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See this image largerSee this image largerIt’s bitter cold but thankful for company on my three daily walks!See this image largerHome sweet home on 45 acres(8 comments)See this image larger(15 comments)See this image largerJustFurKids Carol(6 comments)See this image largerA new Spark friend just crossed a milestone:148,250 fitness minutes! WOW! 😲I better get moving! Was thinking this morning, what would happen if I exercised for at least as many minutes every day as I spend on social media, or playing candy crush? 🏃‍♀️See this image largerJust unsubscribed to the Betty Crocker daily emails. They’re just too darn tempting! I’d rather see low carb recipes! Like Buttoni Breakfast Sticks! Search for that led me to a really cool way to collect recipes and have them easily accessible on laptop or phone! It’s called Copy Me That. Ok back to vacuuming ever-present dog hair.See this image largerInfo for Inquiring Minds: Mini muffins are one third the size of regular muffins, which means that a big muffin recipe that yields 12 large muffins will produce 36 mini muffins. Good to know while counting calories or carbs. btw I love my new silicone muffin "tins" but one must using a baking sheet underneath. No paper cups required!See this image largerPhoto is Parker posted for a friend. My new journey toward a healthier lifestyle has SPARKed new interest in cooking! Husband is delighted. Next recipe to try: EggRoll in A Bowl (1 comments)See this image largerReflecting on a fellow SPARK member wishing us all “health & mobility” Reminds me of my 82 year old momma’s recent struggles with mobility. Went to visit her in Fl had to get her a walker! But I turned her on to meditation & Chair Yoga and we both went on diets. Now the walker is gathering dust in the garage & she’s doing great! Go Mom!See this image largerNew Recipe (KETO Egg Roll In A Bowl) tuned out well. Might do larger shredded cabbage next time & add some water chestnuts & shedded carrot. Husband had 3rd helping so I guess that means it’s a keeper(2 comments)See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMy first Keto Bread! (1 g netCarb per slice) And Bacon Wrapped Breakfast Muffins With Tri-color Peppers, Onions, Jalapenos & Cheese mmmmSee this image largerI had forgotten it’s Fat Tuesday! Happy Madris Gras fellow SPARKlers!See this image largerHappy Valentines Day fellow SPARKlers! Wishing lots of love to each and every one of you! ❤️ Please join me in efforts to resist the chocolate (ever present in my house as husband is an avid fan.) No thanks honey! Anyway LOVE TO ALL!See this image largerWheatgrass anyone? Got 40 acres here. Do any of my fellow SPARKlers drink wheatgrass juice? I may try some!See this image largerEarly Morning Drama! Maverick ripped his eyelid open. Snagged on the end hook of a garden fence. Ugggh so off to the vets we went. They’ll stitch him up and release after lunch. 10 am & I’m already exhausted but blood cleaned from car & floors. Now to feed the 5 hungry dogs & selfSee this image largerMaverick - swollen and shaved and sporting a T shaped set of stitches. Poor sweet puppy!See this image largerDay 3 Of cold rain & expected to continue until Friday. One can only do so much house cleaning! The Kitchen Wolves & I want to play outside! But one bright spot: the Forsythia & Daffodils are blooming(5 comments)See this image largerYep it’s STILL RAINING! Warming up with some Low Carb Buffalo Chicken SoupSee this image largerJoin me! Get motivated to grow your own vegetables this year! Lettuces, Cabbage, Broccoli, Spinach are all cool season crops. Starting them inside now or look for commercial plants in your garden center. Good advice here: https://www.growveg.com/guides/exper
See this image largerToday is my FAVORITE DAY of the year! Happy March 4th Everyone! Great day for movers & shakers & fellow SPARKlers!See this image largerMorning Black & Blue Berry Smoothie plus Spinach/Asparagus disks & SuperFood powder ... Ready for Anything now!(1 comments)See this image largerCheesy Breakfast Beef Fajita Muffins one of those little of this and a little of that creations! Delicious! Wanted to put husband in a good mood before he sees the tractor that’s still stuck in mudSee this image largerGood Morning SPARKlers! Happy Friday!See this image largerMoving seedlings out into the garden today! Yay! Celebrated with a yummy low carb quesadilla for lunch....4 g netCarbs, as opposed to husband’s had 37 g!See this image larger3-9-18 First garden beds are in for 2018 Seedlings Of Broccoli, Green & Red Cabbage, Spinach & Romaine (1 comments)See this image largerAnother gorgeous spring day! Thought I’d share a little trick I’m trying: Starting a new bunch of green leaf or romaine lettuce from a store bought bunch. So far so good. This is day 3 for my experiment.See this image largerGood morning Beautiful Spark Friends!See this image largerCheesy #KETO Jalapeño Meatloaf was a big hit for dinner. Chance of frost tonight...scrambling to protect my early seedlings!See this image largerNew Neighbors Moo-ving In! Just love seeing the little ones frolic like puppies. Nope don't want to think about where they go when they "move out." See this image largerAnother freeze warning issued for tonight...tho the weeds seem to think it’s springSee this image largerYay! After searching in all the likely places, finally found the Epsom Salts so I can whip up a batch of Homemade “Miracle Grow”!(3 comments)See this image largerStill stuck at -30 lbs but I know I just have to be patient& keep moving. More workouts on the #TotalGym But honestly wearing myself out everyday w/spring garden chores! No excuses Carol! Get moving!(3 comments)See this image largeris amused everytime I see one of those big exercise balls. I had one for about 2 minutes. That's how long it took the Kitchen Wolves to eliminate the threat & pop it!(2 comments)See this image largerJust made Spinach Quiche with corned beef, mushrooms and banana peppers. Had so much extra stuff I ended up with one regular size and 12 muffin size quiches!(4 comments)See this image largerWishing all my fellow SPARKlers a HAPPY SPRING! especially all my #gardening friends #TeamGardening #TeamOrganicGardenersSee this image largerHere's the recipe: https://alldayidreamaboutfood.com/ch
