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6-Minute Focusing Yoga Routine

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Take a breather with this quick routine to help sharpen your focus so you can tackle your biggest problems.

Member Comments

thanks for sharing this video Report
Wow! Just hearing Melinda say "relax your eyes" made my whole body feel at ease. Amazing. Report
very good... thank you Report
A good one. I can do this one! Report
Thanks! Report
Great moves! Thanks! Report
Love this one! I can and will do this one. Thanks! Report
Great idea Report
Really relaxing. Hope to incorporate some yoga into my bedtime ritual. I agree the Hero Pose is hard on the knees, so like in all things, I just do what I can. From being taught as a child that it was all or nothing, I am slowly learning that some is better than none. Report
I love to relax like that, every part of my body! Report
RENEETC1 if you don't do yoga why did you click on the link and bother to comment? Also, this obviously does not need to be done at work, you can do this at home. Report
First, I don't do yoga, so this routine is out of the question. Second, I don't know of many offices that would allow anyone to take this break. Report
very relaxing Report
Other than the Hero Pose which was impossible for me to do, this was a good quick Yoga workout. However, with an aging and obese population, I wish workout instructors would be more aware of exercises where you're supposed to kneel and give alternatives. Approximately 20% of the population has knee problems and women are 3 times as likely to have issues.

Personally, I can't put any weight on my left knee at all so the Hero Pose and other poses like that are impossible for me to do. Report