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Well now it's been 14 years with Sparkpeople... people always ask what keeps you going... I say I struggle everyday, I love to cook and eat, so I struggle with over eating. I am proud to say I still have not gone back to bad habits, I still have not gone back to fast foods.., no drive tru. Even at these terrible times.. I still eat a mostly vegetable based food plan... But still i have gained weight... I still gain and loose weight. I have realized if I eat to much I gain weight, even with veggies.. I'm learning to be nicer to myself. I'm 67 years old so know it seems to get harder and harder to keep the pounds off.. but I wont ever give up. I'm also proud to say I still exercise 6 days a week.. i get up and walk every morning at least 3 miles... I do walk away the pound 3 days a week and do as mother 30 minute DVD 3 days a week. I do stretchy band or weights 3 days a week... I try to keep busy through out my days..I get close to 15k steps everyday except Sunday. I'm also a very healthy woman, at 67 I take no medication, thus years physical was great. My Physician said he was so proud of me. All blood work was better than he expected... so what ever i'm doing to continue ... that in its self gives me the motivation to stay on track... I'm so blessed... Well now its been 13 years here at spark people, I've been up and down.. but I'll never give up.. It does not get easier...for me food is a struggle everyday... I need as much support as I can get.. we 12 years since I started on my Sparkpeople journey.. Ive learned so much, still struggle with my eating... I have gotten where exercise is part of my everyday life... I still wear a pedometer daily.. My down fall is I love to eat, mostly good food, I don't eat at fast food places, I plan my meals, I drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, never any soda or juice.... I eat at least 8 servings of veggies and fruits a day.... but as we know if you eat more calories than you burn you gain weight... I have put on about 15 pounds, I loose some and gain some...I'm hoping one day to find that balance... At 65 years old I am healthy, I do not take any medications, B/P is good , cholestrol is good and blood sugars are good.. so I am proud of myself for that... I will never give up.. this year been a rough one first my husband needed surgery and then my Dad passed away... but I still wont give up or give in to old bad habits..I will never ever give up on myself.... We RV full time and I try hard to eat fresh foods I have cooked..I know I'll stick here with my dear friends, they are always here for me... I try to keep a positive outlook... and having fun as long as I can.. it's now been 11 years...still here , still working on staying healthy...we are still RVing and having the time of our lives..meeting new people almost can be a challenge finding fresh healthy foods but we do our best..mostly cook our own foods ..thanks to all my sparkfriends for keeping me going.. as of April I have been here for 10 years....I am pleased with my progress and thank all my spark friends.... I have started a whole new life style, we sold our home and have ht the road to RV full was hard to sell all my stuff...but it is just stuff..we are going to focus on people, seeing all the wonderful things this America has to share....thanks for the support.. I have been here for 9 years...made lots of progress and have made a lot of great friends....I have learned to live healthy and happy.... My Health is my top priority..... May 4th, 2014....had my 8 year sparkavesary....still working hard to keep the weight off...I am at my goal weight ....this has been a good year so far....I'm feeling healthy and strong....together we can reach our goals Sept.6th, 2013...we are finally settled in the new house and things are running smoothly I am working hard everyday to loose the 10 pounds I gained since leaving Colorado....down I know I can do it, with clean eating and exercise most days...drink lots of water and watch my portions..I want to be back at goal weight by Dec.11... OLD INFO BELOW: I have been with Spark People for 7 years now, it's been hard work but I have lost over 200 pounds, and best part kept most of it off for over 3.5 years.....this is a wonderful program if you work healthy, watch portions, get up and move that body, find a way that works for you, eat the foods you love....and then never give never loose it as fast as you would like...but it will come off... stop waiting for the perfect day, there isn't one and make small changes and it can add up to big changes....look at my photo gallery.. I have had some rough roads but I pray each day for the strength to keep looking forward....there is so much to see... We found a new home here in Ohio and will be moving again time to dig deep and stay on track.... Moved back to Ohio to be near family...this is going to be a challenge for sure, lived in Colorado for 35 years.....It's been 3 weeks now, I miss my home, job and friends...bit I will adjust.... as of Jan. 2012 I have maintained my weight loss in my weight range of 5's been over 2 years now....2012 will be my best year ever. I plan on it each and every day.....Please stop by and encourage me, we all need as much support as we can get, even when we have reached our goal weight....thanks July 1st 2011, I am still in my goal weight range, I am trying hard to stick with my plan, some days are easier than other but i still can have struggles with food, exercise and people...Coach Dean wrote a great article that said if you think weight loss will sovle all your problems you are kidding your self....I am learning this more and more everyday.....I'm also learning better coping skills to deal with my feelings.....or maybe as we age we just care less what other people think....I am a strong healthy women who has been given a second chance at life so I'm doing the best I can each day so i have no regrets....because when you have your health you truly do have be happy be healthy Jan. 2011. I am still on my healthy life style journey. Hoping that 2011 is going to be a good year, just like 2010 .. With Sparkpeople friends anything is possible I can't believe it's November 1st all ready..... I have been doing great on my maintance program, my goal weight was 145 , I have been holding steady at about 140. seems I can go as low as 138 and back to 143..I'm pleased with that...I have been in this range for nearly a year now...I reach 145 on Dec. 11,'s not aways easy but it can be done, if you stick with your plan. Have a healthy November August 1st. 139 pounds....I'm holding steady for a while.... JULY 1st, 2010.. wow where does the time go....I'm making some slow progress this year, This morning weigh in was 141. I am happy about that, I'm most happy as I am still excisted about my healthy life is grand when your healthy, I must never loose sight of that fact.....and to be healthy I must eat healthy and exercise every day, no vacations from a healthy life style. March 12....I decided to drop my goal weight to 135, I know it says 136...I stayed at my first goal weight for 3 months now and think it's time to step it up a notch.....It's should not be too tough's less tha 10 pounds in the next 10 months....or sooner, I can't believe I did not post this...On Friday Dec.11, I weighed in at 144 that is one pound lower than my goal