See this image largerAs if this morning, I’m down 32 lbs! Happy Dance! 💃 My scale has awakened from its catatonic state! Broke thru a 2 week long plateau, despite making & eating low carbish choc peanut butter donuts yesterday! Love to all SPARKlers!See this image largerSpinach Quiche (banana peppers, mushrooms & corned beef nestled inside) with half a plum tomato. Can't wait till we're picking our own veggies from the garden. Today's task: Divide & Transplant awakening overcrowded Hostas.(1 comments)See this image largerWooHoo! Down 33lbs! Half way to goal ... doing my Happy Dance with the Kitchen Wolves!See this image largerFeeling JOYFUL - down another 1.8 lbs yesterday! worked out harder than usual, finished my 90 ounces of water before dinner so skipped it & drank a cup of green tea before bed. WOWSee this image larger2 days later than last year our hummingbirds are back! For video http://facebook.com/JustFurKids(5 comments)See this image largerWooHoo! Two days later than last year but the hummingbirds have returned! So far just the first scout but soon there will be 40 or 50. #hummingbirds(1 comments)See this image largerHoppy Easter Everyone!See this image largerWhen packing for an extended trip, does it help if you never unpacked from the last trip? I feel like it’s just making it more complicated....and now that I’ve lost 35 lbs, how much of this stuff fits? I suspect a FL shopping trip is in my near future! Happy Easter SPARKlers!See this image largerVisiting 81 yr old momma in FL but wanted to share pics I took before I left. Growing potatoes in pots from potato peels. Just keep adding potting mix to keep just the tips of green leaves showing. #gardeningSee this image largerGood morning SPARKlers! It’s a beautiful day! Be kind to yourself and everyone around you!See this image largerMissing my morning walks with the Kitchen Wolves while on vacation, but the beach is a really nice place for morning walks too.See this image largerThe Florida wedding was a huge success and thou I admit to a touch of familial bias, I think my niece was the most beautiful bride ever! Back home to TN - the DH, the Kitchen Wolves and the garden on Thursday.See this image largerLast morning walk on the beach before heading home to TN, the DH & the Kitchen Wolves.See this image largerDown 37 pounds since mid Jan, despite 11 days of drinking & celebrating with carby food during my 11 day trip to FL. Happy Dance with hungry hummingbirds (currently 5 but we’ll have 40 or 50 soon)(4 comments)See this image largerHappy Weekend Eve! Hope all y’all are enjoying a good breakfast!See this image largerLooks like I’m not the only one around here enjoying a few moments of sunshine on the back patio!See this image largerawesome mega salad for dinner -from garden: spinach, romaine, kaleadded shrooms, sun dried & fresh tomato, carrot, broccoli slaw, artichoke heart, cucumber, raisin, apple, egg, walnut,roast beef, feta & cheddar(4 comments)See this image largerEarly Iris (the first of many) and Azalea are two things making me HAPPY today... and the subtle tinkling of wind chimes & the 3 new raised garden beds DH and I are putting together(4 comments)See this image largerDown 39.2 WooHoo! Sausage patty, cream cheese & salsa for breakfast :-) worked HARD yesterday building & painting 3 new raised garden bedsSee this image largerI’m putting together pot roast dinner in the crock pot. Hey look! I’ve got Kitchen Help!See this image largerHARDEMAN COUNTY TN Democratic Primary today! Find out when you’re next election is and make sure and VOTE! Voice Your Opinion Every Time You Have The Opportunity!!!See this image largerWeight wise I''m plateaued. Down 41.4 since mid-Jan...but I''m ok with that for a few days. Exercise? Getting lots of steps in, the usual 3 daily walks with Kitchen Wolves & HOURS of gardening minutes! (1 comments)See this image largerNo sooner than I announce to Spark world that I’m happy with a few days plateau... I step on the scale and look what happens! HELLO ONEdurland! Heart-felt Happy Dance 💃 #KETO Rocks!(4 comments)See this image largerHappy STAR WARS DAY Sparklers! May the 4th be with you!See this image largerI use an app called WaterLogged. Love it! Customized with pic of my favorite 20 oz glass. So easy to get my 90 ounces each day!See this image largerHappy Monday fellow SPARKlers!See this image largerYUMMY Power bowl at Taco Bell - $5.19 grilled chicken or steak Guacamole Sour Cream Fresh Pico de Gallo For #KETO Hold the seasoned black beans & seasoned riceSee this image largerYUMMY Power bowl at Taco Bell - $5.19 grilled steak, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Fresh Pico de Gallo! For #KETO Hold the black beans & seasoned riceSee this image largerDennis suprized me and made ANOTHER new garden bed! 😍 Got up this morning-watered existing beds and painted the new one! So productive so early- very empowering!(1 comments)See this image largerRocky - the Garden Supervisor We have. Big day planned • filling the last of the 4 new raised beds so I can plant Swiss Chard,more peppers,more tomatoes...can taste the homemade sauce & salsa already!See this image largerThe Daily Challenge in another group was drinking a glass of water every hour so I think I actually drank too much water today! Lots of gardening in the sun tho so maybe I needed it. 3 of my 6 gardening buddies handing out in the shade.(2 comments)See this image largerHAPPY NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CHIP DAY! What a great excuse to do something yummy with that bag of Lilly’s Sugar Free Chocolate Chips I’ve got in the pantry!See this image largerLove Love Love these 3 minute Keto "Red Lobster" mug biscuits! And they turned out great in my new silicone mini molds! Will make awesome substitute for bread! Yay Sandwiches May be back on the menu!See this image largerAll that lush green Winter Wheat gets me thru the bleak winter when everything else is sleeping and brown. Our farmers began harvesting yesterday. See you again in the fall beloved winter wheat!See this image largerPolished off the last of the #KETO Crustless Spinach Quiche Muffins so I’ll be making a new recipe this time: Cheesy Garden Greens & Pepperoni Frittata Muffins to freeze... maybe add onion and salsaSee this image largerMade Cheesy Garden Green Pepperoni Frittata Muffins (#mealprep #KETO #LowCarb) yummySee this image largerHarvesting & eating ALL the BROCCOLI. It’s just too darn hot and the heads are starting to Flower.... but it’s so yummy! Will freeze the stems for soup and make crunchy chips out of leaves tomorrow (1 comments)See this image largerHarvesting & eating ALL the BROCCOLI. It’s just too darn hot and the heads are starting to Flower.... but it’s so yummy! Will freeze the stems for soup and make crunchy chips out of leaves tomorrowSee this image largerTime for another reminder to keep those hummingbirds happy! Keep the feeders and anti ant moats full. :-) Go outside for a little ecotherapy!See this image largerMade absolutely irresistibly delicious homemade Hummus 8 g netCarbs ... then found out you can make a Keto version with cauliflower in place of chickpeas. Live and Learn.(2 comments)See this image largerCut back on foods high in Solid Fats Added Sugars —— also known as SoFAS Love that acronym!See this image largerGood morning SPARKlers! Got a nice reward for watering the garden this morning. :-) Ahhh the exquisite joy of finding the first tomatoes!See this image largerYep the HUMMINGHOGS are back & drinking a gallon of nectar a day. In other news I made Lemon Delights (yum! See blog for recipe) & I have poison ivy!(1 comments)See this image largerYep the HUMMINGHOGS are back & drinking a gallon of nectar a day. In other news I made Lemon Delights (yum! See blog for recipe) & I have poison ivy!See this image largerYep the HummingHogs are back & drinking a gallon of nectar a day.And you thought YOU were hydrating! #H2WHOA(2 comments)See this image largerHappy Thursday SPARKlers! today must be Yellow Flower Day....greeted this morning by the first DayLilly flower (Stella D’Oro) & the first flower on our Cucumbers. Thanks to the Kitchen Wolves for pointing out these beauties:-)See this image largerScale was good to me this morning- Big Milestone: Hit 50 lbs down since mid-January......WooHoo!See this image largerBella says, “Come on Mom! Put down that stupid phone! Let’s WALK!”See this image largerHusband back from 11 day business trip. His first words to me: “WOW, YOU LOOK GREAT!” What a guy!