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See this image larger2019-01-02See this image larger4/2019 - Mila (2) tip-toeing in the tulips(1 comments)See this image larger3/13/2019 - Mila on my 72nd birthday!(2 comments)See this image larger9/2019 - Myself and Sharon - day trip to Mystic, CT(1 comments)See this image larger5/2019 Mila (2), Sami (son), Eliana (DIL)(1 comments)See this image larger2019 my favorite tulips(1 comments)See this image larger2019 my tulips(1 comments)See this image larger2019 - my pink dogwoodSee this image larger2019-my irises(1 comments)See this image larger6/17/2019 - Mila's 2nd birthdaySee this image larger8/2019 - My hardy Brown-eyed Susans on Cape CodSee this image larger7/2019 - My garden of Caryopsis on Cape Cod See this image larger8/2019 - My beautiful Daylilies (1 comments)See this image largerThe beautiful summer on Cape Cod has gone by so quickly!See this image larger2019-09-05 - I'm getting closer to my goal! See this image larger7/2019 - Myself, my grand-daughter Mila, her Aunt Susie (my daughter)See this image larger7/2019 - Encore Casino Boston - Myself (72), my husband Edmond (80), my daughter Sharon (46)(1 comments)See this image larger10/2019 - Mila - Super-girl - Halloween (1 comments)See this image larger6/2019 Jake, Robert, Serena and crying Mila with Eliana(DIL)(2 comments)See this image larger12/2019 - Sharon (daughter II) with our grand-dog Nemo(1 comments)See this image larger2020 - Daffodils(2 comments)See this image larger2020-4 - Mila (22 mo. grand-daughter)(2 comments)See this image largerMy beautiful daffodils have survived the rain, wind and snow!!!See this image largeris walking up and down the walking path to the beach each day taking a view of Cape Cod bay (1 comments)See this image largerI'm keeping myself going by walking with my walking-staff up and down the path to the beach in from of my summer home on Cape Cod Bay!See this image larger2020-7-4 - myself and my butterfly walking-staff on our beachSee this image larger7/4/2020 - Sharon (47) taking a selfie of myself and my husband Edmond on our beach(1 comments)See this image larger6/15/20 - my grand-daughter Mila on our Zoom meeting for her 3rd birthday!!!(1 comments)See this image largeris looking forward to celebrating Halloween on the facebook Portal with 3 year old Mila dressed as a beautiful Butterfly Fairy!!!(1 comments)See this image largerday 325 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 11/7/2020See this image largeris happy to be painting the guest room for my grand-daughter Mila (1 comments)See this image larger2020-12-17 Mila & ISee this image larger2020-12-20 Mila helped build a gingerbread village with her Mommy and GrandmaSee this image larger2020-12-20 Mila decorating a gingerbread man with Auntie Sharon wearing Covid-19 masksSee this image larger2020-12-18 - Mila & Daddy shoveling snow!See this image larger2020/12/18 Mila dressing for sleddingSee this image larger2020-12-19 Mila going sledding with Daddy and MommySee this image larger2020/12/17 - Mila making meatballs for dinner with Mommy(1 comments)See this image largerday 50 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/28/2020(1 comments)See this image larger2021 - Mila and Tita (Lebanese for Grandma)See this image larger2021 - Mila 4 years old(1 comments)See this image largerNew England daffodils and tulips - 2021See this image largeris happy to be able to do some weeding in my flower beds!See this image largeris enjoying playing with Mila! See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger2021-5 Jake's graduation party(1 comments)See this image larger2021-5 Jake, Serena and RobertSee this image larger2018-11-11See this image larger2018-11-1See this image larger(1 comments)See this image larger2002-12-25 - Myself at my highest weight - 257 lbs.See this image larger2018-6-15 - Mila's 1st birthday party!