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My bicep - 2010.05.12 - Before I started strength training

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***WHAT'S UP WITH CJ ********
Health #1, Everything Else #2

On September 19, 2009, I reached my final goal of losing 50 lbs. 2-1/2 months early, & coincidentally on my 2 year Spark Anniversary.

In 2 years, I went from weighing 175 and sure I wouldn't lose anything to 125 and knowing I'd never gain it back.

How did I do it? I've written 20 pages (in summary view) of blogs on SparkPeople. I suspect if you peruse the pages of the people who have made it, we'll all sing the same song in our own voice.

Here's a brief recap of the things that come immediately to mind when someone says "how did you do it". There's many details for each of these points, but they're all in my blogs along the way.

In the end, it's a mindset, a choice. You want to, or you don't. There is no such thing as can't. We all can. But Will We?

I've been getting questions about going on "maintenance mode" and about "what's next". The truth is there's nothing different to do. I never went on a diet. I truly didn't. I just changed my life, and I like it this way.

* I took baby steps in a forward direction, and made incremental life changes.
* I kept my eyes on the prize.
* I never once deprived myself. I don't accept No as an answer.
* I did the inside work of figuring out why I had gotten overweight
* I did the observation work of figuring out what triggered my overeating
* I did the analysis work of making a plan FOR ME, and put the tools in place that supported it.
* I did the outside work of collaborating with myself rather than forcing myself.
* I weighed, measured, tracked, and put systems in place to hold myself accountable, and to remove the emotion.
* I set my goals based on my actions, NOT the results. I can control my actions, I cannot control the results.
* I didn't think 'right' or 'wrong', 'good' or 'bad', so there was never anything to forgive or beat myself up about.
* I kept in mind that each bite, each step, each moment was an opportunity to make a new choice.
* I tracked enough to figure out the science did apply to me, and that all those times before I'd been stuck and baffled? It's because I was either eating too much or not moving enough, plain and simple.
* Together Me and I Just Got After It. I Showed Up on SparkPeople, I Showed Up in My Life.

The result of this is that there isn't anything to go "off" of, there's nothing to do differently than what I'm doing now. If I continue to lose weight, that's cool. If not, that's cool, too.

In the meantime, I'll be out riding my bike and running, wearing size 4/6 and small. I know I won't gain this back and there's nothing in the world like that feeling.

Yes, my ticker has a goal of 120, but that's just because otherwise the little fishie is out of the water, a feeling I'm quite familiar with. :)

And by the way? My life has changed in some AMAZING ways I would have NEVER expected!!! EVER. I am truly a different person than the person who started off here 2 years ago at 175. And I see those major life changes happening for all kinds of people here.

Will they happen for you? They Can If You Will Do.

