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See this image largerMe, summer 2013 on Cape Cod. I love open water swimming at this pond!See this image largerOne of my favorite pictures of me! From a swim meet in college. I want to feel like THAT again!See this image largerI'm ready for my 5k tomorrow! Got a henna tattoo at the county fair to make me feel fierce. :D(1 comments)See this image largerGreat day for a 4.5 miler on the cape cod bike trail! Wonderful way to start off 2016. Happy new year!See this image largerC25K week 8 day 2 done! It's hot here today so I didn't try to push my speed. Also my 5k is Sunday morning so I thought it a good idea to go a little easy today. I'm so sweaty!!(1 comments)See this image largerFirst 5k of the season (and first in almost two years) done! I'm so happy I ran 28:48, faster than my goal time of 30:00, and except for 1 water break I ran the WHOLE thing, even uphills! What a great way to start a beautiful Sunday!See this image largerDid it! Ran my 5k in 28:48.See this image largerExcited and a little scared! Signed up for a sprint triathlon with my friend. My one and only triathlon I did so far was about 13 years ago and before two kids. So excited to finally use my road bike for a tri!!See this image largerSee this image largerRode 34 miles on my bike today! I was excited to reach the end of the minuteman bike trail north of Boston. I think I will foam roller my legs tonight. I have the good kind of sore: the “I did some exercise!” Kind of sore, which is so much better than the “I have an injury” kind of sore. Feeling very grateful my husband gave me the time to go out for the ride, and that my body was capable!See this image largerGood to be back outside for a run today! Reminded myself to smile because I’m lucky I CAN go for a run outside.See this image largerPost workout selfie: 64 min on bike trainer!See this image largerSo happy to be back at the pool today! Swimming is so great for your whole body. Non weight bearing but lots of resistance, and the rhythmic breathing and counting is like a meditation.See this image largerSunday treadmill. Workout: check!See this image largerMorning run: done! The polar vortex isn’t here in Boston yet, but the wind chill is so cold it made my chapstick freeze and turn white!See this image largerGreat swim workout today! Felt awesome and was happy my 100 pace was faster then last week. NSV!See this image largerGreat way to start the day! Longest run in over a year. NSV!See this image largerFirst 10K in 2 years! I was happy to be out there enjoying the sunshine this morning.See this image largerBraved the rain and took my 15 y.o. Outside so we could do his run/walk intervals for fencing cross training.See this image largerGot out for a run this morning, almost 3.5 miles. Pretty fall foliage.See this image larger8 mile walk with a friend this morning.See this image largerIt snowed here yesterday, and was 26 degrees this morning! Today I opted to ride my bike indoors on the trainer.See this image largerBeautiful sunset here last night, and I got a 3 mile run in this morning. Hope everyone has a great day!See this image largerTook it easy last week after tweaking my back and ankle. They were finally feeling better this morning so I was able to go for my weekly walk with my friend. 7 miles on a chilly morning.See this image largerGot in a bike ride on the trainer this morning, a walk to do errands, and another walk this afternoon. Tracking my food and drinking lots of water. Thankful that so far it’s been a great day! Pretty sunrise this morning and fluffy clouds on my afternoon walk.See this image largerIt’s a beautiful and chilly day here outside of Boston. I rode my bike on the trainer and went for a walk outside with my 15y.o. This morning. Saw a tree with cool green colors on the trunk. Hope everyone has a great day!See this image largerI’m testing trying to post a photo. I have had so much trouble posting photos from my iPhone!See this image largerGot my sweat on this Friday night! One hour on the bike trainer. This lady is training for some triathlons in 2021! Didn’t do great on my calorie goal for today, but tomorrow is another day.See this image largerHope everyone had a great weekend. I dragged myself out of bed for a run this morning even though it was only 26 degrees. Turned out not so bad after all! And we had a pretty sunset on Saturday after the snow. Have a great day!See this image largerGot outside for a run today in the cold weather!See this image largerIt was supposed to be a run day, but I walked as my knees are still adjusting to the training schedule. It was cold, but bonus: pretty sunrise!See this image largerHope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start! I haven’t been tracking my food as much lately, this is a busy time of the year! But today my scale showed me that I’m better off tracking. So today is a new day, I’ll try again, and I got my hour in on the bike trainer.See this image largerGot out for a run this morning! It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!See this image largerHappy Monday! I hope everyone is ready to tackle the week. I went over my calorie goal the last few days. Things have been busy. I will refocus today. I got out for an early run on this snowy solstice morning!See this image largerTrying this again with the photos...See this image largerI still have so much trouble posting photos with my text! Here are the photos.See this image largerWell, March 312th, 2020 was a heck of a day. Let’s hope today brings a return to normalcy (whatever that is right now). Got my morning run in before the sun came up. Run #2 of the week is hills.

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