(2 comments)See this image largerEagle eye husband just spotted the first adorable lil baby squash! #gardeningSee this image largerDid you know US Nutritional Guidelines Are NOT Based on Strong, Scientific Evidence? The Food Pyramid, & the Newer MyPlate icon, do not give us correct advice about how best to eat to prevent OBESITY, DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, or ALZHEIMERS. For a Healthier America We Need US Dietary Guidelines Based on Sound Scientific Evidence. Sign The Petition to support real food that will restore good health to America. Nutrition-Coalition.org(1 comments)See this image largerFirst zucchini & first cherry tomatoes among garden harvest this morning. Life Began In A Garden :-)(3 comments)See this image largerRemember those Potato Peels I planted in pots back in March? I unearthed one pot-full and VIOLA- I now have one normal size & a bunch of “new potatoes”! Five more pots still growing. #BeforeAndAfter #gardening magic! Too bad I no longer eat potatoes but DH will enjoy them.See this image larger(2 comments)See this image larger“I believe, every day, you should have at least one exquisite moment. “ - Audrey Hepburn “Life is a party. Dress for it.” - Audrey HepburnSee this image largerThe quest for good recipes to use garden CUCUMBERS continues. Harvesting two a day. Thankfully the TOMATOES are now pitching in! Made a nice cucumber, onion & tomato salad for lunch... added a little left over spicy cucumber soup, dill and ACV in the dressing. DELICIOUS!See this image largerHonored to have her photo of Maxi heading into the surf chosen as the Cover Photo for Team Dog Motivators! (2 comments)See this image largerMowing and harvesting from the garden before the storm hits. Froze a triple batch of Spicy Cucumber Avocado Soup earlier today & will throw together a mega salad for dinner.See this image largerHappy Independence Day SPARKlers! Much Love to each and everyone of you! Today DH and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Beach wedding of course!See this image largerI’ve been Sugar Free since mid January 2018. Down 54.4 lbs and feeling great eating Low Carb, Healthy Fat, Moderate Protein. #KETO Rocks!See this image largerGood morning! GREAT morning actually. They're installing our fiber optic internet line today! Wooohooo!(4 comments)See this image largerIt’s SAUCE & SALSA DAY!(3 comments)See this image largerGood morning SPARKlers! Have a BEAUTIFUL Day! :-)See this image largerCorny joke of the day: M speaking to 007 M: "for your next assignment, I'm sending you to a very posh party." 007: "what are my orders?" M: "Mingle. Meet people. Make friends. Bond,James. Bond"See this image largerJust made another batch of 44 meatballs (2 lbs ground beef 1 lb chub of hot sausage 1/2 cup ground pork rinds as sub for breadcrumbs 2 eggs Chipotle seasoning 3 T Garlic Powder) #mealprep #FREEZE4lat8r Should be yummy!See this image largerLUNCH: Taco Bowl with Tomato & Swiss Chard & fresh salsa from the garden!See this image largerHalf the Kitchen Wolves “plum worn out” after our morning walk. Of course I’m not even finished posting this before they’re up and barking at some unseen threat. Silly fur babies!See this image largerVoting: The Best Kind Of HabitSee this image largerNew batch of Crustless Quiche muffins with spinach, ham & (from our garden) onion, peppers, sun dried tomato. Should be the best batch ever! Also for dinner I shredded a couple garden cabbages for sausage egg roll and in a bowl 😎 Need to do something with the mountains of tomato & cucumbers- ugh more in fridge!(4 comments)See this image largerFresh from the garden Marinara atop Zucchini Noodles. Yum! My “pasta loving” husband has gone back for FOUR HELPINGS! I’d say it’s a hit!See this image largerHave I broken my latest stall? Only time will tell. The scale could creep back up but I’m working hard & it shows. 60.4 lbs down in 7 months! Doing a happy dance here! Zero calorie celebrations only :-)See this image largerMy newest goal? Do something everyday that brings me joy! Life has a way of just slipping by. I’m starting a collection of joyful moments.See this image largerSo pretty and so delicious! Gazpacho and Spicy Cucumber Avocado Soup Freezing both soups seperately to use the mountains of fresh produce from the garden. #MealPrep(1 comments)See this image largerDH brought me home a couple awesome gifts from the Huntsville HamFest: A $99 Dell win7 laptop (Current one is on last legs) and a GARGANTUAN 34 Oz bottle of Vanilla... Guess I better get to baking! 😎See this image largerGood morning Sparklers! Don’t forget to find the joyful moments in each & every day! (I’ve obviously had my coffee already. There’s a joyful moment right there!)See this image largerNew furniture arriving today! Cleaning & Organizing ahead of this JOYful event 😎(3 comments)See this image largerWatermelon is the star of the show in terms of this morning's harvest. Also picked cabbage, green beans, bell & banana peppers,tomato & cucumber. (Up till all hours last night freezing 4 batches of my very yummy Spicy Cucumber Avocado Soup. I swear the upright freezer is half full of the stuff! The cukes just keep comin’! #GardeningSee this image largerDelighted with the new family room furniture! Playing with panoramic pics but SPARK doesn’t like wide photos. Wanted Mick in the dog bed to show up(5 comments)See this image largerIt’s a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood! Won’t you be my neighbor? Pittsburgh- I had a friend whose parents lived right next to Fred Rogers. Met him once & he said, “Hello neighbor. it’s a beautiful day!” Honest to GodSee this image largerZucchini Mini Muffins! (1 comments)See this image largerYay! Two watermelons picked so far! Was really hoping the yellow flesh variety would reward us and YES ... it’s so sweet! Thank you Mother Nature!(6 comments)See this image largerMom arrives from Florida tomorrow! Yay! But it’s so WINDY OUT, I think Tropical Storm Gordon is gonna beat her here! (So excited 2 spend 3 weeks with my momma & a road trip planned 2 visit more family(4 comments)See this image largerNormally it’s about 111 ounces of water daily. I drink a big 24 oz glass overnight then have three 15 oz cups of coffee in the morning. The rest is easy! Check out the WATERLOGGED app to track as you go. #h2whoaSee this image largerHome Grown Hot Banana Peppers!See this image largerRIAD TRIP: Off with my Momma to Huntsville to visit sister, brother-in-law, niece & her 2 toddlers, nephew & new fiancé! Have Keto Ice Cream will travel.See this image largerGood morning! I have a lap full of kittens! ROAD TRIP UPDATESee this image largerROAD TRIP with 82 yr old Momma to Huntsville to see older sister, brother-in-law, niece& her 2 toddlers. Woke to a lap full of kittens & a SURPRISE: Lil Sister flew in from FL! Best Road Trip Ever!(2 comments)See this image largerHome again after an awesome family get together in Huntsville, topped off by seeing my brother-in-law minister to his flock at the Biker Church! Rough looking congregation but they were all sweethearts in leathers.See this image largerSugar Free Homemade Marshmallows for a couple new Keto Ice Cream Recipes: Rocky Road & Bubble Gum Bliss on the horizon (That’s Riley & No - no marshmallows or ice cream for the 6 Kitchen Wolves!)