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12-Minute Seated Core Workout


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Yes! I do this video almost daily, sometimes 2 times a day. IF I've been on computer allot, it helps me stretch. I love this quickie!
Forgot to ask. Can you do this workout every day?
Recovering from a long illness and a huge weight gain. Couldn't even lift my feet off the floor when I began and couldn't stretch without pain. Am doing the whole workout. Still room for improvementl as I get stronger but can't tell you how it helps to be able to sit as my legs are not strong enough to stand for long periods. Thank you thank you!
4 years ago, dh had open-heart surgery (he's doing fine); I had lost 70lbs with SP; and was looking/feeling good. This was my favorite ST. I swear she went through these a lot slower then. 8-) It feels good to be back!
This has become my favorite workout, and great for tight muscles in a wheelchair.
I didn't think this seated exercise workout would do much, but I can REALLY feel it.
Great video ! Great for at work and home!
My favorite SP video! I can use as a stretch ANYTIME! GREAT job Nicole!!!!
When I first started this, being old and in a wheelchair, it hurt, I couldn't raise my arms up long and couldn't put them by my ears. Today I did it!
I did this with you. Great workout for a 72 year old.
I really like all the seated workouts/exercises SP shows in these videos! So helpful!
Love this workout, especially good for core in a wheelchair, but beware how hard it can be on your neck if you've never used it. Be cautious on leaning back to the chair on the straight backed one.
Today another Sr cat didn't like this workout and she was determined to stay on my lap after she saw me sit down for this workout. Chrysta is still there too.
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