GOAL: Burn off 144,000 calories
ACTUAL: Burned off 130,906
LOST: 30 pounds, approx. 4400 calories needed per pound lost.
Sleep - 8 hours a night
Water - 8 glasses a day
Weights - 2 times a week (not made this one yet)
Bike - 2 times a week
Swim - 2 times a week (nope)
Cardio - 5 times a week
Track food - 7 days a week (not often anymore, I have it memorized)
************************** ************************
09.27.09 - Posted a tribute to my SparkBuddies. They are the reason I'm here.
09.25.09 - Found out my tribute to SparkPeople Team had gotten on the Popular Blog List. All those new friends at my Celebration Party was big fun! :)
09.20.09 - Posted a tribute to the SparkPeople Team. They built us this beautiful community so we could accomplish our goals together.
09.19.09 - 2 Yr Spark Anniversary - Final Wt. Goal Reached - 50 lbs. Lost Total
07.24.09 - Got sick. Still sick on 9.27.09. Still no answers.
06.22.09 - Calculated that, over the course of the past 18 months, I need to burn off 4,300 calories to lose 1 pound of weight.
05.05.09 - New record for blog comments - 23 and counting - Uni-Boob. Who knew! :P
04.18.09 - Got some life-changing pants from CAROL this week. I'm a size 10. I don't know what to say to that. I had no idea.
03.30.09 - Proud of myself for making Health #1, Everything Else #2. Friends in town? I worked out anyway. Made my 2000 calories per week workout goal.
03.04.09 - 136.4 - Ahh, this is ALWAYS how it is. I bounce off a new low. This one is especially tantalizing, as 135 was my original goal. :) It will happen.
02.27.09 - 135.2 - New low! 3.2 OUNCES from original goal.
02.21.09 - 135.8 - New low! .8 pounds from original goal!
02.19.09 - 136.2 - New low! 1.2 pounds from original goal!!!
02.18.09 - 136.4 - New low!
02.17.09 - 137.2 - New low!
02.14.09 - 137.6 - New low!
02.08.09 - 137.8 - New low!
02.0?.09 - 138.8 - New low!
02.04.09 - Farthest run-without-stopping EVER! 7.2 miles.
01.22.09 - 139.8 - New low!
01.21.09 - New low! - 140.0 - 35 pounds off! :)
01.13.09 - Held a fun seminar about weight loss and SparkPeople!
01.01.09 - Vacation always takes a toll. Starting weight for 2009 = 145. Nice round number.
12.24.08 - New low - 140.6 :) Merry Christmas to ME!
11.27.08 - Gym scale said 141.25. Fit into husband's jeans. In fact, they're too big.
11.26.08 - New Low - 142.4
11.23.08 - Strong Finish Wk#4 - 1,587 - not so strong in some ways, really powerful week in some others.
11.20.08 - New Low - 142.8 (slip slidin' away)
11.16.08 - Strong Finish Wk#3 - 3,326 cal. burned
11.15.08 - New Low - 143.2
11.14.08 - New Low - 143.4
11.11.08 - New Low - 143.6
11.09.08 - Strong Finish Wk#2 - 3,772 cal. burned
11.07.08 - New low - 143.8
11.04.08 - New low - 144.0
11.02.08 - Strong Finish Wk#1 - 3,725 cal. burned
10.30.08 - New low - 144.4
10.27.08 - Recalibrated goals for rest of year. Need 34,500 to get last 10 pounds off. Came up with a plan.
10.20.08 - New low - 146.2
9.29.08 - Bought food scale.
9.24.08 - Started a countdown spreadsheet. 800+ behind on daily goal for the rest of the year.
9.19.08 - 1 year on SP, but not really because I didn't use it until 1.1.08.
9.18.08 - 820 calories down - 2530 to go by Sunday night.
9.18.08 - Revamped my page to be PURPLE, my favorite color.
9.17.08 - 570 calories down - 2780 to go by Sunday night.
9.14.08 - Starting partially walking on my foot again already. Burned off 700 calories on spinning bike!
9.10.08 - Surgery on my right foot. Plantar fascia release.
9.05.08 - Met True_Texan for the first time.
9.04.08 - Went to pre-op appt. for my heel.
9.04.08 - Diagnosed with osteopenia.
9.03.08 - Ah! That weight loss was FAKE! - 148.0
9.03.08 - I am also allowed to have a massage, which I did today.
9.02.08 - I am allowed, in theory, to ride my bike again.
9.01.08 - Met Lab-Lover for the first time.
8.30.08 - Another new low - 146.4 - what's going on here??
8.27.08 - Another new low - 146.8
8.23.08 - Another new low - 147.4.
8.22.08 - Another new low - 148.0.
8.21.08 - Another new low - 148.4.
8.14.08 - Another new low - 148.8.
8.12.08 - New low - 149.4. That's right. 149.4.
7.30.08 - I started my Community Journal on SparkPeople: http://tinyurl.com/cjsparkjournal. It's still on SparkPeople, but I use tinyurl.com to shorten the length of the URL.
7.29.08 - TigerLily gave me a Menorrah. I'm not Jewish. She gave me a sewing machine, too, at one point. I don't sew either.
7.29.08 - To celebrate and remind me to continue, I put a swimsuit pic up.
7.29.08 - I hit 150 for the very first time - 25 pounds!
7.12.08 - I can use the arc trainer!
7.10.08 - No way! SparkPeople Motivator? ME? WOW!!!! Thanx!!!
7.10.08 - Started My Bucket List over on the right of my page.
7.08.08 - Discovered Darvoset, Dr. says 8-10 weeks, walked for 1 hour - first exercise since accident.
7.04.08 - Fell roller skating, sprained wrist and broke 4 vertebrae
7.04.08 - 151.6
6.26.08 - looked up BMI - still overweight. Normal BMI = 145 lbs.
6.26.08 - Wore red Chico's skirt - no longer looks "lumpy".
6.25.08 - saw RowBike for the first time at the Veloway.
6.24.08 - bought roller skates and went skating at Playland.
6.22.08 - herb garden salad with tomatoes, broccoli, blueberries, feta, shaved parmesan, little shrimp, carrots, asparagus, almonds, craisins trail mix, broccoli, 4 little croutons, light raspberry vinagrette, and cottage cheese.