(6 comments)See this image largerDo y’all have your fall vegetable garden in? It feels late but today I’m tucking in seedlings under the still prolific tomato & cucumber plants. (Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collards, Broccoli, Kale, spinach) Also some carrot, onion, mixed leaf lettuce, and beet seeds if I can find some room.(4 comments)See this image largerDodged the rain drops to do some harvesting from the garden. Another Yellow Watermelon & Cayenne & some Tomatoes. Fall plants & seeds STILL unplanted due to 3 days non-stop precipitation! Sigh :-|See this image larger“Hey! Aren’t Y’all Supposed To Be Working Dogs?” Thanks to FB for this photo: A 9 year old memory of the Kitchen Wolves in a lazy moment. Left to Right: Hobo who went on to Training & Placement by the Guide Dog Foundation...Buckmeister whom we sadly lost to cancer.. and our beloved Rocky on the right, nearly blind now but still happy and going strong.See this image largerHave to keep moving, despite the Super Ouchies, to get all those seeds in for the Fall Garden! (4 comments)See this image largerBeef Bone Broth and 1/2 cup sauerkraut for dinner last night.... and Today I Broke a Stubborn Plateau!!!! WooHoo 65.6 lbs down since mid Jan!See this image largerTaking control of my eating habits is so empowering! Love to all my fellow SPARKlers! 💕(1 comments)See this image largerToday’s Harvest but I really didn’t check the beans... must do that tomorrow.See this image largerWoooHooo • Happy Dance💃 New Goal 159 SW 242 Original Goal 175 CW 174.8See this image largerHit my ORIGINAL GOAL today! WooHooo!!! Started Jan 12, 2018 at 242 CW 174.8 New Goal 159(6 comments)See this image largerNot sure I really believe this yet. Apparently at 5’7” and 174 lbs I am now “normal” despite my wild quirky nature. However I’ll take any excuse for a Happy Dance, right? #Keto Rocks!See this image largerWell bummer! I didn’t win the $One Billion Powerball but neither did anyone else so it looks like Tuesday’s jackpot will be at least 1.6 Billion. Wow. I am not usually a player but I’m in! Who’s with me?See this image largerWell shoot! I’m not a megamillions billionaire but I did catch a Beautiful Sunrise on this morning’s walk with the Kitchen Wolves:-)(3 comments)See this image largerPumpkin Carving aka FOOD ARTSee this image largeris heartboken at the senseless violence & pain just sickens me. All my Love & Support to all my old friends & strangers too in Squirrel Hill.after today's horrific shooting incident.(4 comments)See this image largerThe Kitchen Wolves say HAPPY HALLOWEEN SPARKLERS!See this image largerKimchi & sauerkraut for lunch with #Keto ice cream for dessert! Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk with a little Kept In The Dark Chocolate on top...YUM :-)(2 comments)See this image largerToday exercise your right to VOTE if you have not already voted early. Love to all.See this image largerTwo weeks till THANKSGIVING but started my Christmas shopping this morning with an order of two more Jumbo Dog Beds.(5 comments)See this image largerLoving my first ever homemade sauerkraut! Threw salted cabbage, a carrot, banana pepper strips together last Saturday & let ferment. It’s the BEST I’ve ever eaten!(2 comments)See this image largerI may need to go verify this in person. Snow expected tomorrow here in TennesseeSee this image largerTHE PRE-THANKSGIVING TALKSee this image largerUnpacked our Nativity scene yesterday. In keeping with current political climate, I removed all the Jews, Arabs, and foreigners. Ended up with a jackass and a handful of sheep. Let’s all celebrate diversity joyously!See this image largerLOL 😝 (3 comments)See this image largerKeto mini muffin Pumpkin Cheesecakes! HAPPY THANKSGIVING SPARKlers!See this image largerHealth & Happiness & Love & Family! Happy Thanksgiving!See this image largerTurkey Stuffed with carrots, celery,garden peppers.Being cooked separately ALL #KETO stuffing,garden green beans & cauliflower faux potatoes & biscuits. Too much! Exhausted at 10 am(2 comments)See this image largerToo funny! Not true in my case. Thankfully I stayed strong through the feast day! #KETOSee this image largerFresh picked greens from my garden (safe romaine, mixed lettuces, spinach, kale, collard), homemade sauerkraut, carrot, cucumber, apple, 3 cheeses, chunked turkey in our mega salad with #Keto Pecan Tassies for dessert!See this image largerHow many days in a row can you eat pie for breakfast before it becomes a habit? Asking for a friend. :-)See this image largerBella and I did 6 times around the shop with me on the bike. She gets the prize for the better workout since she carried a gargantuan stick the whole time!(4 comments)See this image largerMade Homemade Turkey Soup, converted laptop OS to Ubuntu Linux and put the tree up... whew ...I need a nap (4 comments)See this image largerThe Kitchen Wolves Are Supervising The Soybean Harvest Today. It invokes a lot of running & barking. LOL Great exercise for our 2 oldest fur babies, Riley & Mick.(1 comments)See this image largerGood morning SPARKlers!See this image largerWell.... Stay Strong & Keep SPARK’n! #TeamSugarFreeCake #SteviaSee this image largerCouldn’t resist this one!See this image largerGrow Your Own WINTER SALAD! Since this time last year: 3 E. coli outbreaks involving romaine lettuce 350 confirmed cases Seven deaths 31 kidney failures 162 hospitalizations linked to romaine(3 comments)See this image largerDog Park Etiquette?See this image largerPlanted 3 mixed lettuce seeds per cell. It appears that the Oak leaf lettuce is winning the battle for nutrients. Wanted to post a pic before I start harvesting oldest leaves from the bottom up.See this image largerMy one wish(4 comments)See this image larger1st Gift Opened! UPS just delivered a HUGE Cooler of Omaha Steak selections from my sister & niece in Alabama. Neither of us have had these before. Really looking forward to it tho! (Fritters, potatoes & tartlets strictly for the husband but I'm sure I'll make up for it with meat consumption)! :-)See this image largerGood Morning SPARKlers!See this image largerThis winter’s first indoor tomato and my first post to Spark’s PEP App :-)(3 comments)See this image largerHave y’all tried SPARKpeople’s new PEP App? Posts shared simultaneously with Spark and you can choose to post to FB automatically as well.(2 comments)See this image largerCan’t co@plain about the weather with temps in the 50s most days! Tho we are supposed to get colder overnights for a few days, so I’ll harvest some salad greens from the winter bed & cover it back up. :-)See this image largerI love it when Candy Canes are in mint condition.See this image largerI made a Ginger Bread House for Christmas! Let me know if you want the recipe.See this image largerYes I Know I Got Hair On The Sofa... It’s Called “Fur”-ni-ture isn’t it?See this image largerYou betcha I do crunches! :-)(2 comments)See this image largeryes!