Walking Guide

7-Minute Hip-Opener Routine

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Stretch, strengthen and open your hips with this feel-good routine!

Member Comments

I truly surprised myself by being able to get into a couple of these positions.
I hope I can do them all one day. Report
These exercises really did open up my hips and give me a greater range of motion Report
Agree with CHRISHARP and DOLPHIN225. PLEASE, SparrkPeople, can't you offer a selection of videos for typical Sparkers who are twice this woman's size and a tenth as flexible??? Are you listening, Coach Nicole? Report
not flexible enough to do these. I'll stay with the strength training stretches. I do have a lot of hip pain. I am doing a lot of leg raises which help. Good luck to all who can do this video. Report
These are for people who are more flexible than I am. I have knee problems that I would be afraid of making worse. Report
I'll try to do some of them! I don't sit at a desk any more. I'm retired. But I did when I worked. I've had 2 knee replacements, and I can't put any pressure on my knees. Have a
Super & Blessed Saturday! LYL! Report
I don't sit at a desk all day, but I have very tight hips (think it's genetic as my aunt and grandma have both had hip replacements, and my mom has hip/knee problems) so I try and stretch them out, but I couldn't do a lot of these poses. I think maybe my belly is in the way for a few, and the others are almost painful. My hip actually made a popping noise when I tried to do the lizard pose :( Report
Unable to view the video :-( Report
Really great. At my age, I am beginning to feel some hip pain, but I find stretching really does help. Report
I will try some of these stretches. I sit at a desk all day and try to move about as much as possible. Report
Yes! These are really good stretches! Report
thank you and yes I have a desk job this will def help! Report
Excellent! Definitely including these stretches. I didn't realize just how tight my hips actually are. Thanks! Report
Will definitely add some of these if not all to my stretch after my weekly runs. Report
The stretch feels good, but leaning forward with legs crossed was not easy. Tight Report