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When I started Sparking I said "Already lost 42lbs..take 10lbs at a time. Pre-diabetic and don't plan on getting diabetes. Appreciate food choice suggestions and particular products by name brand."

Since then I lost a total of 96 lbs and I am now in the normal blood sugar ranges and no longer considered pre-diabetic, however I still stay with the low carb, low glycemic foods and I have maintained my weight also without much fuss.

About 6 months ago my cholesterol was 240 and within 6 months I brought it down 51 points naturally. It is now 189. I had to since I get severe cramps from Cholesterol meds.

I am glad to help anyone who asks for my help!

Its now 2014, I lost another 5lbs last year and I maintain by logging my foods daily, my glucose levels are fine and I log to watch my cholesterol levels daily. It is all still working well. Feeling Great.

Update: my cholesterol is now 181 and the HDL is I'm good and life is wonderful!

...yipee...will continue to watch carbs, starch and sodium and move every 20 minutes.

Update: 2017- I continue to educate myself and others with daily posts. I continue to log my foods, starch & cholesterol and watch the charts on Spark people. My A1C is a steady 5.5...maintaining my weight as well....yipee!

2019 My A1C s now 5.4

Member Since: 12/11/2010

Fitness Minutes: 31,562

My Goals:
I achieved my goals.. have controlled my pre-diabetes for years now. I continue to take CoQ10 daily for my heart, a magnesium pill and 1,500 MG pill of metformin along with Lisinopril for my blood pressure.

My Program:
Mediterranean diet

Personal Information:
I live in beautiful Naples, Florida

Other Information:
My favorite book is "Ultra Metabolism by "Mark Hyman"

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    330 days ago
  • v no profile image SUNSHINE6442
    How much is your life worth? In Trump's mind, you are worth nothing!

    Trump wants to block new funding to help states with testing and contact tracing in the upcoming coronavirus relief bill and reject any new aid bill if it doesn't include a payroll tax cut. How does that help control the virus?

    In six months, Trump still hasn’t learned the very basics about Covid-19. It must be very obvious to everyone the moron in charge has abdicated his responsibility and his only concern is how he is going to cover his ass. Donnie's not interested in saving lives or how the pandemic will impact on citizens for years to come.

    More than 10,000 new cases in Florida & Texas on Saturday.

    Seems the deaths of human beings had been made into Trump's personal entertainment and national sport....lots of cases, lots of hospitalizations, lots of deaths.


    Trump is out there doing whining about faucets that don't have enough water pressure. Windows, beans, and now dishwashers? Seriously? He's always so painful to watch...and desperately incompetent. We have robot mops that would make better presidents. Isn’t this rain /water thing a whacko blast from the past? We’re in reruns. Maybe he’s cured the dishwasher pandemic. Time for a straight jacket?

    Trump spent our dollars needlessly to set up a crane & 2 trucks on the White House lawn.
    Supposedly serious, responsible people spent time thinking up this stunt, setting the scene, sitting through the garbled rally nonsense... while our country’s scientists & doctors & nurses & teachers & business owners made life & death decisions for the good of our country.
    332 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/19/2020 9:42:25 AM
  • v no profile image SUNSHINE6442
    Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told host Laura Ingraham during a discussion about Dr. Anthony Fauci, “I don’t need his advice anymore.” It seems the Republican science is saying...if you don't like the answer, stop the expert from talking. Patrick is a classic example of a low IQ Trump stooge.

    Patrick believes that he and Trump know more than the medical experts, when both are totally clueless. Sad for the people of TX. Sad for our nation.

    It's simple math....When you see the RATE of positive tests increase, that is evidence of increased spread. When you look at the hospitals. Increased testing does not result in an increased number of people in ICU beds, increases in those dying.

    Hey Texas, your Repugnant Lt. Governor doesn't care if you live or die just like your repugnant "President". Won't listen to science, or even common sense. Patrick will now seek medical advice from the stupid OBESE orange monkey and kill many in Texas, including Republicans.

    It's amazing how these clowns are causing Trump supporters to get hit with the bug.. and brainwashed to a point where they don't care. Why do these idiots in the GOP, think they know more than a Dr., who spent his whole life working on pandemics and disease?
    Donald Jesus Trump..... Savior of mankind. Purveyor of all the is true and good and Tweet-able.
    Why does old Donnie think that it’s some great feat to have an increase in employment due to shops being re-opened and people returning to jobs?

    No other pandemic president would claim employment rose after people simply went back to work. Yes, you like to have the country back to work. I suppose maybe you’re independently wealthy and don’t have to do anything to provide for your family, but millions of American are wondering where their next meal is coming from.

    What he’s not doing is planning to open things if the risk remains too high. He is willingly sacrifice any number of people if he and his friends profit financially. He doesn’t care and the only life he values is his own. He doesn’t mind risking YOUR life if it may pay off in him getting rich or reelected....he doesn't care how many of us peasants die. He just wants to have money coming in for his fellow scumbags on Wall Street, so they can give him more money and continue to corrupt our nation’s political system.