(2 comments)See this image largerMerry Christmas SPARKlers! May your holiday be filled with joyful moments & family snuggles!See this image largerA little Holiday HumorSee this image largerPerhaps this is the reason I rarely waste any emotional energy on WORRY. No worries here!See this image largerMade a mega salad with a variety of greens from my winter garden bed & the very last of the summer tomatoes. (I do have some tomato plants inside under lights but if I’m going to keep up my 4 salad meals a week I guess I’ll have to start bring them home from the grocery.)See this image largerOrdered Early Garden Seeds! WoooHooo! This year’s order includes a number of things I’ve not grown before, including Napa Cabbage (pictured) Bok Chou & Tomatillo.... Can’t Wait :-)See this image largerI remember 2018 just like it was yesterday!(2 comments)See this image largerCongratulations to my fellow inhabitants of our beautiful planet Earth. Happy New YearSee this image largerPoor Riley is having trouble maneuvering his back legs to walk & has been dragging one foot resulting in bloody toes so .... The very adorable solution...(9 comments)See this image largerGood morning SPARKlers! I ask you: What’s Wrong With This Picture?See this image largerSugarFree GlutenFree KETO Chocolate Chip Cookies Double Batch Tasty! I’ll try to post the recipe in a blog post later from laptop.See this image largerA Facebook memory from 2011. No Snow now but NOTE we had 14 Kitchen Wolves then (at the height of my involvement with rescue tho I believe our max was 17 at one point.)See this image largerI needed a laugh! Spent the morning trying on bathing suits ahead of my upcoming FL vacation. That was all the renewed inspiration I needed!(2 comments)See this image largeris trying on bathing suits ahead of my FL vacation next week...Great for renewed #MOTIVATION(2 comments)See this image largerGood morning SPARKlers! Stay Warm!See this image largerExcuse me... Have you seen Mary?See this image largerYesterday (I believe) was the one year anniversary of my new healthy lifestyle! Stalled at 69 lbs down but that’s okay. Feeling GREAT about all the healthy changes that have become healthy habits. To my SPARK friends: Thanks for all the love & support! On to Day 366 & beyond! :-)See this image largerTracking Our MacrosSee this image largerLeaven’ on a jet plane... singing as I pack for tomorrow’s trip. 18 days with beloved family & friends on Gulf Coast Of Florida. Nasty weather for traveling & stressful unknowns relating to gov shut down cant damper my mood-sooooo EXCITED! WooHoo!See this image largerIt’s SNOWING& likely to be icy by morning. Great time to leave for the B.E.A.C.H.(2 comments)See this image largerMade it to my beloved Sunshine State! Greeted enthusiastically at the airport by my Momma & my best friend Tracey. Brunch at Pier 22 Marina (Salmon Cream Cheese Omelette & Tuscan vegetables) and home to nap to the football games. Ahhh this BeachBabe says “its great to be back, Florida!”See this image largerWTF finally defined! “WELL THAT’S FANTASTIC”See this image largerOnly a month late, Mom’s Christmas Gift has arrived & she loves them. :-)See this image largerMom & I will be enjoying an evening at the theatre tonight. “Straight White Men” at the Florida Studio Theatre —As an ex actress, (Equity/SAG/AFTRA member) this is my wheelhouse... really miss it living out in the TN sticks.See this image largerLove: Getting a whole bunch from Florida family & friends but missing all the loving energy #from the Kitchen Wolves big time! Unseasonably chilly here but still hoping to get in a long walk on the beach today. Keep moving!See this image largerGood morning world! Except...Got locked outside my sisters house with my coffee and my phone. Let’s hope the gathered family won’t be sleeping in! (7 comments)See this image largerHave a beautiful Monday everyone! And Happy Birthday to my little sister. The baby of the family is now 55... how did this happen? Loved seeing her this weekend. :-)See this image largerBeach Day with a shark!! Spent 4 hrs at Turtle Beach with my BFF yesterday & our beach neighbor caught a baby hammerhead. Released it and swam away. I fly back to TN tomorrow but today I’m appreciating being able to walk outside sans jacket & shoes.See this image largerCLOSE UP; 18 inch baby Hammerhead Shark caught (& released unharmed) by a man fishing next to me on a Sarasota FL beach. So if you’ve ever wondered what that was brushing against your leg while wading into the surf... :-)See this image largerDaily Motivation To Exercise (Bring it Zombies. I’m ready!)See this image largerOh deer is it nearly Valentines Day again? (:-) Check Out those antlers.)See this image largerTypical Spring-ish day in TN. Will be putting the row cover on the garden bed (winter greens) by nightfall. But first pick a salad! Yummy!(2 comments)See this image largerHAPPY VALENTINE’S Week #KETO mini cheesecakes. I keep them in the freezer for anytime a sugar free sweet will hit the spot. My Sweetie isn’t doing Keto with me but (of course) eats the majority of them anyway.See this image largerMade my husband some Heart shaped #Keto Buckeyes for valentine's. Between that and the mini cheesecakes, he should be set for treats for quite a while! Recipe is posted in today’s blog.See this image largerLove yourself and become your own BFF. Have a happy healthy productive weekend SPARKlers!See this image largerPicking up a book... SWIPING LEFT! :-)See this image largerHappy President’s Day!See this image largerLUDO CLUB my newest online passion. Just like the old board game Parcheesi While I don’t recall especially liking the game, playing online is BIG FUN! :-). Come play with me!See this image largerKeep laughing for perpetual youthfulness! Love this! :-)See this image largerYes it’s been raining for days! Rather than posting a pic of Noah on the ark proclaiming this is Tennessee, let’s all remember to find the joy in every situation!See this image largerCrock pot creation: Buffalo Chicken Stew over Wonder NoodlesSee this image largerLIES MY DOCTOR TOLD ME :-) I may go see Dr Ken Berry give a talk on #Keto today. Could be worth braving the INCESSANT rain, tho I’ve seen all his videos so... we’ll see.See this image largerWicked wind today but the sun is FINALLY shining! I’ll take it! Watching ROMA on Netflix, favored to win Best Picture at Oscars tonight.See this image largerLove this :-) If you were needing a sign- here it is!See this image largerWhere is the Early Spring Punxsutawney Phil promised us?See this image largerWow! Lucky Charms Flavored Beer? Who gave this idea the green light??? Just incredible...a big NO!See this image largerHad AWESOME laser treatment with periodontist yesterday so a good time for an extended fast! Back to working out today! Wake up you lazy Kitchen Wolves, Momma’s got her groove on! Let’s do this!See this image largerMarch 1 (Unofficial start to spring in my mind) Time to get CREATIVE with daily activities ! New garden plan, new workouts, new inspirations! And yes:Spring Cleaning!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSix Glasses of Water by Six a.m. #h2whoa Woot Woot!(2 comments)See this image largerGood morning SPARKlers!See this image largerLove & Prayers for all those suffering after the devastation of yesterday’s deadly tornados. And Love to all the First Responders.See this image largerPosted an Easy Very Delicious Blog recipe for Black Bean Flourless Brownies #KETO #SugarFreeSee this image largerHappy Fat Tuesday..... Love MardiGras!See this image largerOh the things that make me happy! Rec’d gift of 2 big bags of wool at last night’s Master Gardening meeting. Will make a great addition to garden beds: organic nutrients & will drastically reduce need for hand watering! :-)See this image largerAll the birds are using their SPRING, outside voices this morning and I get to uncover my winter greens garden bed for at least the next week!