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Coach Nicole's Favorites: Back Extensions on Ball


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I don't think my arithmetic back would appreciate this.
It really relieves my back and feels so good.
Lower back exercises are great for me and my posture. Thanks for this video.
makes my back feel so much better
I love my Stability Ball, but every time I see you lowering your knees to the floor, I shudder with extreme pain. YIKES! :D
Ineed to start doing that
Recommended to me today by SPfriend NEW-CAZ and I love it too!
Recommended to me today by SPfriend NEW-CAZ and I love it too!
Looks like a great exercise to do once you're loose and warmed up.
I hurt my back a few weeks ago and I'm going to start doing this exercise cause I believe my lower back has gotten weaker with age. I purchased the ball and I'm eager to go but...when using the ball to so exercises must we warm up first? I need to know soon cause I want to get started.
I've done this as well. I also do this excerise with the extension bench(?) at the gym.
I have to work with this for my lower back.
Can't wait to try this for my lower back pain. Thank you!!!
Hi, I've got 2 herniated disks in the Lumbar/sacral region and arthritis in both knees. Trying to lose weight and strengthen my core. Would this be a good exercise for me?
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