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10-Minute Stretching Routine for Runners


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What is the error in the Iband stretch? Just so I know...thanks...
I'm with NancySinatra - the IT band stretch has an error in it.
I always stretch after every run - for more than 25 years now. I especially like the one for IT bands. DH calls it my "stripper on the lamppost" posture. Thanks coach N for some new ideas.
Thank you Coach Nicole for the stretching exercises even though I can't run, they are very helpful to begin any exercises. I find I can't do with my left leg what I can do with my right. But I push as much as I can.
Thank you so much! My leg feel so much better!
Some really handy stretches, that target the areas that I find, very tight after a run.
Thanks :)
I have been not doing these many stretches after my runs. Thanks for the video!! Now I know what to do.
Good set of exercises. I do several of them, but adding some new ones and changing the way I do the old ones is always good for a change of pace.

Great presentation.
Xraylady, just click on the red check to save it.
is there a way to save this to favorites so I can pull it up on ipad at the gym more easily
I did all of this in advance of my morning walk, but I will do again, when I return.
Stretching feels GREAT
I will give this a try in future, but do wish it could have been more something I could do immediately after running, like outside. Don't really have a wall at the track I use, but could use my car perhaps? Do have a stair. Not going to lay down on pavement or grass though.
Is there any way that these stretches could be added to my favorited in the fitness tracker? I do stretches and would like to be able to add Nicole's Runners Stretches to my favorites tab and it would log that into my tracker.
This is a great stretch
This is a great stretch
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