(4 comments)See this image largerMy Kitchen Help wanting me to stop & give belly rubs. Freely given to such an adorable member of the family of course! Happy Friday Sparklers!See this image largerThankfully OK HERE! A week after tornadoes killed 23 people in Alabama, two twisters touched down in parts of Arkansas and Louisana Saturday, as severe weather continues to sweep across the country. Here? Lots of rain & lost the outside garden WiFi router due to lightning strike. And Yay it under warranty!See this image largerIf April Showers bring May Flowers, what do May Flowers bring? PILGRIMS! supposed to go to a Master Gardening workshop on spring pruning but if this rain doesn’t quit, that’s not happening! Bella wants to go back to bed. Have a fabulous day!See this image largerGood morning Sparklers! Gonna be another beautiful day here in SW Tennessee.Pruning the pitiful old peach tree and starting to harden off my seedlings. What are y’all up to today?See this image largerGood morning beautiful SPARKlers! What a wonderful world!See this image largerJoke of the Week :-) Have a Beautiful Day Sparklers!See this image largerWe’re Under Tornado Watch Till Noon. :-/. Fortunately for Dorothy, each tornado season brought a veritable windfall of shiny new footwear.(3 comments)See this image largerMy Magnolia (variety called Jane) is showing off with its lovely purple-pink flowers. It will bloom over & over thru fall. Planting Trees later today with my Master Gardener group for a new local Arboretum!See this image largerHAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY. May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again...See this image largerHappy St Patrick’s Day!(2 comments)See this image largerVet Kisses- This is an old photo I shared on FB 10 years ago & it was old then. MePesky Miss Maxine’s first (11 wks) vet visit. We loved Dr Walsh who always made a puppy’s 1st vet visit fun! No shots or anything scary :-)See this image largerHardening off some of my seedlings for the next few days. They''ll come in at night. Wind & natural sunlight will make them stronger for planting out When it’s warm enuf - hoping Saturday! (2 comments)See this image largerToo rainy & overcast last night to see the #SuperMoon but finally got my moon pics this morning! Only one cooperative Kitchen Wolf volunteered to model. Thank you Maverick!See this image largerRiley says, “Good morning! Happy Friday!”See this image largerEnjoying being back in the garden after a rest day yesterday. Gentle spring rain is fine with me but my K9 helpers have disappeared. I keep telling the big brave Kitchen Wolves, “You wont melt!”See this image largerCheck Your AVOs... Avocado Recall http://apne.ws/Z7jhTPKSee this image largerEating wayward asparagus - a reward for planting Bok Choy & thinning out the strawberry bed. (It’s supposed to be growing INSIDE the raised bed!) Just a few stalks so far - will make a nice addition to today’s salad! Also to be added: my 1st PURPLE Carrot. :-)See this image largerGood Morning beloved fools! BEST APRIL FOOLS JOKES: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/best-
See this image largerGood Morning SparkPeeps!See this image largerAdding 7 Minute workout to my morning routine. Yoga and Qi Jong is just not challenging enough. #HIIT High Intensity Interval Training. The app is free... might try some of them on YouTube as well.See this image largerGrateful that our water is back on, broken pipe is fixed, handy dandy husband is so talented! Doing without running water for 11 hours makes me appreciate those modern conveniences like flushing!(3 comments)See this image largerThe beginnings of today's salad... adding garden asparagus, purple carrots,my indoor Tomatoes & homemade sauerkraut. Plus the usual: apple, a handful of raisins, chunks of 3 cheeses & some lunch meat. MmmmSee this image largerGood Morning SPARKlers! Third straight day of rain here but the temperatures are awesome. Silver Lining :-)See this image largerWooHoo ... just booked flights for a week in Florida to surprise my momma for Mother’s Day! Happy Dance! :-)See this image largerGood morning to my Beautiful Spark Family :-)See this image largerBeen working my fingers to the bone in the garden and still so much more to plant! Feeling pressure to get it all done. (3 comments)See this image largerThey’re Back! A full two weeks later than last year, I just saw the first scout Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Quickly hung a couple feeders. This brings me the joy I needed today. 🙂 Taxes always make me grumpy!See this image largerAzaleas & snowball bush getting another good soaking today. Also blooming: lilac, dogwood, magnolia, prime, Iris, phlox etc. We’re in the marginally severe weather area today so I brought anything not already planted back in under the lights& tied down loose objects.See this image largerJust devastating about Cathedral de Notre Dame. Our Lady Of Paris will rise again from the ashes but so sad to see the National Treasure Down and all its irreplaceable artifacts gone.See this image largerGood morning Beautiful Sparklers! Painted 1st new long bed & vacuumed & did some Qi Jong Meditation so far... lots on the TO DO LIST😎See this image largerPictured: the winter bed still providing yummy fresh picked salads! Finally got the Cauliflower in the ground; Space for them after harvesting huge cabbage heads planted last fall. Dragging 3 huge brush piles out of the grass onto the driveway- 3000 steps and 9 glasses of water already.See this image largerLove this! Happy Easter Weekend Sparklers!(3 comments)See this image largerRainy Day View as I chop homegrown cabbages for fermenting some Sauerkraut :-)(5 comments)See this image largerJust booked a trip Mon- Fri next week to Atlanta to hang out with my Aunt while my Uncle Dan has heart surgery. Prayer Warriors I’d really appreciate it if you could do your thing. Prayers & Healing Vibes sent on his behalf are so powerful. Thank you! Hugs to my SparkFamily!See this image largerHappy Easter Weekend to all my SPARK friends! You’re like family to me. Blessings to you and yours. Let’s go easy on the Easter Candy shall we? :-) Stay Strong & Keep SPARK’n!See this image largerAnother Easter smile for my SPARKpeeps!See this image largerHappy Day Spark Family! Leaving tomorrow to join my Aunt in a hotel while my Uncle Dan has heart surgery. (Prayers welcomed) Text from Aunt 2day: “Happy Easter! He is risen! PS Bring a corkscrew.