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Weight was close to 500 lbs. - 486 lbs. - So I dieted! 465 to 337 to 303. I am 353 now. May 03, 2020

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Aunt Bee, having Hot Tea, & reading, Sparkpeople Journals! Today is a Very Good Day Say Aunt Bee!

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Jeanna, Me, Michelle , haven't taken any pictures since this was taken.. 2013

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I changed my user's name from Aunt Bee 1945 BK. To Shape Up With Bee July 1st 2020 1 month 11 days until my doctor's appointment. Hoping the be below 330 pounds before my doctor's appointment. June 26th month is almost over. Waiting at 341.5 pounds. Getting close to 330 lb my next goal. Which will bring me down from 360. My progress is slow but steady. I am actually getting excited. I believe the nice weather has inspired me somewhat because I feel better with the sunshine. Trying to get going! My challenge is to get up and move ! I have bad knees, they should have been replaced back in 2000. I made the choice to not have the operation. Was too scary for me! My highest weight was 486 pounds. I lost weight down to 303 pounds. Been yo yo and ever since. Starting exercise program is challenging due to it being painful to walk. five minutes at a time and that will be a challenge at this point periods today's wait was 349 pounds. June 12th 2020 I am doing better this week! June 05/20 Been emotionally down. In June, so far: Just remember June is the anniversary of my mom's and my brother's death! sometimes I get down and I don't even know why then I remember! I guess this saying at home things has got me down. I switched medical insurance has cause me to lose my electric chair! So I start all over again, with a new doctor. My weight is 350 pounds. Keep telling myself just stay positive. Right now I feel trapped check it out in the and take care of business! I am ready for some more sunshine: l am thinking about changing my name or adding to it. May was a very Happy Birthday month. May 3rd my beautiful daughter in laws birthday My weight is down two more pounds. 353.1. Pound s I have some what maintenance this weight the last 10 years. My heights weigh was 486 pounds. I got down to 303 pounds. Went back up to 360. April is almost over I'm down 10 lb 365 lbs. down to three 355.4 lbs. Doing a happy 💃 dance. 2020 Starting Over! Sunday April 19th 2020 this quarantine in this kind of get me down but not going to stay there. Have a good. Sunday. April 2020 Everyone is asked to stay home! So we're trapped inside finding that we need to entertain onelf in order not to get bored. Been hard not visiting with my friends we usually play Mexican train share food laugh enjoying each other's company! March 26, 2020 Yesterday was my X Husband Birthday we talked on video chat. Boy did I look fat. 362.02 pounds. I have been eating allot of salty food's. Which did help my appearance. He said he thought about me every day. He lives with our oldest daughter in Florida. Life is hard trying to stay away from people. With this C virus thing going on. March 13th. Snowing outside grand kids making snowman that having fun. March 03, 2020 Started Premium Sparkpeople New month new start. New medical plan. New Doctor. Silver Sneakers. February 18th 2020. Making calls to get everything up dated. Life is Good Back on the water pills again stop taking them. My weight has gone up! Life is good. Monday morning January 19th Today I get my electric chair which will give me freedom to leave the house. At this point in my life I can't endure long walks or standing for long periods of time. Today will be be cold without the rain. ☔ Again I believe I have starting over more than most people! I think! Changing my goal weight 140 lb Today I started taking my water pills so I most likely he will show a large loss. 360 January 5th 2020 December 20 2019 The new year is almost here. 2020 I will turn 75 come May. Keep It Simple Sweet Heart 2020 January 30, 2020 Down to 346 from 360 I am pleased with myself even though I know the weight loss was mainly water weight. Been taking my water pills like the doctor ordered. I haven't lost much weight this month. 353 pound's. 7 lbs. Down. For the month of January is almost over. It's been an exciting month my son family or now we just have to take our board over to the bench up here we have had several family meals visiting children creating or sandbox playing making noise life is good. This January slipped away from me, Feb. Is almost over. 2019 Been a good year so far. 😁 Hope to accomplish more this month of February! Went to the hospital February 15 , 2018 Had breath problems. They kept me three nights. Was glad to go home. November 29th Want to drop a few pounds before Christmas and The New Year! 2018 Soon to be April again! 2018. Have been on, to cut sugar, from my diet. April, 06. 2017, the month is just getting started. Had two grand children born 2016, making 7 grandchildren 2 girls and 5 boys. How Blessed Am I August 20th A new grandson, was born 9 pounds 12 ounces. Oliver! Lael and parents are so proud of their new baby boy. March 2016 Life is good. I have a new grandson. Born March 05th Rowan, is his name. Will have another grandchild, come August 2016. It is September, still having good weather. I am the start over Queen... ha ha June 30, was my grand son Rylan, first Birthday. August 13, My Granddaughter Lael, 10th Birthday.... August 14 is my Granddaughter Sierra 8th Birthday! Have two beautiful Granddaughters.. I am so Blessed. Have had a real good summer.. I am very blessed want to give God a special thank you, for his many blessings. I have a nice, apartment, I have a hard time living alone. Don't know what I am going to do, once the weather turns cold and wet out side, I have done allot of running around, this summer. Loving the nice weather. ******************************* July 06, 2015 , soon to be the 7th of July! My grandson just turned 1 year old on June 30.... Time goes so fast.. haven't seen my sons children since, Michelle's and AJ's Wedding. ***************** December 19, 2014 Starting over, again.... Grandson was born, June 30, 2014 8 pounds 1 ounce. 21 inches long. Ryland Brendan La Marr: Both mom and Dad doing good. June,, 05,2014 The year is about half over! Hard to believe. Lots of things going on in my families lives, a new baby soon to be born , with in the next few weeks.. I just turned 69, on May 26th. My daughter turned 28. Come June 08, l my brother will have been gone to heaven one year ago.......................................
...... March came in like a Lion! Bring change into my life! I will be moving in to Adult housing in Vancouver, WA. I am very pleased and a bit scared.. being on my own. .........................................
.......... Happy New Year! Everyone: Have great hopes for a better New Year.. 2014 .........................................
............. Turkey Day, is tomorrow. Time spent with, family. Lots of things to be thankful for. .........................................