Yahoooooo for me I did ...I did ...I know now there is nothing I can't took a bit over 3.5 years to do it but ...I did ....and I'm so happy and proud of myself....I lost 193 pounds right here with Sparkpeople and my friends, but lost 203 from my highest weight.....what a life changing journey. latest update...Nov.6th...I have lost 190 pounds....can I say more. 2 more pounds to my goal weight. Update, Oct. 30, 2009 I have lost 189 pounds...3 more to reach my goal weight..Hoping to get there by the new year.... My latest update, of Sept.25th, I'm down 186 pounds, gone goal of 145 is only 6 pounds away...learning the no excuse for not living healthy rules. As of Aug. 29, 09 I have lost 184 pounds and still loosing. it was a real struggle the last month, I went 3 weeks with no loss. I was getting really down about that, then realized I had nothing to be down about...I was maintaining really well but much to my surprize this week lost 2 as of July 17th I have had a loss of 182 that just amazes me. I'm very sparked now, I till have 10 pounds to go to reach my goal and it might take me a year to do it but I will do it, I'll never give up my healthy life feels so good to have so much energy.. Another milestone. I have lost 180 pounds...I still have 12 more pouns to go..I won't ever give up..... May 1,2009 marks my 3 years working the SparkPeople program. I'm so proud and excited to say I have lost 175 pounds. It has not been always easy but I was determined to stick with it, well at least after the 2nd year. The time has gone by fast, it's so exciting to say I have lost an average size man off my back. It also is a great feeling to say I plan on sticking with it for the rest of my life....I will be healthy and happy ...that was my main goal. I still have 17 pounds to reach my weight goal. I don't know how to express the joy I feel each day now when I wake up each morning and I feel wonderful. Or I can go buy clothes anywhere I want to. I don't have to worry about my size, or the embarrassement of being a 350 pound women. having so much energy I can do what ever I want and feel great. Thanks to Spark People I have a healthy life, one I can be proud of. November 1st marked my 2.5 years with sparkpeople. I've lost 161 pounds so far and have about 32 more pound to reach my goal. It's been an interesting journey. One I'm so happy to be on. I've learned a lot about living a healthy life style and not another diet. I've meet some very supportive people, who have helped me find the encourgement and motivation I need to reach my goals. I've learned to eat my favorite foods in moderation and feel good about eating healthy and getting my daily exercise. I think about 161 pounds, I find it hard to believe sometimes. That is a lot of weight....a whole person....I know the real challenge will be keeping it off. It is easy to slip back in to old habits once we reach our goals. I'll have to be a ware of what goes in this mouth every meal. I'll have to make execise the main part of my daily living. I wonder where I'll be when I hit my 3 year anniversary with Sparkpeople. I plan on staying as long as its here. I might be at my goal weight, who knows. My biggest goal is to be healthy and happpy and I have found both. Today marks 2 years since I found Sparkpeople. I started the program on May 1st. 2006. I'm down nearly 140 pounds. I guess its working.....LOL The last few months the weight has been so coming off. very slow, but I'm sticking with my plan as its my way of life now. It feels so good to he healthy and happy. It's fantastic to think I was in 4x clothes and now I can wear Mediums or size 10-12. I went from size 40 jeans to 18 jeans and 16 slacks. I can't begin to tell you how much I can do now that I could not before sparkpeople. My goals were to be able to hike and keep up with Gary, well I reached that goal a while back. I can do anything I want to and never get tired. I feel like I have endless energy. I still have more weight to loose, with my new healthy lifestyle I know I'll make that goal. It might take longer than I planed but I'll get there. I have a lot to look forward too. Thank You sparkpeople for giving back my life. As of Jan.25, 2008 I am down 133 pounds. And I'm still determined to get to my goal. I could not have done it with out sparkpeople and all the support from my friends and family. SPARKPEOPLE is the best. I'm turning 55 on 11/14. So I decided to change a few things. Be more realistic in my goals. I have lost 122 pounds and can now go hiking and walking with Gary. My goal when I started was to get healthy, I'm well on my way. I workout 6 days a week, eat healthy 99% of the time and feel better than I have in a very long time. Its been exciting to push myself to do more and more. Who knows where we can go if only we try. Lets see where I'll be when I say I have ben with sparkpeople 2 years. I have 6 months to see what I can do... then lets go from there. I can do what ever I set my mind to do. May 2007 update. I am now a 54 yr. old women fron colorado. I have moved since I started with sparkpeople. We had a beautiful house built and we moved in last July. Its been great. I have lost 94 pounds and I'm started to live my goals. I can now do lots of fun activities with Gary, my life partner of 5 yrs. and going strong. I take our dog Leah for walks. I'm exercising 6 days a week and loving it. I can keep up when we go hiking and out to the mountains. I still have plenty of work to do, still trying to meet my goal of 145 pounds by May2008. It might take me to may of 2009 but I'm enjoying the journey. I feel strong and healthy again. It has made a big difference in my life, I am just so happy about getting out and enjoying moving around. One really big thing is I can go up and down the steps in our new house and not be out of breathe, or dread having to go to the family room. Life is so much better when your healthy. Hello, I'm 53 from southern colorado. I have a lot of work to do but I figure I have the rest of my life. I just want to be healthy and enjoy my retirment. I want to be able to hike and bike with my boyfriend. These are my before and now pictures. Its now 6 months later and I have lost 57 pounds. I'm trying to stay on track. I have meet some very nice people and really have gotten a lot of support. I hope I have given others support too. I have a long way to go still but I know I'll make it. Well 9 months later and have lost 77 pound. I added a bit more exercise and trying to get out and just move move move. It sure is easier to do. I'm tring hard to reach my goals. I have now lost 80 pounds, wow its still going good and I'm really enjoying it. I love being able to have more and more energy. And getting lot of compliments. Still have a long way to go but I am getting there. Well I have been here 11+ months, I have lost 88 pounds. I can now walk and hike with Gary, I still have a long way to go to meet my goal. But hoping next year at this time to be at my goal or very close. I have learned how to eat healthy to exercise at least 6 days a week. I can see big improvenments in my life. I can do most everything I had hope to achive. I am so pleased with my progress. Like most everyone I would like to have lost more weight, but my real goal was to get healthy and I think I am getting there. making healthy choices everyday. I love this sparkpeople program. Its the best in the world.

