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10-Minute Creative Core Workout


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I viewed this video less than 5 minutes and knew that this was impossible. You would have to be in really good shape to begin with. This is really not for beginners.
They make it look so easy...pretty sure will have to modify them all .... aha...
Are they robots??? A very beautifuly "core"eographed exercise routine but not for beginners. I finished the video but had to modify all the exercises. I think I'll go back to Coach Nicole. :)
I'm sorry....did I hear her say not to move your hip flexors? Then how did her legs lower and raise..... Her abs??? Or did I hear her incorrectly?
Good workout!
Wow... That was a really interesting workout... Cant wait to try it.
Not for beginners.
Not for beginners.
This is a pretty advanced workout...not for beginners with back problems ; )
These Stepford Wives show are really good workout! Saves money on paying models.
HOLLY GUACAMOLE...........................This was/is definitely not a beginners workout great but need to start with less reps for REAL beginners or extremely over weight, the lady's on this video were not even breathing hard..........I WAS sweating like a pig and crying like a baby! :-)
I LOVED this video. Just what the DR. ordered after a two week lazy vacation and a very stressful first day back at work. It even adjusted my neck - twice!
Excellent. Must make it a regular.
I have this entire workout (Xtend Barre Lean & Chiseled) on DVD - it's AMAZING. There's an upper body segment as well as a legs segment and abs segment - and I do the whole thing from front to back for a really good, hour-long workout.

You can always modify the moves if they're too difficult. Your best is always good enough. :)
Geez Louize :-) This is not a beginner work out.....I was screeching like a banchee at times....I would LUUUUUVVVEEE to look like those girls....gosh they are so long, lean and gorgeous.....Yikes....my ballet days are over I suspect...LOL still this workout once I can master it and do it without screaming, collapsing and complaining better give me a steel core....have a great day everyone...
Interesting workout method. Definitely feeling it in my mid-section. I think extra padding is needed for some exercises e.g. the first. Some exercises have me looking at the screen incredulously, but at least it's giving me something to work towards. Worth the try.
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