“See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerFirst let me say Thank you all for your sweet comments & wonderful prayers on behalf of my favorite Uncle, Dan’s surgery. I’m back from Atlanta where I went for moral support. Turns out the procedure was first postponed & then cancelled all together! See Today’s blog. More experimental one set for June.See this image largerEstablished garden beds and the 4 new ones! Now to get it all planted before my week in Florida to surprise Mom for Mother’s Day! It’s a Labor of Love!See this image largerHappy Star Wars Day and Derby Day! “May the Forth Be With You!” Garden loves these humid overcast days. Potting up all my extra seedlings for the upcoming Master Gardener Plant Swap. cukes, strawberries, butternut, spaghetti squash, Iris, Honeysuckle, monkey grass etcSee this image largerGood morning SPARKlers! Happy Cinco De Mayo!See this image largerBreakfast from the garden this morning. Caught some pesky Jays feasting on my Everbearing strawberries so I decided to beat them to it! Hopefully many more coming in the June bearing patch.See this image largerGood morning Beautiful SPARKfamily. Back from my visit to FL to surprise Momma for Mother’s Day. Wish I could show you the video. Had a wonderful time but it’s great to be back home with DH & the Kitchen Wolves. :-)See this image largerGood morning SPARKlers! Harvesting SwissChard, Bok Choy, Strawberries & Purple Carrots. Watering & then maybe use some of this in a new batch of homemade sauerkraut. Get those hands dirty & have a great day! (Did you know playing in soil is good for your microbiome?)See this image largerSPIDER ID: Brown Recluse? Don’t think he bit me but still...(4 comments)See this image largerLife Lessons from me to you. :-) Whatever works!See this image largerAnother HUGE batch of Dinosaur Fodder picked fresh from the garden. Hopefully I can get around to making those double batches of quiches & sauerkraut so I can use it all. (Couldn't resist including the Spider again. RIP... No he didn’t bite me but I do have my annual case of poison ivy itchies. :-/ )See this image largerYesterday's batch of mini Crustless quiches might be the BEST EVER! Made with a ton of chard(steamed like spinach) and I discovered dicing the lovely red & yellow stalks are better than celery (adds a wonderful crunch). Swiss Chard Bright Lights is now my favorite green. Looking forward to breakfast!See this image larger:-) Parker's advice today: Stop & smell the roses.See this image largerGood News! The Humming Hogs are back in full force. All 4 ten-hole feeders are full with happy chirping birds. Check out my Facebook page to see new video Facebook/justfurkids (1 comments)See this image largerGood News! The Humming Hogs are back in full force. All 4 ten-hole feeders are full with happy chirping birds. I make two and a half gallons of nectar every few days to keep those little tummies full. To see new video Facebook.com/justfurkidsSee this image largerIs it my imagination or is this especially pertinent on Tuesdays like today, after a holiday? Mowed a bit this morning but otherwise having trouble finding motivation to tackle the dreaded To Do List :-)See this image largerThis morning’s garden tour. Think I’ll have some steamed squash and broccoli for breakfast! Lately it’s been asparagus and strawberries but I’m ready for something new! Won’t be long for those tomatoes!See this image largerHappy First Day Of June.. the unofficial start of summer! Can’t help but recall how OVERJOYED we were as children with the end of the school year approaching. :-)See this image largerBreakfast fresh picked from the garden. :-)See this image largerSolar Array (largest of 3) on our shop roof. We can go off grid or simply sell excess power to the Electric Utility... usually a combination of both. Nice to have electricity when for whatever reason, power in the neighborhood is out.See this image largerLovely Tuesday morning to you! Overcast & sprinkles great for my garden! Today's harvest so far. On the breakfast menu: Yellow squash, garden strawberries & broccoli...maybe a salad with those tomatoes laterSee this image largerStrawberries! Zucchini! Cucumber! Roma Tomatoes! Have a beautiful day. :-)See this image largerFirst Cucumber for today’s saladSee this image largerThis morning's harvest. Have to go back for the Strawberries & Chinese Cabbage :-)See this image largerSteamed squash for breakfast and this really lovely salad for lunch. Feeling amazingly healthy & virtuous! I love my garden!See this image largerHUMMINGBIRDS (Smallest birds in the world) sure can eat! I make 2 1/2 gallons of nectar every other day. 8 cups of sugar dissolved in 3 cups boiling water. Then add to spigot fridge container of 29 cups cold water. Serve to happy hungry hummers!See this image largerOk what gives? Carb creep perhaps? So tempting to eat from my veggie garden. I lost 70 lbs on KETO in 10 months and then nothing in the last 8. :-/ but the inches are still melting away so I don’t know what to think.(2 comments)See this image largerBottling wine today. This was a kit received as a Christmas Gift. Supposed to bottle it and wait for 3 months but hubby and I did do a little taste test. Yummy and I indulge in wine very rarely... not even once a year. This is tasty!See this image largerHAPPY DANCE First ripe heirloom tomato (grown from seed)See this image largerLove this! Happy Birthday to my niece Tiffany - or Raisin (family love name)See this image largerBeen out in the garden this morning. (Big surprise I know.) Pulled some purple & regular carrots for the next batch of kimchi sauerkraut. But look what I achieved last night in Candy Crush! Working on level 2019 now I believe. WOOHOO!See this image largerDon’t forget, on this magical journey to better health: Take every opportunity to smile. Laugh! Enjoy life!See this image largerToday’s funny: Why don’t bicycles stand on their own? Two Tired! :-)See this image largerMy best Garden Helpers, Rocky and Bella LaBoo. We harvested yellow squash, zucchini. cucumber, tomatoes, strawberries, Swiss Chard and Chinese cabbage. Sounds like mega salad is on the menu!See this image largerWishing all my fellow SPARKlers a HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE! What are you doing to celebrate on this longest day of the year?See this image largerGood morning SPARKlers! Rainy Humming bird feast here.See this image largerCheck my blog today for the recipe: TUNA BIATS WIth Spiralized Squash & Carrots. Yummy way to use a mountain of produce cluttering the kitchen!See this image largerGarden during a break in the rain. This is dynamic on my FB page if you care to look around. REALLY need to mow but the bid mower that does 11 foot swaths blew a hydroelectric hose & everything’s so wet! Ah well Candy Crush Nightmarishly hard level 2105 it is!See this image largerHappy Friday SPARKpeeps! Same ole same ole here. Big harvest, another mega salad & a new batch of sauerkraut in the works. Have an AWESOME WEEKEND! Love to each & every one of you! :-)See this image largerToday’s funny! I’m not 60 yet but I rarely make it to 9 pm. Whatever happened to the party girl night owl I used to be?See this image largerThose of you close enough for a impromptu trip to the beach... get over there! (Missing my life as a beachbabe.)See this image largerThought for the Day!See this image largerMy side of the house AC fan is down so Rocky decided to do garden dog duty all night where it's cooler! Smart dog! AC Repairman on the way!See this image largerTime to pick Spaghetti Squash! I count 10 without moving the foliage around too much. While it’s not the biggest on the tangle of vines, the very yellow one is ready to pick. First time growing it,I’d say this crop is a success!(2 comments)See this image larger:-)See this image largerThis photo is when we began referring to the furbabies (resident & Foster here) as The Kitchen WolvesSee this image largerGood morning SPARKlers! Happy Independence Day! It’s also my wedding anniversary. Easy day to remember, right? 