Member Since: 4/26/2006

Fitness Minutes: 595,389

My Goals:
eat healthy and exercise most days....make me my top priority, I am worth it.

get out and find more
ways to enjoy my weight loss

I reached my goal weight
on Dec.11, 2009..144
well actully 1 pound less.
I lost 193 pound with SparkPeople, and 203 from my highest weight

I wanted to up date a bit, I am doing good and still finding healthy ways to loose weight as of this date, 8/29/09 I have lost 184 pounds, and still loosing.

this May first marks my 3 years and I have lost 175 pounds and still loosing. where will I be next year.

May 1st. Is 2 years I have been working the sparkpeple program. Down 140 lbs. What else can I say.

Goals are to enjoy my new healthy life style and continue to reach my goal weight of 145.

Today is Feb.4th my goals are about the same. I'm want to continue my plan of healthy eating and exercising almost daily.

I have ben with sparkpeople for 21 months. I'm so

My Program:
I track my food daily....
still tracking my food and planning my meals..2015

2013 clean, no processed foods, exercise most days, think positive..

2011 healthy try new recipes and new foods....get more variety in my foods... do new exercise, find ways to get more movement...learn to relax and enjoy the work I have done my own best friend

eat healthy, exercise more

2010 goal is to loose 1 pound a month and be 12 pounds lighter by 2011. I also am doing new exercises and find ways to be more active, getting out more and meeting new people.
Pueblo Sparkpeople team is meeting on Saturday mornings to walk, to talk and to get support.
I'm looking into getting a treadmill, I want to use it to run on, the streets and sidewalks are hard on these old knee, they don't hurt yet but I want to increase my miles.
I will continue to count my calories and track them each day, drink lots of wate

Personal Information:
the 10 pounds are gone and I'm feeling great

Moved to Ohio from (July 2012)Colorado to be closer to family...bought a new house, retired...still have kept 200 pounds off..did gain 10 and now working on loosing it again

2012 and still going strong have kept 200+ pounds off

I have lost 203 pounds from my highest weight.
I now love to walk, bike and run......I love to buy clothes,

I have lost 175 pound in 3 years and I'm so delighted. I plan on staying woth SparkPeople as long as they will have me. I have learned so much about living a healthy life. eating to loose weight and enjoying each new day as it comes.

I'm from colorado. I have been with Sparkpeople for 5+ years

Things sure have changed since I lost 133 pounds.

I'm getting out and doing more things and enjoying my new found engery. We have a new home , and still lots of work to get it just right.

I started to do beading

Other Information:
I love to garden, cook, read and camp, taking the dog for walks too.I have started a new hobby, making jewerly, its so much fun and I make great gifts for freinds and family. I also learned if your busy with things you don't have time for thinking about food. Busy hands can't be feeding you.

I like to raise early and watch the sun come up.

listen to the birds sing, its so calm and peacful

I am now retired...

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