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It turns out that I can Hula Hoop and laugh at the same time!

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September 24, 2017
I have gained weight yet again. I don't think it's so much my eating habits and much as inactivity. I have started walking again and lifting weights again. I know it works. I just have to do this point I am very motivated...I am waking up in the morning and ready to go.
As I walked today I kept thinking..I should Blog about this, I should Blog about i guess there are still some Blogs left in me. I must first it was hard coming back here..I feel kind of like a failure ( Carole to self... you are just just human! )..i have enjoyed reading Blogs from my past. I'm glad that i wrote them. My Goal is to lose 30 pounds.

October 08, 2013

I can't bring myself to erase my former page so I've just moved it down a little. I was away from Sparking for a while...luckily a tiny ember was still there. I am now dealing with a bum knee thanks to Osteoarthritis...and my elderly Mother lives with us. On the other hand, we followed through on our plan to sell our beloved house ( 17 years) and move closer to the Golf Club that we have belonged to for the last eight years. I feel like this is a very fit neighborhood...and it really can be for me. We have lovely walking trails and the Golf course is right there. Our new house has a pool ( we didn't plan that ) so it gives me many hours a week of exercise taking care of it.... Also, I found walking fast in the pool to be good exercise..and swimming too...surely even noodle floating is better exercise than sitting on the couch.
Now that it is fall ( October) it is still giving me a work out...leaves are everywhere. But not in the pool because I'm there reaching and leaning and skimming them out.
Another thing, I am now a Grandma. I love that sweet little 6 month old girl so much. My husband and I are the "old" Grandparents. My daughter-in-law tut tuts that but it's something you think about..My oldest Grandma died when I was in 3rd grade..My son's oldest Grandma died when he was in 3rd grade (I guess Zoey will have to skip 3rd Grade)..Also, The other Grandma is thin..I don't want to be the fat Grandma. I WILL NOT BE fat Grandma ( not that my sweet Granddaughter would call me that, I hope)...Age I can't control but weight I can.

I have no excuse for not exercising...I have no excuse for gaining weight. I have no excuse for midless eating
No more excuses.

My Old page:
CHZ may not like what she reads but she's standing on her scale

I am in my early 50's . I have a husband and two adult sons. I am Hypothyroid and Menopausal...I flash OFTEN ( If that burns more calories I'm OK with it, but I wonder does it burn calories?)
** Since being a member of Sparks, it's now
March, I don't have hot flashes with any where near the frequency that I had before...From the exercising ? I'm not sure but why I am thankful.

once upon a time I was a size 0, and no, not when I was 10...but not any more!!! and I'm OK with that, I was too thin! And I was unhealthy, I smoked cigarettes and lived on diet Dr. Pepper,I'm hoping I can reverse some of the bad things that I don't even know about yet, I don't want osteoporosis ( I can't even spell it let alone have it)...but since being diagnosed with the hypothyroidism the pounds have crept on until I was truly afraid to look at the scale...especially if I was standing on it..My last Doctors visit was the first time in my life that I have had a Dr. mention my weight, and to make it worse they did my BMI ...Yikes!!!...Since then I have been exercising pretty much every day...I shoot for an hour... I like the treadmill, because we have one and also the recumbent bike (because we have one)...I also try to lift weights but I don't really know what I am doing..I also have a band with handles that I do exercises with. ..and one of those large balls too...and lots and lots of weights. I was given both The Biggest Loser Boot Camp and The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga for Christmas and I have a pilates DVD too....I have been doing them when I feel like being ( tortured or ) extra fit.

*** Now that it is March and I have been with Sparkpeople almost 5 months, I am very surprised to be able to say...I like the recumbent bike more than the treadmill...I feel like I sweat more when I use it but that also seems to me to mean that I am working harder..I have also started to lift weights more, just dumbbell, but I really look forward to weight lifting days...I doubt I'll ever be lifting too heavy of weights but I do honestly think I will be able to stop any bat wing thing that thought it was going to start in my arms ( go away flabby skin, your not wanted here!!) and lifting weights while lying on the exercise ball is torture, truly, but I think it may be my favorite because I can really feel it working some odd arm muscles.
I'm happy, I'm healthy and every once in a while I lose a pound or two.

It is now June 04, 2009
I still am hoping to lose weight but I have to say...I feel good, really really good...I know that sounds silly but I think feeling good translates in my case to being a much friendlier, nicer, happier person....not that I was mean and nasty before, I guess what I mean is that I now just walk around with a big smile on my face that causes people to react in a much nicer way to me...and all of this happens because I feel good, I know I have to be healthier, I can't wait to go to the Dr.'s in September for my physical...I am current on all tests...mammo, Pap, full body scans for melonoma..just need to do the colon thing which my husband and I have finally agreed we will do ( don't wann but we will) so I think even though I haven't wasted away to nothing, I have not gained weight and so I am happy and healthy.

Friday July 10, 2009
I weighed in and yes, finally that stinking pound was gone...and I could announce to the world that I was now in the Normal range on my BMI...the highest number possible in normal but still normal normal normal

I think it must be because I started working out last July (2008) but I feel the need to work extra hard this month. Right now my body and my mind are not speaking to each other. I'm sure the body will get over it but right now today ( July 15) my body is on the one hand feeling great and on the other hand my joints seem to make funny noises when I move. On the looks scale though I think I am certainly looking thinner. And my scale continues to give good could give better readings but I'm not complaining ( that was the mind talking, the mind has no complaints, the whiner is the body).