....... October 03, 2013 Fall weather is here. Cold wet and windy. .........................................
..................................... Had coffee with My Michelle, she treated me to a hair wash at the beauty shop. Was so relaxing, felt good to be pampered. .........................................
......... It is Friday, my grand daughter Lael is spending the night. Jeanna and Jason came over for a little while. Today was a most beautiful,! *************************************** Been with , Spark People for 9 and be 10 years come March 2014. That is a long time to be on a program and not lose a lot of weight. There is more to a person, healing than just losing weigh. I had a lot of emotional healing and guilt, to work through. I feel that, I am in good spirits and emotionally healthier than I was back in 2004: I have allot of healthy things I have to deal with, and believe that I will overcome, them. I have lost people in my life that I loved very much and had many years of excepting, and not drowning in sorrow, any longer. I am ready to move forward and succeed. I have not been the best parent around, but my children and grandchildren love me. Who could ask for more. I feel that I am happy and look forward to living life one day at a time.. Doing my best to make the best of the life I have and, working on improving and enjoying each new day. Bee ***************************************** September 01, 2013 Beautiful day for the first day of September, have a flat t tire on my car. So I as stuck at home for the moment. Hope , it gets fixed to day. Where I can take care of business next week. August 07, 2013 Hard to believe that it's all ready the 7th of the month. Have Birthdays on the 13 - 14 of the month. The wheel chair ramp is built, but have to do a bit of work to make it where I can get out the door and back in again. .........................................
..................................... July 28, 2013 : The wedding was set up so beautifully. The Bride and Groom looked like Beautiful. to gather. Took family pictures, Weather was a bit cold.. all and all every thing was just perfect. July 14, 2013 : Fourteen more days until the wedding. Plan change, I am going to wear a teal, colored dress. July 10th. 2013 Been busy, have not gotten back on the scales. Tomorrow morning. Going to wear my new purple blouse with purple sparkles on it, and a black skirt or black pants. Now to find shoes, that I can endure. Most likely slippers of some king. ********************************** Happy 04th of July 2013 Bought a new scale, it weighed me 6 pounds higher than my old scale. Maybe I should take it back to the store. Ha. Have a safe, fun filled weekend. Bee *****************************************
* I turned 68, 6 days ago. Life is good. Started a New Birthday 2013 - May 26, 2014: This month I have been out of High School 50 years. Where does the time go. My first Grand daughter turns 7, the next and first daughter of my son and wife will be 5, the first boy will be 4 in December and the baby boy will be one year in September 2013. .........................................
........................................ Need to get back to Curves, and start exercising at home also. .........................................
........................................ Lost 40 pounds so far in 2011 During Oct. & Nov. December On ViSalus and healthy shakes, *****************************************
* 2012 ********************************* Medications and water Did not lose much weight. , infection in my body causing slow down in weight loss. Seem impossible at the moment to lose weight. The month is not over yet. YEAR HALF OVER HOW AM I SUCCEEDING? *****************************************
* STARTING 90 DAY CHALLENGE WITH BODY BY VI. Nov. 01 Come December 01, I will start the second part of my 90 Day Challenge with Body By Vi Salus Science: Challenge will end Jan. 31, 2012 Must of dropped water weight because dropped 18 pounds. Day Nov. 13 evening. Weight is the same. Got to work on water and eating more food but less calories. Exercise is lacking have to work on that. Was 332 when I first joined Spark people. *************************************** Having a hard time of staying on my program. Had a hardy Breakfast, going to have to eat lighter for the rest of the day. Goal is to lose 40 pounds will put me in to the 200 ' s. Believe that once I break that 299 mark that my weight loss will come easier emotionally. Breaking the 300 pound mark has been like a brick mental wall. Got down to 303 9 years ago then went back up again been up and down for years. Going to break that mental block this year. 2011 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Working on not allowing my enter child to take control of my program, when it comes to food. Or working through pain of doing exercises and such. 350 - 338 Do or not do! my choice for to day. Choose to succeed one day at a time. I started my program over why no weigh loss. My top weight was 486 pounds. I could hardly walk and breath at the same time. Over the years I managed to lose down to 303, then went back up 345 and back down to 332 when I first joined Spark People in 2004. I have yo yo ed a bit over a 7 year period. Working on Emotional healing. I need my knees replaced , But I want to be under 140 do do that operation. Going to have to do both legs at the same time because they will not get me in there for a second time. That is why I have to get my weight down. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: To day I started exercising again. Chair exercises mostly. Walking around the house some. I TURN 66 YEARS OLD IN MAY 2011 I MUST LIKE DO OVERS BECAUSE I AM STARTING OVER AGAIN. EVERY MORNING THAT I AWAKE. This is THE YEAR SUCCEED ON PURPOSE! JUST RECEIVED MY BEACH BODY TONY & THE FOLKS! 50 - 105 THAT WANT TO IMPROVE MOBILITY BALANCE, GAIN ENERGY, BRENDA KING SAY'S To all my Face Book & Spark people Friends. KISS **** KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETHEART! ONE CAN'T MOVE FORWARD IF ONE IS STILL LIVING IN THE PAST! ****************************** Got off my program when I feel, the second time this year. Got my leg infected, which is better now. June 12th *****************************************
*** Go girl, keep it up.. remembering that it can be gained much faster than it took to lose the weigh. I was like you, could eat any thing, gained weigh.. lost it and gained it back time and time a gain, with life, problems, and going through many trails, of dealing with being single and homeless, and generally un happy in side, with while wearing th mask of happyness, for others to see.. but in side I have been dying a slow death, my tools were and are my fork..and knif and spoon. Got up to 486 pounds, worked down to 303 up to 30 yo yo ing through out the years, but have not gone past 350 for the last 9 years. I still have some 220 pounds to lose. I am thank ful to Spark people, may be with Spark people I may have gone back up over 400 pounds.

