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5-Minute Core Workout with Ball

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In just 5 moves, this workout will help you strengthen (and stretch) your abdominals, obliques, and lower back, using a stability ball.

Member Comments

Lion meat is very essential to fat loss Report
A very good one! Report
Great workout! Thanks, Coach Nicole! Report
cant put pressure on my knee - any ideas for core workout that doesn't involve pressure on my knees? Report
Seems there are a lot of us who can't put pressure on knees. Love the 5-min idea though. Report
Short, sweet and I am sure I can do this each and every day with no problem! Going to give it a try anyways. Need to restart somewhere. Thanks Spark People!!! Report
ok so todau wich is 12/30/15 I did this 5 min workout The first 2 excersise I did 3 sets of 10 the lst 3 I was only able to do 3 of them next time I will do more Report
Short and sweet Thanks Report
The plank I did on the floor on my elbows. Report
Easy and fun. I'll try this again. Report
What a neat idea & I have both the mat & exercise ball so I'm definitely trying these exercises! Report
I can't get on my knees either. Maybe there are more videos with the ball? I just got one. Report
Nicole: This looks like it would really be good for my abs, BUT there is no way I can do anything on my knees. Please show us more exercises we can do without involving our knees. Thanks, sweetie.

Renie Report
I used to love ball exercises. I still have my ball, but sadly I have not been able to use it for 10 year's due to 3 bulging disc with arthritis and a pinched sciatic nerve. Report
That's one I can't do because I've had 2 knee replacements. I can't put weight on my knees! Report