So, it's now August 14, 2009
Some days I feel so much thinner and then something will happen..I will try on something sleeveless and I will feel fat..or if not fat kind of bloated...but in general I feel pretty good. In fact yesterday I went somewhere and I wore new clothes that fit well and I thought to myself..I feel like I have a new body too. Which discounts the hours that all of this has taken...I know that I didn't walk into Macy's and buy a new body, but it kind of feels that way because this years body is so much better than last years...I like the style so much better, last years just did not look good on me at all.

It's November. Sunday will be my one year anniversary with WooHoo for me and my friends that have stuck with this. We are ALL doing great and losing weight and feeling better about ourselves...there have been some changes on Sparks in the last year..we now tweet... that is so helpful for keeping in touch with your friends....Like Blogging I found it a little intimidating at first but it's fun to say sily OR important things about your day or life and get the sometimes instant feed back from others...often just saying that I'm off to exercise will be enough to get me moving...and tracking of foods got more extensive..or maybe that was just for me ( as in I just figured it out more?) I now know I eat way more fiber that is considered necessary...and that I struggle to eat enough protein...I have been tracking food for the entire year..and exercise too.

one of my goals was to embrace the sweat and you know what? I have. Do I enjoy it? yes and no..I mean it's sweat...yuck (especially sweaty hair! hate that!) but now when I am running or walking and the sweat happens I feel like it means I am working very hard so I enjoy/ embrace it! Woo Hoo for sweat!

Woo Hoo! It's now January 01, 2010 I still haven't reached my goal weight but I'm also still exercising andtrying to eat things that are good for me most days..I ate a banana pop over last night but it was my birthday and I said ahead of time that I was going to eat cake or something..I am planning to work really hard this year and knock off at least 10 of the 20 pounds that I think I need to lose...It's not a I think I can it's I KNOW I can do it!

December 01, 2010
Two Years Sparking
I've been here the whole time. But I had a pretty long Plateau period. I kept working at it though. I am finally losing again. It has been a very different year for me. My Husband retired in January. Which is a lot to get used to. I took golf lessons so I'm back to playing lot's of Golf. I have a new application for my phone that lets me track my walk in a very accurate way. It tells the moving time and distance and the elevation change and your fastest speed and average speed. It makes walking a lot of fun.

Member Since: 11/8/2008

Fitness Minutes: 113,651

My Goals:
Peace and Happiness

To Embrace the Sweat

To look and feel my best every day

To be kind to others and to myself ( I know, sad to have to make it a goal but I did say I'm a menopausal woman!! I try.!)

To eat food that is good for me and not high in calories

To lose weight ( I had forgotten to add that) and maintain that weight loss so that I never have to be afraid ( and embarassed)to look at a scale again.

My Program:
I will eat second helpings at meals.

I will eat healthy foods ..I try to shop the edges of the store and not the aisles
( but I do venture in
to buy things like dried beans)

I will work out for 1 hour or more MOST days, which is what it said was best on the hand out diet information from my Dr.'s office maintain walk 1/2 an hour most days, to lose weight walk for an hour our more most days..but if I can't then I won't beat myself up, I will just do better the next day .

I will Blog at Sparks to keep myself motivated..and I will read the blogs of others to learn and help myself to stay motivated

I will be my own advocate..I will read all the Spark literature and also Mary Shamon and I will Team with my Dr. to make sure that I am optimizing my Thyroid treatment

I will enjoy the Journey
( thanks Diet Girll)

Personal Information:
I have lived in the Southern
United States since the age of 6..but I was born a Yankee.

Other Information:
I have been married for 34 years.
I love Genealogy. Not just my own but my husbands, my friends, strangers..for me its about the hunt for information. It is too cool when you find some new tidbit of information..I have made contact with so many long lost family members that I have lost count.

I sew, I read a lot, I love comedy both on tv and in the movies...I'm worse than a kid waiting for the new season of television to start each year
I do a lot of cooking...That is something my husband and I enjoy doing together now that the kids are older and on their own
I not vegetables but if we can break up the red clay then I would love to have my own vegetable garden..And I am a Carolina Hurricanes Hockey fan, Let's Go Canes!!!

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  • v KISSFAN1
    Carol - I'm really hoping that mine is as successful as yours was (surgery). I'm still bleeding and that is depressing me a little bit, but my husband keeps telling me that's normal after surgery and it's most probably that and not fibroids causing the bleeding now.

    I'm just so scared that I had the surgery for nothing but I'm sure my husband is right and it makes sense what he said.

    My mother had to have a hysterectomy in her 30's so I'm glad there was a different option for me and that things have advanced as much as they have. My daughter when she is much older will probably have even better options should she encounter this issue later in her life.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, I'm glad to hear it was successful for you. I have put up with this for far too many years because I thought it was just a normal thing due to my age. I will pay more attention to my health just like I did my weight and try my best to put myself and my health as an important thing to take care of now.

    3573 days ago
    Hope the bad weather passes soon!
    3586 days ago
  • v CLVRL8Y
    Hey there! I was perusing your page and read your blog about going to Scotland - how cool!

    I've been wanting to comment back about your comment about your mom - that was funny - I'm glad she got a laugh. My mom was a nurse also.

    I hope you don't mind - but I added you as a friend :)

    Take care and God Bless!
    3592 days ago
  • v CLVRL8Y
    Thank you for the nice comment today!

    I love your page - is there really a "What not to wear" spark team?

    Too funny!
    3604 days ago
    The Wendy's salad would have been better had I been able to take it home and toss it in a bigger bowl - hard to get all the dressing distributed in those little containers. The Panera spinach salad with fruit blows it away though.
    3645 days ago
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