21 years! Yes our marriage is now old enuf to drink! LOL. I made DH some Keto Pecan Sandies & will try zucchini lasagna a little later. Happy Safe July 4th to all. :-)See this image largerToday's yummy creation Keto Cream Cheese Cookies with monk fruit sweetener.See this image largerLOL Love this!See this image largerYes... Love those bees!(1 comments)See this image largerMorning perimeter patrol with the Kitchen Wolves. Feeling human again for the first time in 4 days. Good news though: I'm down 75 lbs! Hoping the 9 month plateau has been broken. :-)See this image largerGot the second part covered! Guess I need to go shoe shopping! :-) Have a wonderful day Fellow SPARKlers!See this image larger:-)See this image largerWell this is an easy choice since Bananas are a no no on Keto! :-) Have a lovely weekend SPARK Friends!! Prayers for all those in the path of BARRY!See this image largerToday’s funny... no (thankfully) I haven’t had a hip replacement!See this image largerGood morning from Bella & the other 5 lazy Kitchen Wolves who are sleeping in , forgoing our usual sunrise pack walk.See this image largerOh I absolutely LOVE THIS! Describes me to a T :-)See this image largerPrayer request for our beloved furkid, 13 year old Riley. Caring for him in his final days has taken its toll but as long as he’s got a smile on his face and not giving up neither will we. Let’s hope he’ll eat today.See this image largerYou think this dog might be in big trouble for eating this big gorgeous cake? Wrong! The dog is part of the cake! Just had to post this for you Holly! @See this image largerHappy National Tell A Joke Day! When is a door not a door? When it's ajar.See this image largerJust a reminder: ADULTS need TIME OUT CHAIRS too!See this image largerDon’t know about you but I’d LOVE this for Halloween! Pretty sure the neighborhood kids wouldn’t feel that way tho LOLSee this image largerSecret to a LONG Intermittent Fast: Don't start cooking the stuffed peppers till 4 pm Almost done... smells awesome!See this image largerSaying goodbye to our beloved Riley today. We’re heartbrokenSee this image largerWooHoo! Just booked a 2 week trip to Florida over Thanksgiving! Happy Dance!See this image largerThis morning’s funny :-DSee this image largerA (nearly full) 5 gallon bucket of garden peppers. Guess it'll be stuffed peppers for dinner!See this image largerAs someone that tends to take advantage of every rest stop on road trips, I got a big kick out of this! :-)See this image largerI’m blonde and have always loved BLONDE JOKES! How about you? A blonde calls Delta: "How long does it take to fly from LAX to La Guardia?" Operator: "Just a minute." Blonde: "Thanks." And hangs upSee this image largerHappy Friday Fellow Sparklers! Make it an awesome day!See this image largerI’m beyond upset today. Despite trying to get my whole family on board the KETO train, I’ve been largely unsuccessful. Pretty much all of them are morbidly obese. Sadly, my brother in law is having surgery to remove his right lower leg (Diabetes and a compound leg fracture from a fall a month ago.) So sad and so unnecessary. They’re all amazed at my transformation but seem convinced they aren’t capable of giving up sugar and products made with flour. Potatoes are required eating etc... See this image largerTake a moment for yourself and enjoy this beautiful SundaySee this image largerGuess What Day It Is? :-) Hump Daaaaay! Love to all my fellow SPARKlers. Hang in there; The first weekend of Fall is coming. :-(See this image largerLove the Dali Lama :-)See this image largerMiss You Cards for dogs.... :-)See this image largerCute idea for Halloween brunch or dinner! Fill with tuna or chicken salad.See this image largerI’m thinking it’s the socks. Yes I could tell right away, those were heavy socks. HaHaHa yes definitely the socks!See this image largerTODAY’s ASSIGNMENT: work that GRATITUDE Muscle! :-)See this image largerClear your mind of clutter! Learn to be present and enjoy the moment.See this image largerLaughter is so healthy! Do it every day! :-)See this image largerHappy Halloweenies :-)See this image largerHaHaHa :-)See this image largerI was thinking about celebrating my 76 pound Weight Loss by going out to eat & having a cheat meal so I asked my best friend where we should go. Her response: You realize celebrating weight loss with a cheat meal is like celebrating your wedding anniversary by having an affair. Cheat Meal CancelledSee this image largerToday’s amusing observation. :-)See this image largerHappy Veterans Day Sparkler Friends!See this image largerNo snow here yet but 15 degrees tonight. I’ll be in South Florida in less than 2 weeks! WooHoo!See this image largerBe careful with those SPACE HEATERS! Especially with power strips or extension cords! USA electric outlets weren’t designed to be heavy enough for the task of providing 1,500 watts continuously for hours on end. A relative’s house burned down last weekend. Thankfully he & his dog are safe.See this image largerHappy Friday my friends and fellow SPARKlers.See this image largerLOLSee this image largerA find memory: Crowd of 8 Kitchen Wolves at the baby gate 2009See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerHobo who was one of the dogs featured in the 8 Kitchen Wolves at the Baby Gate photo (2009)See this image largerNon scale victory. I’m flying today and tucking in my shirt for the first time in over 20 years! Happy Thanksgiving SPARKlers! 💃 #NSVSee this image largerLegal question: I’m dressed in a black suit outside a restaurant waiting for a friend and a curmudgeonly gentleman pulls his sports car into the driveway. While walking past, he dismissively looks at me and barks “Key’s in it.” The Porsche is now mine, right?See this image largerLast beach day before heading home to Tennessee tomorrowSee this image largerLast night’s Florida Gulf sunset. Home to Tennessee today.See this image largerHappy 2020 SPARKlers!See this image largerHaHaHa couldn’t resist (but I did make Keto cupcakes the other day!)See this image largerPay no attention to the weapon! Happy Valentines Sparklers!See this image largerYes!See this image largerSunset dinner with my BFF at Spanish Point in the Gulf Coast of FL....so relaxing & rejuvenating:-)See this image largerAnother lovely Venice Florida sunset then a slumber party with 3 girlfriends. Life is good!See this image largerHappy Woman’s Day to all those beautiful women out the in Sparkland! March 8thSee this image largerWhere’s Waldo Social Distancing Edition :-)See this image largerSaw my first 2020 hummingbird searching for food so I quickly whipped up a small batch of nectar & hung a couple feeders. Yay (I've missed those lil guys!)See this image largerEaster Greetings and Happy Passover to all my fellow Sparklers :-)See this image largerDay 34 of Quarantine... Finally got to the bottom of my freezer :-)See this image larger💕Love Love Love this :-)See this image largerAwww...I’ve always had a thing for Waldo :-)See this image largerToday’s chuckle:-)See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerHappy Star Wars Day! :-)See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerHappy Friday Sparklers! Fresh garden strawberry smoothie for breakfast and Homemade keto meatballs on the menu later today.... mmmm

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