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See this image largerBicycling last summerSee this image largerThe pounds keep moving...See this image largerA Sunday hike in DoverSee this image largerSquats with 200 pounds!!See this image largerAnother heron friendSee this image largerBaltimore Women's Classic Team 2012See this image largerPhilly 2012 or bustSee this image largerTen more pounds gone....onward toward Philadelphia in November!See this image largerPrepping for Philly 2012(1 comments)See this image largerHad a little gas in the tank after an 8 miler for a short jog!(1 comments)See this image largerKeep the pounds moving!(1 comments)See this image largerday 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 7/13/2016See this image largerday 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 11/8/2016See this image largerStill a little sore after 2 hours of farm work after my Saturday training session of 12,750 pounds. But no one said training is easy. 😊See this image largerA little sore from my weight and in session; but after being away 12,875 is good for me! The journey continues... 4:45 am gym sessions are hard to start but amazing once going!See this image largerGot leg workout and HIIT done- I think my legs will be groaning tomorrow. Friday is my first gym challenge class. Wondering what I got myself into!!See this image largerFinished my first team training class of my gym’s spring challenge. Inky 2 women in it- small class of 8 total - kicked my tail with lifting heavy and increasing reps but I made it and outlasted all the men in plank taps! Then crawled out the door...See this image largerMy favorite workout day because it’s farmwork that keeps you moving and it’s a good 90 minute workout. I had to move a good number of the flock to a different pasture, plus rake, shovel and dump hay/poo. With waning light I had to pick up the pace- torched a good 475 calories. Best part - a sheep trying to push through the gate to go home with me... lots of sheep nuzzles today!! 💕💕See this image largerHad a good reminder about the importance of taking time for safety. A few reps after this photo I@decided ( stupidly) to shift my grip. I lost control of the bar and the hammerhead rests caught it. I had to limbo out from under but it beats the alternative. 😑 just minutes earlier I was getting irritated because I was taking so much time adjusting the safety bars. Whew!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerMorning workout raking leaves before the snow returns - good calorie burn for an hour. Now off to my volunteer shepherding for heritage sheep- 2 *more* hours of raking hay and manure- but sheep nuzzles from these guys when finished make it worth it. Minus the occasional head butt.😏See this image largerThis beautiful sunrise was my reward for pushing my sorry sleepy butt out of bed to hit the treadmill and weights at the gym at 5:15 am. The beautiful colors streaming in were gorgeous...See this image largerMy weight training took a bit of a hit between sick patients and deadlines, but I still made myself go to my team training class. Besides a PR with 40 lb kettlebell deadlifts, I had a little left in the tank to hit the bag a few times. Hooray!!See this image largerMy weekly Sunday creative workout and this time my trainers were “beasts”!😂. Torrential@rain for 2 days turned pasture and corral into mud holes- and the sheep weren’t having it- but food was on the other side!☺️ it’s one of my toughest workouts of my week - today I had 2 hours of raking, shoveling and mucking to do- 564 calories gone!See this image largerstarting a new intense training program and found the gym empty. I could lift heavy, grunt and be an all around bad@$$! Lifted over 14,000 focusing on my back - lats and traps. Was able to row with 90 lbs and do pulldown with 85! Gave me new confidence!!See this image largerMy favorite second workout on Sunday is my volunteer shepherding. Spent almost 2 hours with all the mud and hay to rake up and move. They were happy - downright hams!!See this image largerIf you have never heard him I strongly recommend Kris Gethin’s podcasts. He’s no frills, down to earth and hard hitting motivation. It’s why he’s the leading Ironman today.See this image largerToday was leg day and it ended up being an awesome workout/ 2 personal bests and can still walk!! 😊 lifted 40,000 pounds in total!See this image largerSurvived team training class -45 minutes of burpees, battling ropes, lunges, squats and more! Thought I was dying but hung in AS THE ONLY WOMAN! Peak HR to 160, 485 calories gone!See this image largerAway for several days of scientific meetings. Carried my food but the refrig doesn’t work. Just got ice- roasted Brussels sprouts instead of candy. 12 miles and adding of walking in Boston!See this image largerLast day to pound out some miles- have to leave early due to@an impending storm. Goodbye Bean- will miss you!! Thanks for the 23 miles the last 3 days!! 👍🏽💕💕See this image largerActive rest Sunday and my regular day to tend to the sheep. My buddy decided to try to head butt me three times. A lot of jumping around and spraying his face with vinegar water. ☹️ But 700 calories are 🔥🔥 and my favorite Keto casserole is ready. 💕💕See this image largerSo happy that I went to the gym despite oversleeping my alarm and being up with my sick son (stomach bug). I had PRs with 90 lbs on seated cable rows and lat pulldown. My total lift today was 21,500 pounds just for my back!! 😊See this image largerGroup training class had a new trainer— he kicked my butt. 75 y o woman in class not breaking a sweat!! Felt down about the slow rate of my loss until I saw this pic ( on left) from ten years ago!! 40 more to go!See this image largerBest kind of day- got my exercise and it was for a cause. Over 12000 steps just for the March alone before my housework! Will sleep well!See this image largerAnother great weekly workout with my wooly coaches. They have gotten bigger and hungrier by the week. Lucky reminds me of my face when I see crackers on a low carb day!!See this image largerAnother shepherd Sunday- I am so glad I volunteered to do this. It’s a great workout- but more importantly it’s my place of peace. Seeing their personalities, being humbled by their affection, seeing the full cycle of life. A blessing!!See this image largerToday is chest and cardio day. After my Sunday workout with my wooly coaches and intervals plus weights and yard work Saturday I’m definitely “feeling the work”! Happy Monday!See this image largerHit my personal best on the leg press today - 250 lbs for 20 reps and passed my old squat goal - up to 70 for 15 without struggling. Able to wind it up with run/ walk intervals. Training increases on Monday!See this image largerToday is an active rest day after 90 minutes of raking, shoveling, hauling and climbing- before we even talk about walking yesterday. My coaches were feisty, happy and hungry. They are my besties!See this image largerBeen a week of cardio with work deadlines and drama. Today I had cardio and weights as we flipped, trimmed and sheared sheep. One little guy I just picked up under the forelegs and carried him. Great workout and fun!!See this image largerday 7 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 10/30/2018See this image largerSee this image largerAs always enjoying my rest day exercise with my ovine coaches - they keep me moving until the hay is set, the grain poured and their fleeces scratched!!💕😊🐏🐑See this image largerGreat start to my 30 day overhaul a la David Goggins. Didn’t quit, even ran at the end - working for physical and mental toughness. Already shaved 2 min off my pace 5 days ago.See this image largerDoing lots of accountability, reading and following David Goggins, pushing limits and exploring how to overcome/challenges barriers to my goals. Beat my own goal for today - thunderstorm and all!

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