    Trump is so dumb he thinks the stock market is the economy. The economy is a sum of goods and services. Who produces these things that make up the economy? All of us; every wage level, every industry, every profession. Unlike the stock market. The stock market is where people make bets on what’s going to happen in the economy.

    People will be in arrears on the rents, mortgages, and car payments. It will be a huge mess and there won’t be any money left for people to buy whatever Trump thinks is going to magically happen.

    The economy marches to it’s own drummer, with ups and downs determined by the market, not the President. The severity of the down-turn, however, may depend to a significant degree on how Trump is responding to the coronovirus crisis. Now that he ignores it and cases are increasing rapidly, we will all see very dark times ahead. No, he is not handling it. He is not putting out the flames.

    The economy won’t come back just because Trump has decided to ignore the problem and say that it will. The damage is done, and will take a long time to rebound. The virus is still raging, and many more deaths are on the horizon. There is no safe way to reopen the economy but Trump keeps saying it will go away. I'll say it again.....No, he is not handling it. Trump doesn't care about the virus. Dr. Fauci just said they don't even meet anymore. Trump has moved on the bigger and better things. Enjoying the turmoil and unrest he has created.

    If you were on a plane and he said he would help you jump out of the plane safely but he doesn’t have a parachute for you, he won’t be directing the plane to fly over water, or lower it’s altitude, but take his word for it, it’s completely safe. Would you jump? That’s what he is asking people to do. Just by using the word “safe”, he’s going to make it safe.

    Trump's s incoherent babel and constant undermining of the nation's medical experts is unforgivable. Trump has done more to cause laughter around the world; he’s done more to destroy respect for the U.S, he is an embarrassment to our country.
    The ridiculous things this man says and tweets makes me wonder how any sane American could even think about re-electing him.

    Trump is a dangerous wacko but far worse are those who are not paying attention to how he is destroying our country and one day they will wake up and realize the damage has been done and it will be too late. Maybe start to worry about the future of humanity, if America falls to White Supremacist dictatorship.

    348 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/3/2020 9:54:35 AM
  • v no profile image SUNSHINE6442
    Face masks work. They need to be mandatory! Experts now forecast that there will be 179,106 COVID-19 deaths in the United States by Oct. 1. They say it's a public health train wreck in slow motion. A universal mask-wearing order in the US could save lives. Trump admitted that he’s putting politics ahead of the safety and economic well-being of the American people.
    Why is there a spike of covid-19 cases in Florida? Because Florida is a Republican State. The truth is that people in Florida are fed up with Coronavirus. Who isn’t? But Coronavirus is not fed up with us. It has become a “Republican” cause to concern themselves more with the health of the economy than with their own personal health. Thus, in their states of denial, no masks are worn, and no social distancing is observed as everyone rushes to the open bars and restaurants and beaches. They tell themselves everything from, “It’s a Democrat hoax.” to “I have a strong immune system, so I’m not worried.” Never mind about their friends, parents, grandparents or any other unfortunate soul who happens to be within spitting range. It only takes ONE in a crowded bar or restaurant. I suggest a new Republican mantra: “You can’t help the economy thrive unless you’re still alive”. He’s sentencing more and more people to a horrible, painful death, just like his idol Hitler.

    No one should be proud of this moron, who will kill people for his own glory and greed. Remember how he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave and his supporters will still stand by him he has literally murdered thousands of American and his toadies still think murder is “cool” So much for their Christian principals, more like Satanic worship than Christian.

    Trump, who has previously predicted a "miracle" would occur or the virus would just disappear in the warmer weather, again declared falsely Wednesday that the danger had passed -- even with the nation racing towards another deadly summit of infection Trump ignores this massive national crisis. He pushes states to's that working for us?

    Infections are surging all across the country and Florida’s COVID-19 surge keeps right on going. The coronavirus pandemic isn’t slowing down, far from it! Trump and his evil minions will cut off federal funding for 13 coronavirus testing sites in five states at the end of the month, because the numbers make them look way too bad.

    Trump is a rich boy milquetoast. He does not have either a high pain threshold nor any capacity whatsoever for hard work. Trump is not clever. He has no idea of the actual powers of the president. His closest advisors are fools and Yes Men. He is paranoid and listens to no one. Trump will try to tweet his way to re-election but Trump's shtick is outdated and tiresome. He keeps playing that same “comedy” routine at all his stops.

    By the way, I’ll not pay a plug nickel for Bolton’s book. Trump and I agree on one thing, that Bolton’s a traitor. I think that Trump’s a traitor too. Include Barr, Flynn and Roger Stone as traitors too.

    Trump’s presidency is not finished! Far from it. There is still plenty of pain, sorrow, economic chaos, death and destruction for him to cause. There is still plenty of unconstitutional, thieving criminality for him to commit. And there are still plenty of insane, divisive, dangerous and stupid things for him to say or tweet. Bets are now being taken on just how much damage he can cause, or how many more Americans can he bury before he’s gone. What's your wager?
    355 days ago
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