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See this image largerJuly 2014 @ about 180See this image largerJuly 2016 - @ about 230(2 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger(3 comments)See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSee this image largerI didn't eat the last little sausage slice, even if it looks reaaally lonely and sad & is screaming my name. Cass 1, sausage 0 #willpowerforthewinSee this image largerFitbit charge HR is on liquidation @ Walmart for 60$ in Canada at the moment!! They're making room for the new models. I bought mine today! So excited for tomorrow. I will start w/ 8000 steps and go from there! Yay!!See this image largerYummmmmmy!See this image largerYum! #notdeprivedSee this image largerYou know who gets a lot of steps in during the day? The mailman/woman who has to walk up and down these stairs along the entire boulevard! See this image largerIntense workout today. I'm dead but I'm proud that giving up isn't even crossing my mind! 😊See this image largerIt was soooo good 💕See this image largerHalf dead but at least I have a smoothie and a hammock 😂 75 min workout, 1133 cals burned, 159 avg bpm ... Feeling great about what I accomplish every time I go. 💪🙌See this image largerMy boys had pizza tonight, so I whipped up a quick little somethin' somethin' for myself. I don't feel deprived and it's actually good! Cauliflower, light chunky tuna, edemame, spinach, pasta and the sauce was sour cream and dijon mustard ... Added salt and pepper to taste and voilà! I'm going to figure out how I can make a better sauce, but for now it's good :)See this image larger38 min bike ride done!See this image largerRest regenerates. Love the view from my hammockSee this image largerI forgot to start my timer, so I started it about 10 min in. I'm SO glad it's over, but also very proud of myself 🙌💪 Total time: 75min Heart rate avg: 151bpmSee this image largerDelish!See this image largerEnjoyable bike ride done! 57min, strong winds, 119 avg bpm 🙌💪🚲See this image largerStayed within my range, had a good deficit, now walking in place to reach 10000 steps while I watch Netflix!See this image largerI did it! I walked/jogged in place while watching Netflix to finish my missing 4000 steps tonight.See this image larger6am CrossFit workout done! 1hr06min, 142 avg bpm, 12.2cal/min burned 💕🙌💪 #fitnessSee this image largerWaking up at 5am is rough for me at the moment. I'm getting used to the 6am CrossFit workout, though. It feels good to get it done early in the morning 💕🙌💪See this image largerDusted off and updated my bullet journal (I hadn't used it in 2 years)... I've also simplified how I will use it #learningbydoing #trackinggoals #organizedlife #productivewhereitcountsSee this image largerFirst, read from top to bottom. Then, read from bottom to top. 💕See this image largerI LOVE this smoothie 💕 3 cups spinach, 1 cup mixed berries, 0.75 cup mangos, 2 tbsp hemp hearts, 1 scoop vegan proteinSee this image largerYummy dinnerSee this image largerMorning workout done! 61min, 741cals burned, 139 avg bpmSee this image largerDead alive... My new way to describe my state after a CrossFit workout! 😂See this image largerWorkout done!See this image largerHad a relaxing day, got my nails done and now enjoying a bit of Seinfeld until my boys get home. After it'll be dinner, evening bike ride (I love the cool air) and probably a family game night or movie night 😍 Thank God for rest daysSee this image largerHappy doggy day! #zenthegreyhound There's no such thing as a perfect dog, but Zen comes pretty close 😍💕See this image largerMy arms are d.e.a.dSee this image largerNew favourite snack!!! I already ate a lot of them before snapping the picture.See this image largerA couple of months of CrossFit and I'm starting to notice a significant difference already. I'm getting stronger and I'm doing things I never thought I'd do in such a short amount of time. The proof is in the calluses 😜See this image largerBarely slept, long day at work, finished work late, got CrossFit in anyway... 1128 total calories burned #noexcuses #likeabossSee this image largerI will have a super long day at work today, so I got my workout in at 6am. I found my 1-rep max back squat today: 145lbs! That's crazy! Now it's shower and go time. Have a good day, everyone!See this image larger#likeaboss #CrossFitSee this image largerWhat a workout! Got in at the last minute, had to adapt because my knees got wonky, but I did it! I'm getting better and I feel it. 💪 #crossfit #likeaboss #oneclassatatimeSee this image larger500 000+ ppl protesting in Montreal and demanding action. It was the biggest climate change protest in the world this week! 🌎💚See this image largerGorgeous day, today! 🌎✊✌See this image largerPosted a goalSee this image largerI don't know why my heart rate didn't peek on my Fitbit because it sure felt like it did! Today's workout was pretty brutal, and I'm so glad I did it! When I first started out, I could barely do a burpee. Today, I did 30 just in my warm up!! 💪🙌See this image larger2005: I think I was at about 140 here.(1 comments)

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