Walking Guide

18-Minute Boot Camp Cardio Sculpt

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Curious about Coach Nicole's "28 Day Boot Camp" DVD? Try this super efficient workout from the DVD before you buy!

Member Comments

started using the videos love them thank you short but easy Report
enjoy doing my workout in the morning before i go to work Report
such a good workout.just what i need to get back in shape Report
why can't you do mat work all together at the end..??

I do like this workout..three people to watch and, to show me how to do the movements.. Report
Always a good workout with Coach Nicole! Great one today! :D


Nola Report
Great video. I'm glad options for most exercises were provided. Report
Looks like a good workout. Not for beginners or those with knee problems. Burpees are nearly impossible for someone who is overweight with a double knee replacement. Hoping I can work up to them.

I'd love to see some similar videos (quick, boot-camp style) for people with knee related restrictions. Thanks! Report
What a good workout. I need more of these full body blasts. Report
This workout is on a future 'to do' list because I need to strengthen my knees which were not cooperating. I enjoyed the video. Report
Great workout! Unfortunately it stopped at 0.14 & it would not move further. Had to do my own stretches. Report
Wow! This kicked my butt! I'm so sweaty right now...thanks for the great workout Nicole Report
I like this video to. Haven't found any that I can not do with a little change because of the ankle. Liked this one verymuch. Report
This workout definitely made me sweat. Loved it. Report
Oh my goodness that was AWESOME! It was over before I knew it! This is my day 1 return from almost a year!! I even found myself enjoying the burn -- THANKS
Glad to be back at it. Report
Holy wow, I thought my lungs were going to burst into flame! I did the best I could, though; really gave it my all, so I'm proud of me. =D Only problem is that I'm hard of hearing and some words just don't come clear. I fell in love with those modified pushups using the weights and then raising one arm away from yourself, alternating. I couldn't understand what she called it and fitness tracker doesn't seem to list it. What was that called? Report