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10-Minute Creative Core Workout


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Will be doing this today! I would recommend to anyone and everyone to WATCH any exercise video prior to doing it-most of you that are complaining would know in the first couple of minutes if you can attempt the moves, also for those that can't do it all-that helps set a new goal, to make it through the whole workout. do what you can and it will still be better than doing nothing!
To hard of a work out to start off with when I haven't worked out in a long time
This is definitely not for beginners. They should at least inform potential viewers that the moves might be more advanced for others. I agree with BOMBSHELLY that the girls in the video have skinny, model-type bodies. This video did not do my confidence any good.
Anyone know where to find the black sock/boot things the people in the video were wearing? Those look neat and I'd like a pair!
i love this one
I am a senior who had a hip replacement ..can't do exercises like a young person can.. I lack the flexibility.
I Love it.
This is AWESOME!!!
I am so desperate ~ I need something to help me. After reading all the comments, I had to order. I hope this gives me what I need to get me started!
I luv this video, it has helped me loads.
This was challenging. Some of the moves I could not do...only sit there and marvel at these skinny people moving around like people with dancer bodies.
Great exercise video for the abs. I could keep up with the routine, not demanding on my lower back.
I love Andrea Rogers! She kicks butt--I mean ABS!!
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