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10-Minute Stretching Routine for Runners


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Liked it a lot, useful stretching even for non runners.
I'm confused about the IT Band stretch. When you are facing us you say to cross over the leg furthest from the wall (left leg), then lean into the wall (towards right) , but when you turn around to do the other side you say to cross over the leg closest to the wall (left leg again) and lean into the wall(towards left). Is this really the way to cross legs, the same one crosses both directions?
Thanks for the video.
great video. easy to follow along while watching. I added this to my favorites.
THANK YOU! My hips are often tight and painful after running and I can never find a stretch that gives me relief. The one against the wall at 2:20 hit the spot!!
I don't run I walk
Really disappointed in this video. Didn't leave me feeling stretched at all...all of the stretches were abrupt and major muscles weren't even addressed!
Thank u for this video!
PERFECT! Thanks so much for this video. It gives me a thorough stretch routine that is easy to follow.
I love this routine and all the sparks videos have made it easy for me to stay on a fitness routine that never gets boring.
Thanks! I'll add this after my 3 mile walks in hopes of gaining more flexibility. Learned a new move today and well as reminder that brisk walking alone cannot make for feeling limber.
This felt really good for me and I'm not a runner, yet! I do a lot of HIIT workouts and recently did a butt/legs one. This really helped to stretch those muscles out and stop the aching that sometimes comes the next day after a good workout :)
I'm training for a long distance bike ride and I am soooo happy to find some leg stretches - esp. for the inner thighs. Thank you! It's a favorite.
Noticed one time she says to cross the leg that's closest to the wall, then next goes on to tell us to cross the leg that's furthest from the wall.... which is it?
um.....walk/jog! couldn't see how to edit my comment
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