6.22.08 - Also...made my goal of 3000 calories burned this week despite only having 1048 gone before Saturday.
6.22.08 - One more thing. Passed the halfway point today on the calorie goal. I have more than 72,000 calories burned off. And I'm more than halfway to my weight loss goals. I'm happy my math was close.
6.21.08 - Wearing a belt on the SECOND HOLE that I haven't worn in about 3-5 years either.
6.20.08 - Made my Scuba Divers goal. Said 152.4 by June 20. I'm 152.2.
6.20.08 - Wearing pants I haven't worn in say 3-4-5 years? This is a BLAST!
6.15.08 - Bagged on surgery. No time right now for 3-6 weeks of hobbling.
6.08.08 - Um, bike clips can be adjusted! Now, I can unclip EASY! Duh.
6.08.08 - Size 12 shorts fit me.
5.28.08 - I went to a seminar where I knew some more people. Several of them made comments, too. This is alot more fun than any chocolate I've ever consumed.
5.28.08 - I think I've just been converted to a morning exerciser in one single bike ride. :)
5.27.08 - Went to event with 450 women. Every single woman I saw that I knew at this event said something about how great I looked! It was somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20 women? Some were just about gushing. One said "It's about TIME you let your style shine through!" It was a phenomenal feeling.
5.6.08 - Follow up with the Dr. for my shoulder and my heel. Day surgery scheduled on June 20th on both. Looking forward to this being behind me.
5.5.08 - Scheduled exercise time on my calendar for the week and set specific calorie burning goals per exercise. I have some catching up to do.
5.3.08 - MRI on shoulder. It's just really not acceptable that I have almost no range of motion with one whole arm, right?

Member Since: 9/19/2007

Fitness Minutes: 53,769

My Goals:
Goals? Listing these would take me ALL day and would use more storage than this server has!

MY BUCKET LIST (created 7.10.08, updated 9.24.08)

1. Buy an around the world ticket...and go.
2. Create a song I love with my recording equipment.
3. Write a book that gets published.
4. Do enough good with my life that Teri Gross (NPR - Fresh Air) wants to interview me.
5. Meet Madeline Albright.
6. Learn to be a professional mediator.
7. Make a film.
8. Write an article for the Wall Street Journal. Heck, I'd just be happy if they printed an opinion of mine! Or wrote about me (as long as it was complimentary.)
9. Create a website or a product that makes people's lives better or more rewarding.
10. Tell a story at The Moth.

My Program:
I want to lose 40 pounds.

I need to burn 144,000 calories to lose 40 pounds.

144,000 calories / 500 calories per workout = 288 workouts.

288 workouts in 52 weeks is approximately 5.5 workouts a week at 500 calories.


If I lose 20 by Dec.08 I'll be thrilled. If I lose 40 by Dec.08, I will give myself a reward that I've been wanting for 25 years. Stay tuned. I'm determined.

UPDATE: By mid June, 2008, I had lost 20 pounds. I'm going to try for another 10 by the end of December. If I lose 20, I'll be thrilled, but I want to do this slowly so it stays gone.

UPDATE: On 10.26, I was officially at 30 pounds off. Let's see what I can do by the end of the year. Can I make 35? I have two months.

UPDATE: On 1.1.09, I was at 30 pounds off. On 6.18.09, I'm at 42 pounds off. I want to reach 50 off by the end of 2009, which will mean I'll weigh 125lbs.

Personal Information:
I live in Austin, TX.
I love to ride bike.
Scuba diving fanatic.
Live for music.
Completely in love with Sophie, the dog.

Other Information:
* Underweight = less than 18.5
* Normal = 18.5-24.9
* Overweight = 25-29.9
* Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

From nhlbisupport.com/bmi/

Wt : BMI : Date
126: 21.6 Feb 02, 10
142.4: 24.4: Jan 18, 09 (NORMAL!)
124.4: 2nd year SP Anniversary!!!
149.0: 25.6: Oct 1(OW)
149.0: 25.6: Sep 1 (OW)
150.6: 25.8: Aug 1 (OW)
152.2: 26.1 : Jul 1 (OW)
156.6: 26.9 : Jun 1 (OW)
158.6: 27.2 : May 1 (OW)
163.2: 28.0 : Apr 1 (OW)
165.2: 28.4 : Mar 1 OW)
169.2: 29.0 : Feb 1 (OW)
171.8: 29.5 : Jan 7 (OW)
175.0: 30.0 : Dec '07 (Obese)

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