Member Since: 3/3/2004

My Goals:
First big goal will be 298 pounds.

I am the Lovingly Teaching Of The Brat Child With In Me!
She is a Sturburn, Child for Sure, to Sturburn for My Own Good! Believe I have grown up a bit this last few years. I have a Long Way To Go.

Goal is 1 to 3 pounds per week.

My Goal is to work at becoming health and strong!of body and mind. I have many goals! Some Personal! The other's are Weight related. My Most Important Goal Is, Learning to Keep This Weight Off! While I am losing the Weight!

I want to reach 130 120 one day at a time.I I Want To Be Able To Keep Up With The Family On Family Outings!! Not be left be hind at home or on the side lines, because I can't keep up with the group. Hope to get where I can get around better than I am now.

My Program:
My program is to work at doing things better than the day before, and to learn along the way. Want to Practice, Learning to Love My Self & Forgive My Self For Passed Mistakes,
I Have Made In My Life! Taking Care of My Self, IT'S CALLED EMOTIONAL HEALING!

I haven't always been true to my self or my program, that is to be human. That is why it is taking me so long to get where I want to be.
I have a written plan. Being low income it is some time hard to eat like I should eat. Have to plan ahead.

Shop wiser and I am moving around more each day. I feel like I am up lifted and egar to get up an go for what ever life set before me.

I Will be getting a used, Red GEO Tracker! Hard Top.
I have my car but my daughter has had to us it to get to work. So I am sharring my car.

I want to buy a a red Bike. Will have to get a bike rack for my car once I recieve it.
*********** B

Personal Information:
Me at my top weight. Weighted 486 pounds! Each step was painful, plus I huffed and puffed, as I walked, thinking that I would surely die! Went on a low calorie meal plan plus another protein shake, was good but I stopped using it after a year or so. I lost 20 pounds, before I dared to go to the doctor, walked into the doctors office, the saw me and grabbed a chair, for me doctor was called out into the waiting room. He took my blood pressure that read 201 over 189, do not remember what the pulse was! He put me on medications and ordered me a blood pressure cuff for me medical supply store. After my blood pressure went down they helped me to the examining room. Where the doctor, said you are going to die if you do not do some thing to help your self, lose this weight and lower your numbers on you lab tests. Over the next 5 or so years I lost down to 303 the gained back up again to 360, thought to my self the doctor going to give me another talking to, so I started talking to my self dai

Other Information:
Becoming a wife & mother & a grandma, Was some of my goals in life.
I was blessed with the best Grandma's and Pa's ever!

Family is very important to me. My Grand babies have completed the circle, want to keep getting healthier, where I will be around longer than my grandma, she died at 91 almost 92. but I want to be healthy and be able to get around better than I am now.

Grand Baby name is Lael Amelia, Born Aug. 13, 2006

Second , Grand Baby name Sierra was Born August 14th, 2008

2009 Grandson was born in Dec. 20th. Hucksley

2012 Grandson was born Carver , will have a Birthday in September.

2014 Grandson was born, name Ryland, his mother is expecting a second child... in 2016

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