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10-Minute Creative Core Workout


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I tried this video. Although I couldn't do all of the moves I thought it was cool to see different exercises than normal. However, it was a bit discouraging because I am not all that flexible. I think I would come back to this workout after I have lost more weight and gained some flexibility. Today it wasn't empowering to finish it at all.
Love this workout even though I'm too out of shape to complete each move properly. Hope to improve soon!!
Those girls in the videos are ballet dancers. Betcha!
this is kind of hard and you can really feel it on you stomach but don't know if this is really for me at this time. but tryed it anyway.
I'm not in really-good-shape but, I do ok enough on this and find it to be a nice workout.
Video is not working. It just keeps buffering and then leave a blank screen.
This was a hard workout but fun at the same time i got through it that's all that matters.
Tough one but 10 minutes ..can see how much better we do each time we do it ..made me realize not too many abs working:)
I'm still a beginner but I did my best. I'm glad I got through it even if I modified most of the exercises, lol!
Oh Wow I did it. Had to modify some but still did my best. I really like the short work outs. I'm so out of shape but I can do these.
I really enjoyed this video
I did my best and had to modify most of the exercises but, this is a challenge for me and one day I will be able to do the complete 10 minute video first as the beginner then upward.
I viewed this video less than 5 minutes and knew that this was impossible. You would have to be in really good shape to begin with. This is really not for beginners.
They make it look so easy...pretty sure will have to modify them all .... aha...
Are they robots??? A very beautifuly "core"eographed exercise routine but not for beginners. I finished the video but had to modify all the exercises. I think I'll go back to Coach Nicole. :)
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