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12-Minute Pilates Abs Workout

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Tighten your tummy with Coach Nicole's short and effective Pilates workout!

Member Comments

Nice workout! Report
Tough on me did what I could Report
Whooeee! That was tough! Coach Nicole looks like she just finished a baby workout at the end. Im pretty tired...l Report
Wow! Felt the burn in my abs for sure. Report
Another great one! Thanks, Coach! Report
Thank you for this workout, it's great - I can definitely feel it! Report
Could not finish this, but I did try Report
i loved this work out , was relaxing Report
I tried doing this video, but I was not able.
great work out
Adjusted some of the more intense moves , because of my wrists. All in all I completed this to the best of my ability :) Report
it was so sad that it was difficult for me to do these. But, I kept goin, didnt' give up and did finish it. With consistency and hard work, I'm sure I'll get better over time
I am in a wheelchair so I did my upper body physical therapy for the same amount of time.
Good workout for abs. I will have to continue this one. Report
I really did feel the workout on my abs and lower stomach area. Report