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How to Use SparkPeople's Nutrition Tracker


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I am new. This food tracker is awesome. :)
The introductory video was helpful, but it suggests you watch the additional tutorials. I can not find them. Suggestions for where to look would be great.
Just starting today - a little confused… but this video seems to have helped me a bit… I'll just see how it goes...
I have used the tracker for awhile. What I don't understand I how I get different amounts when I run the report than I show when I add the foods to the charts. Very confusing for this very senior sparker. This is the third or fourth change since I have started to use it and now is the most confusing one, the only one that has shown different numbers, and this video needs to change to help more of us understand than to keep changing the way we track.
Yep. Accidentally removed my menu plans now can't find button to put them back. This video is wrong and needs updating.
THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO BE DELETED OR CHANGED! You have changed so much on this web site that these videos are no longer correct.
I need to remove all tree nuts from the diet. Can't I do this just once, or do I really have to go in and edit the menu every single day? If I have to manually do this every day, I won't use the thing. I don't have that kind of time.
I tried to play this video again and found it. Perhaps something was wrong with my computer. Great refresher course on using the tracker!
Has this video been removed.?
Thanks for the video. Today is my first day
This is the best feature of these site! Helpful for staying accountable.
I just joined SparkPeople & have been tracking my food for only a few days. I am getting it down but will be easier with some practice. I am becoming more aware of my eating habits and notice that I'm not as quick to grab something spontaneously and pop it in my mouth.
Love the tracker. But haven't use it in awhile.
No video here..... Have tried 3 times, no luck.
I love the tracker. You have to check the foods to be sure all the nutrients are recorded, but by and large it does the job - yes it can be time consuming but I find that is part of what helps me to be mindful of what I put in my body. Adding favourites helps a lot - saves me tons of time! I have a good set of staples I eat in rotation. I would not be able to do this without the tracker, I am hopeless at estimating portion sizes.
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