

I bought a new flavor this week and just sat down to enter the information.

I hope this was helpful.


This was a very helpful and useful tutorial. Thanks for posting it, Denise!
Hi Everyone, I am new with SparkPeople today, 01/05/15). Is there a page where I can check off a list of foods I like or will eat in order to make a meal planner for me to lose weight? Help
I am logging in today and trying to track my nutrition and there doesn't seem to be a search box . I have used this site many times without any problems is anyone else experiencing this?
The only problem that I've come across is that I can't use the app without the wifi. Otherwise I really love the programs and the people that I have met.
Just found how to change my fat/carb/protein presets. On the lower left of the nutrition tracker for the Weekly Progress, click "add more nutrients".

A menu will pop up: "Suggested Nutrition Program & Goals". Each item has an "edit" button that you can click to enter your own ranges for fat, carbs, etc....

No idea why I couldn't find it before!
How do you know what to "Name the Group"? I am sooo frustrated with determining this GF menus!
I also clicked on the video and nothing showed up. I am trying to enter the search engine for "What did you eat?" without success.
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