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10-Minute Creative Core Workout


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Too hard. Had to give up. Nicole suits me better.
hard.. thanks
Have to do the Seated Core Workout instead
Thanks for the tips.
besides working out the core, this work out also feels like it is strengthening gracefulness
Great workout
This is exactly what I am looking for. I am in PT for my back and will be starting work outs specific to core strength training along with other muscle groups to rebuild what another Chiro practice did to me (completely de-condtioned my body by not working me and only performing adjustments). I switched to a different practice that has me feeling pretty good in short order and makes sure to include plenty of body work for home and in office. I am very excited to be a few weeks away from beginning to work out. As I advance, and under Dr. guidance (approval). I cannot wait to do this workout for my core!!!! I know it will be hard but, I am willing to modify to get back into good horse back riding condition!
How do I add this to my tracker thing?
Thank you
This is way too difficult for someone who has both knees replaced and can't get up if I'm on the ground. I watched and just felt bad that I couldn't even begin to do it. Wish that SP would have more core exercises like Coach Nicole's chair video---just sick of doing that one over and over again.
I couldn't do all of this, and modified as best as I could. The commentary doesn't describe the move clearly enough, so need to watch first really. However, it certainly does hit the abs, sobi might come back to it!
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