(1 comments)See this image larger2018-12-7 - Myself - 189.2See this image larger2017-4 - MyselfSee this image larger2018-7 - Mila (1 yr.) Jake (15)See this image larger8/2018 - Sharon, Edmond, Robert, Serena, Susie, Gary, Jake, Me, Mila, Eliana, SamiSee this image larger2018-7 Mila 1yr. & MyselfSee this image larger2018 - our family at our beach houseSee this image larger6/17/2018 - Mila (1 yr.) Sami (42), Jake(16), Robert (19)See this image larger6/17/18 - Mila (1 yr.)(1 comments)See this image larger2/2018 - Mila (9mo.) Myself (71)See this image larger6/2018 - Mila (1 yr.)See this image larger5/2019 - Mila (11 mo.)See this image larger6/2017 - is enjoying taking pictures of my beautiful flowers!(2 comments)See this image larger3/13/2018 - My 71st birthdaySee this image larger4/2018 - Mila (10 months)See this image larger4/2018 MIla (10 mo.)See this image larger12/2017 - MyselfSee this image larger12/2017 - Sharon (44-D), Myself (71), Susie (51-D), Serena (20-GD)See this image larger1/5/2018 - Jake (15), Robert (18), Serena (20), Mila (8 months)(1 comments)See this image larger1/5/2018 Susie (D) Mila (GD) Eliana(DIL)(1 comments)See this image larger12/25/2017 - My family (2 comments)See this image larger1/15/2018 - Mila - 7 months old (2 comments)See this image larger1/15/2018 "Mila" - 7 months-old(4 comments)See this image larger11/25/2017 - DH, me, Sharon (44-D), Serena (20-GD), Jake (15-GS), Mila ( 6 mo. GD)(1 comments)See this image larger11/25/2017 - Edmond (DH), Serena, Mia, Jake (1 comments)See this image largerThis is going to be Mila's first Christmas helping grandma decorate!(1 comments)See this image larger9/2019 - Mila (3 mos.) and I(3 comments)See this image larger10/2017 - My granddaughter Mila (4 mo.) and son Sami (1 comments)See this image larger10/2017 Mila (4 mo.) Sami and Eliana(1 comments)See this image largerHave a nice day!See this image larger8/2017 Mila (2 mo.) Sami & ElianaSee this image larger8/2017 -Eliana, Mila (2 mo.) Grandma Terezinha, Myself See this image larger8/2017 - Grandpa Edmond, baby Mila (2 mo.), Myself See this image larger2017-10 - Myself, Serena(GD), Sharon (D)See this image larger2017-6-18 - Mila (3 days old) Sharon (aunt)(1 comments)See this image larger2017-6-15 - baby Mila - Grandpa, Daddy, Myself, Terezinha (MIL)See this image larger6/17/2017 - new baby Mila, MyselfSee this image larger6/17/2017 - new baby MilaSee this image larger2017-4 - Myself happily hosting baby-shower for Eliana(1 comments)See this image larger2017-4-23 - Myself, Sharon, Susie. Eliana (DIL) (1 comments)See this image larger2016-5 - Sharon (43) & Myself (1 comments)See this image larger2016/5 - Susie (49) & Myself See this image larger2016-3-13 - My 69th birthday!See this image larger2015-10-2 - Susie (D), Edmond & MyselfSee this image larger2015-10-2 - Sami & Eliana, Gary(SIL), Susie(D), Serena, Jake, Robert, Sharon, Me, Edmond - 50th ann.(2 comments)See this image larger2015-10-2 - Myself and Serena (GD-18)See this image larger2015-10-2 - Edmond & Myself - 50th Anniversary Celebration!See this image larger2015-4 - Myself and family in NYC at our neice's wedding(1 comments)See this image larger2014-4 - Myself and familySee this image larger1948 - Myself one-year old(2 comments)See this image larger2015-3-13 Myself(1 comments)See this image larger2014-12 - Sami, Myself, Eliana (DIL), Sharon & Nemo(dog),Susie,Gary(SIL), Jake,Robert,Serena,Grandpa(1 comments)See this image larger2013-11 - My husband Edmond and myself (2 comments)See this image larger2014-8 - That's me in the turqoise blue hat sitting on the beach in Manomet beach with family.(2 comments)See this image larger2005-5 - I weighed 257 lbs. I could barely walk.(1 comments)See this image larger2013-12 Myself, Sharon, Susie and Serena (grand-daughter)See this image larger2013 - Myself (2 comments)See this image larger2011-8 - Myself - lost 70 lbs.(5 comments)See this image larger2011-7-2 - Sami and Eliana's wedding See this image larger2012-8 - I'm with my family(1 comments)See this image larger2013-1-7 - Myself - 189 lbsSee this image larger2013-5 My daughter Sharon & myself(1 comments)

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