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See this image largerSept 06 Street Vibrations in Reno. These chaps got too small before I decided to make a change.See this image largerIn our toy hauler, July 2007. I can't WAIT to say goodbye to this big stomach.See this image largerNovember 2007 in Mexico with my sweetie Dan. My heaviest, 240 lbs.See this image largerMy starting weight on the truck scale at work that I visit each Monday morning.See this image largerMy first milstone. 20 pounds gone! 10 weeks and 1 day on my journey.See this image largerAnother "Before". This was taken at the Acropolis in Athens last Sep 2007.See this image largerTaken in Euphesis Turkey, Sept 2007. My next vacation pics will be 30+ pounds lighter!See this image largerMy baby. 2006 Yamaha 1100 V-Star. Yep, PINK pinstripes and fringe!See this image larger19 May 2008 wearing cute updated clothes (now that I can) on our cruise to Mexico.See this image largerThis is my "Almost Halfway" stomach (34 pounds lost). It's smaller!!! 23 May 2008See this image largerMe, Dan, and our friends on "Prom Night" on the ship. Size 16 dress!!! 24 May 2008See this image largerMe and Dan on the cruise. 21 May 2008 on the first formal night.See this image largerLove my Size 16 dress! Grease on Broadway with my Daughter. June 08 (37 pounds lost - 203 lbs)See this image largerIt's finally okay for me to see and post the "rear view". June 08 - 37 pounds lost - 203 lbsSee this image largerMy 2nd big milestone at work on the truck scale. Started at 240 and 200 looks damn good!See this image largerHorsing Around in Mexico. May 2008. I felt thin enough to actually ride a horse! 34 lbs lost.See this image largerWell here's the newest milstone. 28 Aug 08 and 50 pounds gone! 1.48 lbs/wk for 34 weeks! See this image largerHere's our "Summer Home". We will winter in Arizona and live in this when we're not in Arizona. See this image largerSee this image largerDan and I on the cruise in Oct 2008 (50 lbs lost - 190 lbs)See this image largerDan and I in Cozumel, Oct 2008 (190 lbs)See this image largerMe and Jackie in Cozumel, Oct 08. Stomach is FINALLY getting smaller.See this image largerWhen's the last time YOU sat on an alligator? May 2009, Gatorland in Orlando.See this image larger1st day (and 1st cocktail) on the ship, 9 May 09. Back to 190 again!!! 50 lbs lost (again).See this image largerLounging on our balcony on the ship. May 09. See this image largerStomach is getting there. Oct 2008 (50 lbs gone). 190 lbs.See this image larger60 Pound Milestone. Not too bad considering the starting number was 240!!! 7 July 2009See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerHere is my "After". I lost 75 pounds and went from size 20W to 12 Misses!!! Oct 2009.See this image largerAnother "after". 75 pounds gone and size 12!!! Oct 2009.See this image largerSize 12 after losing almost 80 pounds. I don't mind the "full body" shot anymore and do NOT miss the "belly"!(2 comments)

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